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Surfer is a full-function 2D and 3D mapping, modeling, and analysis software package for scientists and engineers. Surfer's sophisticated interpolation engine quickly transforms XYZ data into publication-quality maps. Virtually every aspect of the map is customizable. Enhance maps with profiles, legends, titles and labels, faults and breaklines, or external maps from any web mapping service.
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Lukash Olavarria

You won't find a better contouring suite.

Powerful suite of contouring software with many adjustments available for contour gridding methods (kriging, natural neighbor, minimum curvature, inverse distance, etc.). This software can handle most simple-to-complex contouring situations, as well as topographic relief and other XYZ data you may need to convert to visual formats. Support is also very helpful and knowledgeable when called on. Golden also offers very helpful web seminars.

There is a steep learning curve for this software. You will need to watch tutorials or take a few seminars. by Golden Software on 06/02/2019 Thanks for your review! If you have any recommendations on how we can make the software easier to use, please let us know! You can email [email protected] with feedback.
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Busiek Davari

With Surfer you can visualize and analyze data from multiple sources as Surfer is able to import a huge range of file-formats. Of course all Industry-standards like shape-file and xlsx ' to name only two ' are supported. Surfer also provides numerous interpolation methods to grid regularly or irregularly spaced data.

Extremly powerful and good support (documentation and free support from staff at goldensoftware)

I would like to have animation export, e.g. like fly over by Golden Software on 20/01/2017 Thank you, Kurt, for your review! We'll add your suggestion for a 3D flyover to our customer request database.
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I discovered surfer when I was in a physics lab . I had to represent electric fields line and I didn't know how to do that. That is when I found a tutorial using this software to make it possible. Then, when I started to see more advanced subjects at my school . I found out that geoscientist use it a lot, that is where I started exploring all of its awesome features. I made a gravimetric study of all my school for a project and Surfer was really helpful for presenting the results of that study.

with surfer we are able to create good quality 2D and 3D maps . It allows you to import an excel sheet and work based on that data. Also you can create different types of maps ( I have made gravimetric and topographic maps ).

It is hard to use some of the tools and is not easy to find some kind of tutorial on internet. I have only used in small areas because I've only made school projects. by Golden Software on 14/08/2018 Thank you for the review! There is a self-paced tutorial within Surfer's help. You can access the Help directly within the program or online- You're also welcome to contact our support team directly with any questions you may have - support.goldensoftware.comHope this helps!
Comentário deixado em 03/17/2020

I truly recommend surfer to anyone who would like a much more streamlined GIS software that produces beautiful maps and it's cheaper than other top notch GIS programs.

As a geoscientist you normally use lots of GIS softwares, and I can honestly tell that working with surfer for me produced the best results, it is a mix of easier than other GIS software with beautiful maps. Its correlation tools and color palettes allow you to create great contour maps to represent any type of geophysical, geological or geographical data, such as magnetic and gravimetric.

As many of the GIS softwares it can be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it you shouldn't have any issues, just beware that there are not that many tutorials online.
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020

I like it, but when I need a powerful functions I need user other program.

Too easy interface with beginner user. Many options of math functions and import/export formats.

The too easy interface, turns the program some limited to high-end users due do not offers a personable options. by Golden Software on 15/10/2018 Hello Professor Dourado: Thank you for your kind words! We now offer an educational site license that would grant access to an unlimited number of Surfer licenses for the University of Rio de Janeiro State. More information can be found here - Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!
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Ariew Buchta

Is great for mapping and is really easy to use

Is almost only for mapping existing data o created by interpolation of this program.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020

Surfer offers a very easy interface, lots of samples while designing to make your work look very real.

I've experienced a couple of challenges while exploring files for use on other softwares. by Golden Software on 27/08/2019 Thanks you for your review of Surfer! You mention experiencing a couple of challenges while exploring files for use in other software tools. We'd love to learn more about these challenges and see if there's a solution for you. Please email us at [email protected] and we can dive into the details. Thanks!
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020

I have been using Surfer for more than 15 years in oceanography and hydrology. The continuous updating of this software has provided the tools I need to face the ever-increasing demands of my work. I've tried similar software but none was up to the task as Surfer.

Surfer provides an absolutely amazing range of tools to process and plot all kinds of data. From topography, geology, oceanography and even astronomy, a wide range of scientific disciplines can rely on Surfer to create amazing plot and graphs.

Surfer offers a significant amount of tools, most of them with high freedom degrees in available options (e.g., formatting axis, kriging method options, etc.). A significant degree of complexity is obviously expected in the interface, and sometimes it is not intuitive for the user.
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zi have used the Surfer to produce bed rock profiles for a pile construction site. Based on the bore hole details I have produced these drawings which made presentations very easy and understandable.

Surfer is the easiest and simplest software to produce a geographical representation in 2-D format. Colour codes can be used to represent different depths while contours can be made to mark the similar depth levels. Easily understandable and output can be export as pdf files.

Scaling needs to be improved. Software is a very basic product and not much advanced techniques such as 3-D detailing is not available. by Golden Software on 02/10/2019 Thank you very much for your feedback! We would love to hear more about your ideas on how we can improve the scaling and include more advanced 3D techniques. If you're interested, please contact us at [email protected] and we can get your feedback! Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 09/13/2019
Barrow Laurenceau

I am using Surfer to create geographical profiles for pile foundations.

Surface is the best surface mapping app to create geographical profile of an area. It can include depths in different colour schemes which makes the presentation of details much easy. Surfer files can be saved as pdfs and can be converted onto autocad files. Time taken for creating a file is easy and software is also user friendly.

With so many details, sometimes app produces very complicated and dense mappings which are barely readable. by Golden Software on 17/09/2019 Thank you very much for your feedback! Please let us know if you have any specific feedback on how we can make your maps more readable. The majority of our software development comes directly from user feedback.
Comentário deixado em 04/23/2019
Carlynne Groschel

Surfer offers a wide range of functionality from creating very basic figures to complicated 3D visuals. I have had clients mention they were impressed with the mapping I have been able to produce for their properties.

The functionality of Surfer incredibly broad. I use Surfer as general mapping tool for site maps and contour figures but also for making 3D site models and visuals. Being able to incorporate LiDAR data into my visuals is a particularly helpful feature of Surfer. The figures I am able to produce with Surfer are visually appealing and allow me to present my data in an easily understandable way.

I have no complaints with this software. by Golden Software on 25/04/2019 Thank you very much for your review! We are glad to hear you're pleased with Surfer. Don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.
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Baerman Brillant

Golden Software is used by my company to create artifact density contour maps for use in our analysis and also publication in technical reports.

Ability to create visually appealing contour maps, high degree of customization, wide range of applications

Fairly large learning curve, earlier versions missed some key functions
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Ailsa Sok

I dealt a lot with geophysics, and when I had to present my plan for fieldwork and profile positions to investors, and the problems that I would encounter, only with the surfer, I could convey to them the complete situation. With ordinary maps, this did not work for me because the investors are mainly people who are not from this profession and do not have a clear picture of the issues of geophysical profiling

That fantastic feeling when a cold, flat map is turned into a 3D display where you can do whatever you want. Very precise coordinates and altitude. Of course, everything depends on how much data you supply to it; more points, better 3D display

I do not know. Sometimes I have the feeling that the tools are insufficiently used, and that the software offers a lot more than I use. Perhaps the constant work on all kinds of tutorials would be of great help by Golden Software on 27/09/2018 Thank you for your kind words! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We'd be glad to discuss ways you could further utilize Surfer's tools.
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Easy bridge from engineering/field data to map creation. Great compatibility with other mapping software.

Customer support is fantastic. Basic features are relatively easy to use and advanced features have interesting applications that I look forward to learning and utilizing.

Some features are not exactly intuitive, would be nice to have more documentation on creating scripts to run batch processes.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2018
Lau Picarello

Beautiful maps and representations with nice contouring and excellent interpolation methods

What I like the most about surfer is how detailed their maps can be, while working with gravimetric data or magnetic surfer's interpolations end up with beautiful and detailed maps whose outputs are much better than most mapping software. Plus is worth noting that it has excellent compatibility with excel which is a must since almost all data for mapping comes from excel databases.

It can be a bit non intuitive, so getting the hang of it can be a little bit overwhelming, but it's not a great issue compared to the benefits the software provides
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Fish Bethurem

Almost all aspects of the map can be customized, so the final presentation is practically what I want, with few format restrictions.

For the mapping and modeling of small areas, I prefer it before more complex software such as Arcgis, simply for convenience and faster results.

I can not use it to model buildings and it also does not have video output format

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