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With SlideDog you can blend PowerPoints, PDFs, websites, Prezis, videos and more together without having to stop the flow of your speech to bring up the next item on the screen.
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Bidget Catts

SlideDog is a handy, simple tool to make presenting easier and run smoother. There are some really cool, interactive and useful features that it offers.

-It's a pretty intuitive design. Even on my first use, it was pretty easy to figure out where everything is.

-The software ran really slow on my computer. Although the interface is simple, it feels a bit clunky and dated.
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Killarney Crytzer

SlideDog is a great presentation tool for building a playlist of slide decks from different sources. I like the idea and problem this solves and I think they've built a clean and well designed platform.

SlideDog is interesting idea and product and is extremely useful when multiple different presenters or presentations are to be used. Here's what I like most:

Here are some setbacks that I've experienced with the platform:
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you can create custom playlists by adding from Power Point presentations, PDF files, presentations with Prezi a more sophisticated program than Power Point, movie clips combining this looks good!

One of the main contras is that to use this program to its fullest in the various files you have to use is that you must have them installed on your computer as for example to watch videos you must have installed VideoLan VLC Media Player or Google Chrome to websites.

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