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timr is a comprehensive time tracking tool which easily adopts based on your needs. With timr you can track your Work- and Project times easily, instantaneous and anywhere. timr lets you track your time while working, not afterwards. You no longer forget to bill your customers for any work and you save a lot of time because you no longer have to track your time afterwards which usually consumes much more time than if you track the time while working.
Comentário deixado em 04/04/2020
Hurff Fochs

Timr is ok, the support is great and will always help quite fast. Finding specific setting can be quite counterintutitive. The new UI is very good though. It looks clean and nice.

Whenever I encounter an issue, customer support is here to help asap. The Tool can be adapted to the users needs quite easily (part time workers etc). The interface is quite clean and looks good.

However, there are often issues with "time overlapping" especially when our employees work in different time zones. Also finding all the settings to adapt each timr profile for each employee is not very intuitive and I need to ask where to find what everytime. Also sometimes the project time and working time get's switched up, although I never changed the initialy setting, which leads to some users tracking time correctly, but not what they worked on. Generally fixing "mistakes" afterwords is very time consuming. I would also suggest a pop up reminder after lunch breaks (Users could type in when they typically go for lunch, and then if that lunch time is over and they have not tracked the time again, they could be reminded via a pop up)
Comentário deixado em 04/03/2020

The service is great and has great customer service!

It's easy to add vacation days, working hours and see a report for the entire year.

It's not that intuitive or useful to use Project time to monitor projects. by Timr on 26/11/2019 Hi, thanks for your nice review! A lot of customers really like our project time feature so I'm really curious how we can improve this for you. Can you please contact us via [email protected]?
Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020

Very practical and positive experience. It can be improved in terms of the UX considering the specific function that it's designed to fulfill.

It allows keeping track of your own time giving flexibility and freedom when there's the need for it. Also, it has mobile apps that make it really practical to use at any moment for meetings or trips.

It's easy to lose track of time and there's basically one reminder regarding when you've worked too much, but there's nothing that reminds you if you haven't filled in your sheet. Additionally, there are several features that I have no idea what they do. by Timr on 22/10/2019 Hi Diego, thanks for taking the time for this review. We're glad that you like timr!Regarding the reminders ... we already have "smart reminders" in the app, they are still beta but you can already use them and we're happy receiving your feedback on them. You can enable them in More/Settings/Beta->"Start/Stop Reminder".Our support ([email protected]) will be happy to answer all questions about features where you don't know how to use them.Cheers!
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020

I have user Timr for years. What really sold me was when I used the trail before signing up. I wanted to be able to export my project times as iCal files so that I could share the data on a Google calendar.

Great app support.

Comentário deixado em 11/26/2019

It's so easy and straightforward to use.

It's not that clear how to change an entry. by Timr on 05/12/2019 Hi, thanks for your review! If you need any help on how to change an entry please feel free to get help via [email protected]
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Vidal Sumrow

I was working as a freelancer as well as in bigger companies and I was always using and am still using

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