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Industry leading media and worship lyric presentation tool built for Mac and Windows. Used by North Point Community Church, Willow Creek Community Church, Saddleback Church, and many others.
Comentário deixado em 04/09/2020
Odelet Henjes

The smooth transitions and rapid editing capabilities allows me to fix situations on the fly and make changes during a gathering real time. I have used several software packages for running the projection screens in large auditoriums. This one is clearly the best.

ProPresenter provides almost every possible way to throw something up on the presentation screen. It is extremely adaptable to various software inputs and provides a consistent, easily operated central system for everything. This software provides total control.

It still has a few small bugs, nothing major, but sometimes they are a bit irritating. For example, there is a one-pixel thick horizontal gray line right in the middle of the screen. It is not extremely distracting, but it is there. On multiple computers.
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Selimah Dessert

We use ProPresenter in our main worship services as well as for a number of other ministries in different size rooms, with various projection systems. The system is fully customizable to each room, while maintaining a standard workflow that's easy to teach to anyone needing to use it. The functionality of ProPresenter as a manned presentation system is far superior to anything else I've seen on the market. ProPresenter is definitely our go to presentation solution.

The software is easy to learn and easy to use. We have a lot of volunteers and we are able to have them running the software on their own within the first one to two times they work with us. It can be run by a beginner, and also has the capability of much more advanced functionality.

The software has had some issues that caused it to crash during a presentation in the past. We have also experienced some times when the slide transitions have not been smooth. The web viewer functionality is really clunky and sometimes does not work properly.
Comentário deixado em 04/08/2020
Betta Githens

Overall, the program works. However, as I have found with my volunteers, I cannot trust them to do much within the program beyond the basics. I think they are capable, but the interface is not intuitive enough to trust them with it on their own.

I like that it is relatively dependable. I like that most of my volunteers can just click the next slide to actually run the program. I also like that it talks to other programs well enough, though I don't like having to pay for extra features like midi integration etc. I believe we paid enough for the program up front.

I have used mac pretty much my whole life. There are things that I love about it, and things that I just live with, as is the case with any operating system. However, the general consensus in the millennial worship community is that mac is the end-all for churches. And rightly so. With programs like Logic, Mainstage, Garageband, Imovie, Final Cut, etc. all under the $500 price range, it is easy to see why churches will dish out the cash for a mac when they begin shopping for high-end tech rather than sticking with free programs that can't perform as well or as reliably. The problem with Pro Presenter is that it was clearly not designed for someone who spends most of their time in "Apple World." The question is not, does PP run flawlessly on a mac, but does it feel like it should run on a mac. My answer is no. PP just feels like a program that was designed by programers, which is strange when you consider that it's primary function is to help in the realm of aesthetics. The volunteer nerds that I have running the software each week, which, I believe should represent about 80% of your clientele, do not have the ability to be trained effectively in PP because they are not working in the program enough. I can confidently say that the majority of the people actually running your program are not paid to do so, and have had little to no involvement in the design of the presentations that they control. I will continue my thoughts in the next section as I am out of space.
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Friedrick Robbirds

Over all our experience has been good.

Simple to use. Communication actions. I use MIDI to unmute my soundboard channels for video clips. I also use different stage displays for different sections of the worship service. Hope to trigger some lights in the near future. Site licence option

It seems to have some bugs. When editing a playlist it always jumps to the bottom. Or converting to lower thirds with a graphic the software will crash. Occasionally Master control on the slave computer will freeze the primary. Ipad issues with seeing the preview. Probably the biggest complaint from Pastors is they can't see the next slide on stage display when going from the end of one item to the next. Example the end of a song in stage display show next blank slide. They would like to see the next item coming. Sync shows that it is syncing regardless of it it is connected to the network drive or now. Sync seems to be a little buggy. We started to export only. Delete everything from the media bin and playlist and then import fresh on the other computers.
Comentário deixado em 04/03/2020
Gastineau Roiger

We switched from PowerPoint and ProPresenter blows it out of the water in terms of customizability and ease of use. Such a good product!

ProPresenter is so customizable from the standpoint of the administrator (setting up lyrics, backgrounds, videos, etc.), yet it is really simple and easy to use for those running it on a Sunday morning.

ProPresenter has a feature (that I love) where it will sync with my order of service from Planning Center. However, unless a song has been imported straight from CCLI Song Select, it will not automatically import the song into the playlist, even if they are named exactly the same as what is listed in the setlist.
Comentário deixado em 04/02/2020

See comments in pros/cons, since we put ProPresenter in it has been a love/hate relationship. We use stage display with the iPad which is great, however, they had a big bug where when the iPad lost connection to the WiFi, the TCP disconnection in ProPresenter caused an instant crash. It took us 2-3 months working with ProPresenter support to get this solved. 2-3 stressful months.

We have a huge library of songs, and ProPresenter makes selecting the playlist for each service quick and easy

Very slow to start up (PC version)
Comentário deixado em 04/01/2020

We have been using Propresenter since version 4. Each update makes me love this software even more. I recommend it to all my worship pastor friends.

ProPresenter was the best decision. It was easy to setup and very easy to use. The more time you spend using the more features you find that help make your worship service flow. The main reason I switched to ProPresenter was the stability of playing video clips. PP allows seamless integration of videos and other slides elements. I first bought a single license but quickly found that all areas need to be running PP. we now have a site license, this makes planning so much easier and seamless if we need to make a venue change for an event.

The initial setup took a little longer than expected due to adding songs.
Comentário deixado em 04/01/2020

Overall our experience with ProPresenter has been positive. It has saved me a lot of time since I don't need to create a slideshow presentation for every single service we have. Now when there's a new song it just gets added to the catalog.

We use ProPresenter during our church services and events to display Bible verses, song lyrics, informational slides, etc. Overall it's very easy to setup and use. The software is usually operated by volunteers So the ease of use is very important since it makes training volunteers a very simple process. People can usually pick up the basics within a couple minutes.

Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020

Less headaches and ease of use. Coming in on a Sunday morning and having the software works perfectly as planned.

The ease of use is probably my favorite thing. If you need a basic display system for your church this will get you going right away without a hitch. If you need more advanced, multi network, multi screens, adding confidence moniters or stage displays, using iPads and IP networks with a control room. Ya know the mega church display setup.... this is still the preferred program to use. The training available from the manufacture is also a plus, as well as the online community constantly helping each other use this product to their specific needs. The continual advancement of the product is great, but also past versions still function wonderfully without the need to update unless you just need to advance with the times. Another is the nearly perfect problem-less track record of using the software it has in the 5+ years of me using it across multiple systems, setups, and churches.

If I have to say one negative is this software works best with Mac's. Through the years the software has had issues with PC's running ProPresenter. Although I have heard that the latest ProP 6 has corrected most conflicts in Windows software, so this con may be mute by now, I don't know I stick to Mac for our media computers.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020

By using ProPresenter, we provide a quality video product both for our congregation as well as for those who are on stage. The tools that ProPresenter offers help us solve nearly every presentation-related problem that comes our way. The company is extremely receptive to feature requests and bug fixes, and treats us like we're their only client.

The software extremely versatile, and it sees regular updates, bug fixes, and feature additions. The editing features of documents are vast, which helps us quickly achieve professional looking CG output without a lot of effort. ProPresenter does well at integrating with other services such as the CCLI SongSelect database, and the site license serves us well since we need to utilize the software concurrently in multiple venues within our building on any given day. The various add-on modules are powerful; we regularly utilize the SDI module, Alpha keying module, and the master/slave module (which allows us to run a redundant backup if necessary).

Simple and quick song editing sometimes seems a little clunky. Some features such as the reflow editor are powerful, but seem to suffer from being overly complicated, which keeps me from using them. There are a few inconsistencies with how keyboard shortcuts work when moving around within different parts of the software.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020

We really like the flexibility that Propresenter offers in a live presentation. It has proven to be the easiest software to use in a live situation, especially when the presenter needs flexibility from the tech team in his/her presentation. Although it's not perfect, ProPresenter is simply the best presentation software that is available for us to meet our current needs.

There are many things I like about ProPresenter especially in our house of worship setting. I like how it makes presenting various multimedia formats nearly seamless, once imported. It's flexible, powerful, and relatively easy to use, once the presentation is built. I really like the multiple display options, especially the ability to change the stage display from default to mirrored with a simple cue within the presentation.

As easy as it is to use ProPresenter, setting it up can be a difficult process at times. We've not gotten ProPresenter to do certain animations like other presentation software will do. Unfortunately, importing other presentation software into ProPresenter can be a minefield of wasted time if your presentation isn't in exactly the right format with everything sized correctly, text boxes correctly placed, and graphics and text all in a single layer. It has also been our experience that ProPresenter runs much more smoothly on a Mac computer than on a PC with similar hardware configurations.
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2020

We are a church with multiple services in multiple locations. With the sync (ProCloud) option we are able to keep things up to date everywhere which is very beneficial.

The ability to use content between multiple locations and various sizes of screen is huge for us.

Lack of immediate phone support on Sundays - when things go sideways you are basically on your own other than email responses. Doesn't help much when we are dealing with immediate issues.
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2020

Our Church has been using ProPresenter since 2014 and overall it's been the best solution that meets most of our needs. However, it's not perfect and has given us quite a few headaches over the years. Hopefully in the future ProPresenter will be given it's own PC development department that will focus on Industry Standards that are common in the PC environment instead of trying to Port over from Mac.

ProPresenter is pretty great overall. It has so many abilities to allow our church to create custom presentations on the fly as will as prepare in advance. Love how easy it is to import songs, backgrounds, and bible references.

The PC version feels like a cheap port from the Mac version. It has many glitches when trying to export playlists. It also doesn't allow me to duplicate playlists easily. If I wanted to create a duplicate playlist to use as a template for another service, I have to export it then re-import it instead of just copy and paste like most standard PC software allows. When I do export a playlist, sometimes it never exports and if it does then items are missing or removed from the both the exported playlist and the original playlist.
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2020

We started using ProPresenter way back in 2010, and what an incredible product it is! I've used several other worship presentation packages but this is far and away the best. Our team has loved the short learning curve and it's powerful enough to grow with our needs. I don't worry about it crashing in the middle of a service- it just works.

I love that ProPresenter is stable, reliable, and easy to use. It's super powerful but easy enough to train a volunteer on it in 5 minutes.

It's a little pricey but totally worth the money. The windows version was very slow and buggy at first but seems to have caught up.
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020

I think it's fantastic. Whether you need all the features or not, PP6 is intuitive and simple to use and leaves room to grow for most users - I know very few people or churches that even come close to needing more features than PP6 offers.

ProPresenter is incredibly intuitive. There are many features that I have not even had a need to use yet, but whenever I try to do something new, I am usually able to simply learn how to do it within the software - without resorting to tutorials, forums or customer support.

The display settings - they make perfect sense to me, but in trouble shooting for other team members, this seems to be the main thing that gets overlooked. 9 times out of 10, when someone calls me to help with this software, it has something to do with their display settings.
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020
Lodge Sulin

Propresenter was a definite upgrade over our previous system EasyWorship. The great majority of the time it is a pleasure to use. It has the occasional quirk where media links break and media has to be reimported (even for media that was not moved from it's original location). Another issue I face frequently is Propresenter forgetting previous stage display settings and having to go back into the preferences and re-enable stage display again.

Getting your media into Propresenter and starting presentations couldn't be easier. Works great as a way to present lyrics for songs and compile a database of song lyrics. There are also advanced features available for power users that help extend the functionality of the system.

I don't really like the process of creating cues to advance slides on presentations. There could be an easier way to incorporate videos into presentations that run on their own. Also the integration between Propresenter and the cloud service doesn't work great. I could never get it to sync correctly so I cancelled my subscription and went about what I wanted to do a different way. Also documentation on advanced features could be better. Most of the time when I want to do something involving one of the advanced modules or something involving synchronization between my lighting system it involves digging through the internet for a user who figured it out and was nice enough to share their process.
Comentário deixado em 03/25/2020

If you have ever used powerpoint, you can use this software. It's as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Great for volunteers to walk in, and be able to simply hit a few buttons to follow along with scripts with minimal training

While MANY features are implemented quickly from the suggestion forums, some just never get a response or are "ignored"
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020
Dimitry Kawski

I started using pro presenter about 6 years ago, and it was a game changer. At the time I was using a couple different pieces of software to do what pro presenter does all as one program. From Editing slides, playing audio files, organizing media library to the ability to set up seemless transitions in our performances, pro presenter is an irreplaceable part of our work flow. The only thing I would add to it is the ability to make basic edits to audio files. There is no way to make custome cue point in songs or to adjust the volume of songs that may need to be normalized. It will let you do it with videos but not mp3s. Granted this is not a dealbreaker. I can still do all of this in a secondary software then port it into pro presenter, But it would save a few steps if it had this feature. However, out of everything I’ve tried, pro presenter does nearly everything we need from a presentation software. I believe it is an essential tool for any organization that requires use of media presentation.

It Does the work of multiple softwares. It Organizes our media library, presents audio/visual media, does minor video editing, and allows for a secondary video output for people on the stage for personal notes , timers etc. Allows for smooth transitions during any presentation!

Needs audio properties editor for mp3s. In order to make basic edits. For example if you want a certain section of a song to play on a slide, or if you have an audio file that is too quiet / loud. It will allow you to do this on videos though which is very nice
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

Overall I'm a happy user, there are definitely some things that could be improved, and I'm looking forward to seeing which issues are solved in the next release of the software.

The ability to connect to Planning Center Online. The ability to control ProPresenter via connected gear or have ProPresenter control connected gear. The ability to customize presentations. Groups, Lables, Categories, Hot Keys, and Hot Folders.

The inability to resize the preference window when working with labels and groups is annoying. Also, I'd like to be able to create a label menu with sub items, like Verse Menu = Verse 1, Verse 2, Verse 3, etc... We are currently working on writing some custom code to allow item selection in ProPresenter to automate tracking of PCO LIVE. This seems like something Renewed Vision could easily add with PCO's API.
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020
Corri Merical

We've been using ProPresenter6 for Mac for at least 3 years now, and we love it. Having used different software over the years, this is my favorite. It's easy enough that I can teach someone the basic functions to run a presentation pretty easily, but advanced enough that we can do some really cool things.

The one thing that frustrates me about ProPresenter is the video library. Particularly organizing and tagging videos. It's simply not intuitive to use. We have different categories set up for backgrounds, announcements, or video clips. If you use the file menu to import a clip, you can't select where it goes from the prompt, it just goes in to whatever category is selected in the video bin, which may or may not be opened up. As a result we got a lot of videos loaded into the wrong categories and I have to do some sorting. It would so be nice to have default video settings for each category - rather than having to choose that for every individual video.
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020
Sean Swaringen

Overall ProPresenter is a great product, and in spite of some minor issues--some of which have been computer & external hardware issues--I've been pleased with it.

We switched from EasyWorship, which worked pretty well but needed updating at the time. Since we decided to replace our antiquated Windows computer with a Mac, we opted for ProPresenter which several people recommended. We bought a campus license so we're also using it on a couple of Windows computers. I like ProPresenter's versatility and ease of use. It has a lot of great features, several of which I haven't even put to use. On our fast iMac it works really well.

Although our Windows computers supposedly meet the minimum requirements, ProPresenter's Windows version is painfully slow. Like, click to highlight a song and wait 3 seconds before it even highlights it. Even first executing ProPresenter is slow, and there's no "hour glass" to let you know it's in the process of turning on. It's common to wait at least 30 seconds before the logo even shows up. To be fair, I haven't called tech support about that yet. But they should at least display an hour glass to let you know something's happening. Also DVDs won't play in ProPresenter since Microsoft removed DVD support post-Windows 7.
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020
Roer Ruckmani

ProPresenter allows our small church to punch well above our presentation weight class. It streamlines our worship services and helps focus all the attention where it needs to be.

ProPresenter makes high-quality church presentation beautiful, helping us lead others in worship and Bible Study without distraction. The company has demonstrated a commitment to constant progress and is great at meeting the real needs of real churches.

There is a little bit of a learning curve for new users but nothing that can't be overcome with time and practice.
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020
Birkett Stastny

We use it in multiple venues for church services (including video venues). We also use it to feed the digital signage throughout our building.

I love the features that are present. The upgrades from Pro5 to Pro6 were amazing. The ability to connect with Planning Center, use arrangements and organize a service in a way that makes executing the service pretty straightforward is great! We also like taking advantage of the master/slave feature to have one machine launch content on different screens on our main stage (a backdrop screen and a TV for teaching).

There seems to be bugs that pop up, and they're pretty random. This is mostly when creating a service. Running a service is usually very smooth. For example, Planning Center connection acts like it's not signed in, but it had been then randomly stop. You have to hit "Logout" and then log back in for it to work. Also, there are some songs that act weird in Reflow Editing (fortunately there are a number of ways to do the same task). In Reflow, when you click somewhere to edit text, it keeps pushing the cursor to the end of the text. Again, this is only on certain songs and random. I also feel like there have been times recently when we'd make changes after our Thursday service in preparation for our Sunday service (which is slightly different), but when we turn things on Sunday morning, it has reverted back.
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020

We're a local church, so we use ProPresenter in our main worship spaces, as well as around the facility to run slideshows and such.

I like that I can control and manage lots of different pieces of media (videos, lyrics, props, backgrounds, music, etc) and present them onscreen using one program - and that you can do lots of things at the same time all with one cue/click.

My LEAST favorite thing is that it is way too buggy! ProPresenter 4 and 5 both seemed to be stable and reliable. But Pro 6, though I appreciate some advances in features, seems to always have something that isn't working correctly. There are constant updates, but always more bugs to work around. Maybe with the leap into working with PCs in addition to Mac created too many coding issues?? Whatever the cause, it's frustrating, and I am constantly concerned an issue is going to affect us on a Sunday morning.
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020

Overall, we are happy with the abilities we have with this software.

Ease of use, simple GUI. Inclusion of simple graphics architecture for slide design. Like the abilities for web, youtube, live vid feed, background vids, etc.

Some buggy issues - if you use a line break (aka, hit return to force text onto next line), then typography leading controls (vertical spacing between rows of text) no longer work - and in some cases, the vertical spacing will be inconsistent within a single slide.
Comentário deixado em 03/19/2020

I use ProPresenter in a house of worship to display lyrics to songs as well as video and other media items. Over the last 9 years of using ProPresenter, they have really worked to add great features and have made it much more user friendly. I now work with other churches in the area to get them set up with ProPresenter and help train their volunteers to use it.

Very easy to teach someone how to use this software. I am involved in training as well as using the software on a regular basis. The functionality and features are incredible for both the basic user and for those that want to dive deep and really use all the power that it offers.

To really use the software to it's fullest potential, it takes some time to learn.
Comentário deixado em 03/19/2020
Elbertine Graydon

As a church, we need to enable the congregation to follow along with the songs we sing and the sermon that is preached. This allows us to display what we need, in a way that is both engaging AND distraction-free. The software is basic enough that my new volunteers can jump right in, but with enough advanced features that I can do more complicated slides. It also has many more features that we can use as we grow and need them without switching platforms.

Most importantly: it is a stable product that outputs w/o any issue. Next is that it is easy to train new volunteers on the basic operations of the software. Both of these are important to us.

I haven't yet got the ability to sync files to work smoothly using Google Drive; if I can ever get it to the point where I can trust it, it will allow me to remotely (from home) create and edit files when I have a few minutes to spare.
Comentário deixado em 03/18/2020
Foy Lorick

It's reliable, cool, and convenient...I may have those 3 common problems but being aware of it I've just been working around them and I really should update my software ... so it's still a very pleasant experience overall!

The convenience of being able to have everything in just one high quality, professional-looking program is just such a blessing, i.e. pulling lyrics easily from the library, adding videos to a playlist, importing powerpoint slides etc. At my church, staff prepare ProPresenter ahead of the weekend, and then at the church services we have volunteers who serve as our ProPresenter Operator. We call that person a "Clicker" because their role literally involves just clicking from one thing to the next thing. It frees up the church staff to be with people, and it also allows lay-people a place to serve in a role like this which could potentially be really daunting but really isn't, because of the way ProPresenter is.

There are some limitations to the type of editing you can do, e.g. to an image. It is also a bit buggy but that could just be because we don't do software updates as often as we should!
Comentário deixado em 03/18/2020

The software works best on high performance, professional grade Apple computer. It does not survive stress tests on a comparable Windows machine. The operator must maintain an ​organization during a long presentation, as well as optimize workflow​ so the machine can be dedicated to run ProPresenter only. Do not attempt to run to photoshop, after effects, or comparable application while running a mission-critical​ presentation. This software enables easy integration with broadcast set-ups including utilization as alpha-keyed computer graphics.

Easy to use and volunteer friendly software allows multiple operators, multiple outputs, and is extremely versatile. The mobile app enables operators from anywhere to make quick slide changes. The options built in the software enables​ presentations to be planned and executed in a fast-paced environment. ProPresenter's integrated Stage Display feature enables the Floor Director and talent to communicate without traditional whiteboards​, enables the band and vocalists to follow through with songs and performances, and enables the speaker to see notes on a confidence monitor.

The lack of the ability to search inside a specific presentation (such as a 150 slide show) to find a specific item hurts response time. It is difficult to find loaded resources for last unplanned minute requests (such as loaded testimonies, videos, etc). The inclusion of the Bible feature is nice, but not having the ability to hot switch to a new version from a created slide (automatically update formatted slide to the ​new version) decreases response time. The mobile app doesn't allow you to load pictures, videos on the fly from camera roll or from another desktop app to the operating machine. The background and foreground element have transitional problems, and the multiple transitions system is very complicated (and I have never understood it fully). We default​ to using a manual transition to slide or just the global one. ProPresenter may yield​ unexpected results after prolonged use.
Comentário deixado em 03/17/2020

I am responsible for all the slides at a Sunday Worship Service, and this was tedious and time consuming with PowerPoint. ProPresenter streamlines what I do to the point that it's very easy now. I especially leverage it's interface with Planning Center Online. I particularly like the simple background video looping over multiple slides functionality, the slide looping functionality, and the smooth transitions when audio is started or stopped. It's greatly superior to PowerPoint.

ProPresenter has been designed to be super easy to use for a slide flipper, yet is robustly powerful for the most demanding of complicated productions and is super scalable effortlessly. I also LOVE its easy to setup/use interfaces with other software - especially Planning Center Online and PowerPoint. I've been using this 2 years and keep finding ways to streamline what I do even further! As Worship Minister at a bilingual church, I can pull together a Sunday Service playlist in under 5 minutes if there are no new songs. I give ProPresenter the very highest recommendation possible!

There is so much functionality available that a new user can feel overwhelmed. However by zeroing in on the task at hand and ignoring the fancy stuff at first, it's very simple to use and learn. Also to help keep you from being overwhelmed they have great video tutorials to get you on board and running smoothly.
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020
Dehlia Becena

Our overall experience with ProPresenter has been excellent and has been a reliable and powerful tool for our visual presentations.

ProPresenter is the best presentation software on the market. It is highly reliable and runs smoothly on our MacPro running Mojave. I enjoy the 3rd party integration that it offers with Planning Center and SongSelect. Renewed Vision Customer support is unmatched. I once updated ProPresenter and immediately encountered an issue with interactive cues not executing properly. I contacted support and within the hour my rep pushed a unique patch to me that resolved the issue. We added a Matrox DualHead2Go unit to our system along with the Multi-screen module last year and I am very happy with the performance and flexibility of this added feature.

There are instances when ProPresenter will crash when I use the Command+Z (Undo) keystroke. There are certain features I would like to see added to ProPresenter in the future that would rapidly increase productivity. Each Sunday, we export a PDF doc of the Scripture and Sermon slides that are used in the service. In order to capture the background that was used, the background cue must be manually placed on every single slide in the document before exporting, otherwise, the export will not include it and you will only get the text against the black or white background per your template. I wish there was a key combination or command that I could use as I drag a background out of the video/image bin and onto the first slide in the document that would cascade that cue onto all of the slides in the document. I imagine this working similarly to how the grouping feature operates as you select sides from left to right.
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020
Cassandry Correlly

We have been using ProPresenter for over a decade and now have it as the main visual presentation software in eight rooms, ranging from 100 to 2100 seats. Our newest implementation involves a multi-screen output of simultaneous separate content to a on-stage TV and IMAG overlay via NDI with Alpha and to a confidence monitor at the rear of the room. And ProPresenter can do it! On a Mac mini, no less!

- A feature set that is perfect for churches and constantly evolving with the times.

- In depth features can become confusing and hard to find information on, especially when combining add-on modules for specific functionality.
Comentário deixado em 03/13/2020

Overall the software does incredibly well as a presentation software. the use of ease and ability to connect with song select​ and other softwares to enhance the worship experience is fantastic. The ability to set up stage monitor feature is a wonderful addition​. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a presentation​ software

It's intuitive. Easy to use. Easy to navigate. Customizable. Very clean and clear. if you have the time to dig into it, you are able to make really incredible presentations without having to buy other programs. It is well made!

the features are too much for some smaller organizations. Maybe create an option for fewer features for those that don't need​ all the bells and whistles.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020
Tiffany Mould

Previously we relied on PowerPoint for putting content on our screens and running lyrics. PowerPoint was terribly limited and very inflexible. ProPresenter, from the earliest versions, has been incredibly flexible, fulfilling every need we have. The stability and feature set makes it the best product on the market.

Ease of use, stability, and features. With all of the stress related to live events, ProPresenter is something I trust!

There is limited functionality with hot folders when used with 3rd party syncing services, however, ProPresenter does offer a subscription based synching service for content.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020

A great product that does what it does very well. Version six is feeling like it’s been out for a while though! Not that I’m hankering for any major revisions except to the handling of audio files.

ProPresenter a very robust product that is particularly suited to the church environment although I have used it for other types of events as well. It has maintained its focus on the most essential tasks for media presentation a provided a good balance between complexity/flexibility and ease of use - especially when many operators are volunteers using the product infrequently. As an advanced user I like that I can integrate the software with other major components such as lighting and video systems in a way that actually enhances the simplicity of operation - and eliminating points of failure. While there are a few things I would like to see added or improved I appreciate the fact that the interface remains very consistent - again making it simple and reliable. The price is right. We have a site licence and even though we are not a massive church it has proven invaluable in any space where presentations are being made.

1. I would like to see support for third party video devices from more companies such as AJA. 2. Some of the slide building features are too basic. No gradients, no ability to lock the position of text boxes while still being able to edit them. Templates limited to formatting only one text box. 3. I find the separate audio window to be clunky. I would like to see control and playback view of audio files available without having to expand the audio window. 4. There is no good way to view slides formatted for large screens which have small text. We need a third option for display of slides - not just text or side layout. 5. Some of the modules such as SDI or alpha seem relatively expensive compared to the price of the software. 6. Would love to see some way to integrate control over other software such as iTunes or Spotify. Probably being able to trigger AppleScript cues. 7. Would like to see more information about cues added to slides rather than just a generic icons. Especially for MIDI cues or stage display layout choice. 8. Would like to be able to have a cue palette that is not tied to slides - customizable additions to the clear functions etc for external triggers especially.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020

It's been generally very positive, particularly on the Mac.

I love having a library of many, many songs and the ability to easily and quickly create a playlist. I can use templates to change the formatting of multiple songs at once. I can create different instances of a song so we can use the same song in multiple services but with different verses or arrangements. I love the ability to control the software with my iPhone and use an iPad for a stage display, all connected wirelessly, as well as the option of a screen in the back of our sanctuary that can either mirror the main display or show different options (next slide, clock, timer, etc.) This is a very capable program with features that can be added, including the ability to easily select verses to display from different scripture translations, etc.

I use the app on both a Mac (to create slides and for personal presentations in other settings) and a PC (in the sanctuary for worship), and the 2016 HP PC suffers in its performance in two ways. First, it takes a bit longer to click on a song and drag it to a playlist on the PC than on the Mac, so setting up a playlist takes longer. Second, even though we purchased a pretty capable graphics card for the PC, it simply is not capable of playing 1080 HD; it works much more smoothly with 720HD, so we have to downsize purchased backgrounds, videos, and the like. My 2015 MacBook Pro has no such limitations.
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020
Keung Mefferd

Currently we use Pro Presenter as a House of Worship solution, and as a traveling presentation software; it flawlessly integrates with our mac mini and and 5 monitor system. The thing i love most about ProPresenter is that it is simple enough for a kid to use, and at the same time has complex feature for Pro users to indulge in like; iPad controls, Hi Definition video and audio options, social media integration and up-gradable external modules.

The ease of use. ProPresenter generally just works. It is so hassle free and is so simple that i was able to teach it to seniors and children! When i allow end users to run our system i feel confident that they will be able to create, and run a flawless presentation!

The only small gripe i have is that ProPresenter Pro License doesn't come with alot of free or embeded stock videos or images. The base price point is fair, i just wish there were more stock photos, video and sounds for the Pro license.
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020
Schaper Mcclinton

I personally use ProPresenter in my weekly teen service. It allows me to easily have song lyrics, graphics for every part of the service, videos to show, and notes for my sermon -- and all of that is either run from the remote on my phone or a teenager simply clicking to advance. Once the work is done ahead of time to set up the service, it is so simple. You'll love this product!

ProPresenter is a powerful piece of software that is easy for every individual to use. Once you set up your service, almost anyone can run the software. It is a powerful tool that allows you to incorporate many different types of media easily into your service. The confidence monitor tool for those on stage to utilize is a huge bonus as well. I can't brag on ProPresenter enough.

Honestly, I have no complaints about ProPresenter. We started using it 7+ years ago and we have upgraded as new versions have rolled out. Each one has been worth it.
Comentário deixado em 02/09/2020
Volney Marolt

I've been using PP for 10 years +, Renewed Vision is an excellent company, they update regular to keep PP running smoothly on new OS updates. I'll never use anything else.

The ease of use when training new people. It takes less than a minute to show someone how to run a service once it's preset. It takes about 10 to show them how to set it up. The overall ease of use, stability, and features of PP6 allows our ministry to operate smoothly when it comes to video stuff.

There's very little to dislike. I wish that there was more options regarding stage display and the back wall stuff.
Comentário deixado em 02/09/2020
Georgiana Dease

I love it because it is packed with features and offers everything a church needs in a presentation software.

My biggest complaint is that it's not a super stable software. It often has major, predictable glitches, and in all my years using ProPresenter the stability has not been fixed or improved.
Comentário deixado em 02/06/2020
Krebs Floran

Up to this point, updates have been few and far between. One suggestion I made to Renewed Vision (the makers of ProPresenter) was integrated into a feature of an eventual update. Tech support has gotten way better as the years have gone by. They are quite helpful and patient.

Volunteers can operate it with a minimal amount of training. The setup is largely intuitive. There are also hundreds of hours of videos, tutorials, etc. to get you not only up and running, but using advanced functions as well.

Initial cost can be a challenge. And for a person using one output (main), it is overkill. There are other less costly products (Proclaim, for example) that do similar things for those in need of one output and no other whistles and bells.
Comentário deixado em 11/08/2019
Atalee Pebsworth

Overall, ProPresenter has helped to advance my organization to the next level of being technologically efficient and professional. We depend on it for everything that happens in-house regarding services, and it has done an amazing job of assisting us and our representation to the public.

Where do I begin?? This is an absolutely fantastic software. As someone who helps facilitate not only the Communications department at my organization (religious institution) but also the media and our weekly services (inputting videos, presentations, music, miscellaneous), ProPresenter has proven to be a life-saver and keeps everything in one place (you don't have to click through a bunch of prompts to get to what you need). What I like MOST about this software is the ability to see all the services on on screen; for example, in the lower left corner of the software, all our services are listed: Sunday morning, Tuesday prayer, Wednesday ministry night, Thursday rehearsal, and any Friday or Saturday special services. You can easily click on the service and all your files will show up next to the service -- media, music... whatever. And ProPresenter automatically saves all that data and stores your files, backgrounds, etc so you aren't having to start from scratch every time! I could go on and on about how big a fan I am of this program!

I don't have anything particularly negative to say about ProPresenter, but if there was one thing I would request better effort on, it would be the ease of creating slides *through* the actual program... it takes quite a while to create the slide, edit the text, font, colors, positioning, etc, and then present it. I've learned to just have everything ready through Keynote (using a Mac) or even Powerpoint in certain situations.
Comentário deixado em 10/12/2019

I and our team use ProPresenter for multiple services throughout the week as well as special events. My experience has been that ProPresenter is an exceptional and versatile software for handling any presentation needs. I use ProPresenter on a regular basis and have consistently had great experiences using it and being pleased with its capabilities.

ProPresenter is a robust and multi-function capable presentation software that has tons of great features that can make anyone's presentation a professional experience. From its ability to handle picture, video, and even web-based material putting together a worship service, a corporate presentation, or a ceremony is easily handled with ProPresenter.

There is a learning curve on building folders and presentation files as well as importing/linking files that you will use. There are helpful support pages that can assist with the learning process. Additionally, you have to be aware that ProPresenter literally takes over your computer's video and audio when it is running so that other processes don't interrupt your presentation.
Comentário deixado em 09/09/2019
Kerge Knapick

ProPresenter has helped 2 churches I've been a part of. In the first church, ProPresenter helped us expand our media capabilities so we no longer had to rely on CD decks or external video players. Everything was in one place and quickly accessible.

ProPresenter gives the church just about everything it needs to put on an excellent presentation on Sunday mornings, with lyrics, slides, announcements, countdowns...anything you need for service is at your fingertips.

The only con about ProPresenter is how daunting the software can be. You are provided with tutorial videos and documentation, but with all the customizability inside, it can be easy to get lost, so you really have to watch the videos several times and go along with the software to get a feel for where everything is.
Comentário deixado em 09/04/2019
Lejeune Lownsbery

There are other programs out there that can do the slides or video recording, some of them free. Where this one truly sets itself apart for churches is the integrated bible module, and songselect. Our church does not stream the video to screens in the church. We record and stream with a different computer. The propresenter computer is used primarily for putting lyrics and verses on the screens for the congregation, as well as playing music for specials. The pastor has been very pleased with the results from this program. We also have a large screen in the back of the auditorium that we use as a stage display, so the pastor and worship team can see what is going on without having to turn around. I also love how many video tutorials are out there from Renewed Vision and others on how to use different functions. We are not an overly large church, so there are certainly features and modules that we have not even began to use.

As far as I know, you cannot import keynote files (MACs version of powerpoint). To import slides other than those generated by propresenter requires a powerpoint license. One other feature that it is lacking at this point that I would love to see added are customizable hotkeys. For instance, say I would like to quickly select a different template for the verses in the bible, it would be great to have a hot key for that instead of trying to navigate through the menus on the fly. Another feature would be for the verses within the bible app to have a "fit text to slide" option, similar to a feature already available for user generated slides. The bible module does not offer quite the same customization as is available for other slides.
Comentário deixado em 07/18/2019

Propresenter can do almost anything. The flexibility of building slides and content in the layers makes it great for clean, nice presentations, but it also means if I need to make a quick announcement slide for our church, I can grab a background, plug in the information, and make a nice looking slide using the editing tools available. Keeps me from scrambling for my laptop and pulling up Photoshop or Illustrator. I also love the simplicity of displaying slides. As a church we have volunteers running Propresenter for our services (which includes songs, motion backs, announcements, Bible passages, etc.) and it's that once we've built it, they pretty much just have to click through.

My least favorite part of Propresenter is also one of the things I love—double edged sword I guess. While it's incredible flexible and powerful software, it's also incredibly complicated. There are menus, features, options, integrations I seem to discover daily. This is great for myself and those who build the presentations, but it's a struggle for volunteers. Displaying slides is simple, but troubleshooting, on-boarding, etc. is difficult. I feel as though I'm constantly sharing tips, tricks, training, etc. cause there are just things I can't replicate or teach in a planned training.
Comentário deixado em 07/11/2019
Cicily Passino

I had been working with Media Shout from it's beginning. Years ago, I gave ProPresenter a try and quickly made the transition to ProPresenter. At the time, there was more of a centralized, get everything you need in the same place, feel that met our needs. And being honest, using the software was not always easy. Early on, it was very clunky and awkward in certain areas and there were moments of great frustration (no different from other presentation software, though). However, the benefit always outweighed the challenges and with every update, it seemed to get closer to what we needed it to be. Now, I consider it a mainstay in our ministry and seriously can't think of working without it!

I truly like the completeness of the software and ease of use. Through the years, it has become a crucial part of my work in that it is very easy to create a "show" from my office and have it ready for the crew in the booth to use each week. I greatly appreciate the fact that I can easily equip volunteers to interact with ProPresenter at a very basic level to advanced levels in a short amount of time. I also appreciate the fact that it just works, all the time, I don't have to worry about it causing issues for our volunteers.

Actually, the things I like least about ProPresenter have been addressed over time via updates. Since the issues are no longer issues, there's no need to bring them up. Suffice it to say, ProPresenter has evolved into an extremely robust program that is very accessible to everyone from the beginner to the professional.
Comentário deixado em 07/11/2019
Robena Merlino

ProPresenter has really upped the level of professionalism and appearance of our Sunday morning services. Fumbling and "dead air" at the sound booth in terms of presentation transitions, etc. have been all but eliminated. It is very user friendly and easy to use as well.

The ability to let it run in the background while doing other things on the same computer. It maintains your professional appearance while you're scrambling to pull the next thing together in the sound booth.

We use a remote "clicker" for the speaker. When the speaker is presenting, they can click through their own slides. When the user at the computer minimizes ProPresenter or clicks into another program (for example, pulling up house music or something to have ready at the end of the sermon), the clicker doesn't work anymore. ProPresenter takes over all aspects of the presentation/monitors, it should be able to take over and maintain bluetooth clicking also, while other programs are active... that would be fantastic.
Comentário deixado em 07/08/2019

We were able to expedite the service preparation process incredibly with the media integration available through ProPresenter.

I love the integration of various media types and source material platforms. The SongSelect integration is by far the most useful feature for a church that relies on SongSelect for lyrics etc. Also, the multi-user features coupled with cloud sync make team collaboration so much more efficient.

The biggest issue we had was with releases/support for PC lagging so far behind Mac. Not investing in Mac hardware puts the church at a disadvantage with this software. I don't expect that to change, and it may not need to for the company to be successful, but it makes you ask if it's really better to support PC use if the support is inferior. Additionally, having cloud sync as an 'extra' rather than built into the payment model seems a bit backwards - but for a software that is bought for a larger one-time fee rather than monthly/annual subscription, it makes sense as bandwidth is not free for anyone.
Comentário deixado em 07/08/2019

Pro-presenter is how we function on Sunday morning during our worship service. We have utilized many other types of display graphics and they don't compare to Pro-presenter. The other don't cost as much as Pro-presenter but in this case you get what you pay for and pro-presenter although pricey is definitely worth it.

Pro-presenter works really well and is an excellent way to display graphics as well as many other attributes. We utilize it mainly for displaying graphics, lyrics and videos. Our team has just started to utilize some of the more complex functions but still not to the level of some users as we don't use props and we don't necessary build slides within pro-presenter either. For our limited use it works really well.

We utilize pro-presenter with screen share which makes it difficult to utilize the web browser as it it doesn't function correctly. When trying to show a webpage it cuts out the 120 pixels of edge blending making it impossible to use. We also utilize the hot folder function in conjunction with a google drive folder so we can drop and and remove items easily from many different people that are not on site. Unfortunately, Pro-presenter has a glitch where you cannot move a file within the google drive folder without renaming it. It doesn't recognize the same file and make you rename it to utilize it. Those are the two issues/concerns we have experienced.
Comentário deixado em 07/05/2019
Mukerji Chenail

ProPresenter overall is a great piece of software. I think it tries to provide an all in one solution to presentation software and does a decent job. I do think video could do with looking at and the way it handles changes to outputs.

The software is easy to use. It's fairly simply made from a first glance. The more you use it, the more features become apparent, like most softwares! The ability to add more and more can become a little overwhelming we have found it best utilised as a lyric and image presentation software and we tend not to use any of the modules as we find dedicated hardware/software is better positioned for this.

Video playback and the way it handles new or changing outputs of the computer. Every single time an output changes ProPresenter needs to be closed and re-opened to detect the change, often leading to a crash or spinning beach ball before you are eventually able to force quit the application.
Comentário deixado em 07/05/2019

We went from using PowerPoint to ProPresenter and the production value was night and day! Awesome to be able to have motion backgrounds and text or other media at the same time.

Full of features, and mostly intuitive to run. Love the layers and different effects you can customize to make the perfect presentation.

Some items are hard to remember where to find them. I'm sure that would get easier with consistent use but at first remembering which menu to select to get the effect or slide I wanted was challenging, but the customer service and YouTube tutorials helped along the way!
Comentário deixado em 07/04/2019
Woll Zarate

Pro Presenter has made our church services run so much smoother and allowed us to do things that would have cost exponentially more to do any other way. We adopted it long before I came 6 years ago and it is so vital to our workflow that I can't imagine working without it. I started learning simple things then dove in deeper as I got more comfortable. The video tutorials on their website are excellent and made it so easy to learn. Bang for your buck, you'll never find a better product

Pro Presenter is far and away the best multi-media presenter that I've ever used, and I've used a lot both hardware and software. Once you understand the logic behind it, it's very easy to setup and use. We've added several modules to it to customize it even more to our needs. It plays almost any media file, picture, audio or video and seamlessly integrates them. We use a lot of automation and it works spectacularly for us.

You have to get really nit picky to find real flaws with the software. There are a few features I'd love to see added and few foibly things to work around, but once you understand them, it works incredibly well.
Comentário deixado em 07/04/2019

Overall, I have been very pleased with the capabilities of ProPresenter in the worship context. It has full functionality for low-level techies like me but has many features open to the more tech savvy like my tech lead.

Once it’s installed, everyday use is a breeze. Preparing playlists, inserting backgrounds, etc. is as easy as drag and drop. Lots of features can be incorporated or you cN keep it simple. The preview screen is great. Importing and reflowing content is simple. Especially compared to other similar apps, PP6 is very stable, especially on a Mac, but it works well on a PC as well. Their tutorials are great, too.

The formatting is rather limited, especially when importing from PowerPoint. It’s better to build the presentation in ProPresenter in many cases. Fonts don’t always translate, and sometimes the displays are a bit challenging to troubleshoot.
Comentário deixado em 07/04/2019

ProPresenter has been a solid and dependable product that we've relied upon for many years now. The developers at Renewed Vision have kept the product up-to-date with regular patches, allowing the most up-to-date MacOS releases to be used soon after general availability. Overall, this is well-supported and reliable product.

ProPresenter manages to combine volunteer-friendly ease of use with depth of functionality to meet the needs of the most sophisticated church production environments. It has solid integration with the on-line services we use (Planning Center, CCLI SongSelect primarily), so weekly service preparation is made very efficient. Most importantly, we've experienced crash-free stability and high reliability in live services. The ability to purchase and install additional media such as new backgrounds and movie clips within ProPresenter has been helpful too.

The price of entry could be seen as a little steep for small church (Renewed Vision should consider a subscription scheme to attract new users to the platform). It would be nice if there were an elegant way to switch between using ProPresenter for worship lyrics and KeyNote for sermon slides and back again.
Comentário deixado em 07/04/2019

It's been amazing to use, I chose it 5 years ago and would still choose it today.

utter simplicity, consistency, and lack of problems. I love so much the attention to detail and the obvious care that went into both creating and maintaining this software; I don't have issues with it, or at least very rarely. It's great!

I wish it were easier to integrate web content into a live presentation; that bothers me a little. And the slide editor could use a little more robustness and simplicity;
Comentário deixado em 06/30/2019
Ander Wiltshire

ProPresenter overall is a wonderful, sleek way to show lyrics, announcements, videos, and sermon notes for our church. I have not encountered any better program for this purpose. It is affordable considering how much it can do. Yet, it is simple enough for those who need to do simple things to use easily, and complex enough that those who wish to do more complicated things also can.

ProPresenter offers a lot of different ways to make the presentations look and do exactly what you want them. Options like Stage Display, different transitions, and templates are all wonderful tools with lots of options. ProPresenter is a wonderful way to unify lyrics, videos, and audio all in one program on one computer.

While the Bibles feature is very helpful in many ways (and I'm grateful for it!), it is frustrating that if we create a presentation with a scripture, but then want to change which template we are using or change the size of the font, it then removes the superscripting of the verse numbers. This is very frustrating, and seems like it is something that should have been fixed by a program as complex and huge as ProPresenter long ago.
Comentário deixado em 06/29/2019
Hazelton Piccola

Our children grew up and so weren't traveling with our ministry anymore, but we still needed someone to run the laptop with all the different kinds of media we use - so ProPresenter with ProRemote was the choice we made.

The software is fairly easy to use and setup. We don't use all the extra modules that you can also purchase, and there are a lot of them. I love all the different areas to put items and arrange them the way I want to see them. I like the easy way to create new slides and videos right in the software. The telestrator add on was definitely worth it for us. A great little item that allows you to write on the slide or video that you are showing. Works really well and very easy to use!!

There are several things I wish would improve. First of all, I wish the ProRemote app would be updated. This is the reason we purchased the software and it has disappointed us repeatedly!! For a long time, the Playlist would not show on remote at all (now it does but takes a long time to load even when I use a dedicated router to connect). Also, ProRemote will disconnect every 30 minutes or so, whether you just used it or not! Very frustrating. And there is no volume control with remote. When I load new videos or audio into the software, the volume of the audio is always changed - either louder or softer (which makes it even harder to use ProRemote)!
Comentário deixado em 06/29/2019
China Brigg

Now that I'm running it on an iMac, it is working very well. However, because I'm running it on an iMac, I did have to spend much more in additional components to allow it to properly function. I do like that the application is now very stable and seems to be able to operate well.

Although the web site offered support for Windows, it does not run as a 64-bit application. It is a 32 bit application, not fully capable of accessing more available memory and processing capabilities that a 64-bit platform can offer. This should be noted on the website.
Comentário deixado em 06/27/2019
Mikkanen Paarmann

Overall, we love ProPresenter. Again, ease of use is a tremendous benefit. Plus, the quality is outstanding.

What I like most about ProPresenter is its ease of use. Managing song and presentation libraries, and use of backgrounds and videos is simple and extremely user friendly. There are a lot more bells and whistles that we don't even make use of. We haven't touched the tip of the iceberg regarding its full capabilities.

We have had some difficulties from time to time with importing Powerpoint presentations...particularly when there are animations or embedded videos. For instance, we often have guest speakers who bring their presentations (usually at the last second) with embedded videos. If we don't add them in separately, they tend to freeze up and we have to restart the program. Also, we have had issues with streaming, and we definitely steer away from DVDs.
Comentário deixado em 06/27/2019

It has taken our graphics presentation ability to a whole new level over previously used software. (MS PowerPoint, and Sunday Plus)

It allows you to store and organize multiple media types, and playlist for ease of functionality during events. It also syncs with our Planning Center Online account, which allows us the ability to import our plans, which saves a ton of time and effort. It's also very easy to learn the basics. We've had to have people run it in emergency situations before that had never run it before, and in just a few minutes, we were able to show them the basics.

The DVD function stopped scaling the video properly when our Mac Pro was updated to Mojave, so now we are not able to use it during services or any event that requires more that just the DVD player. (If all you're doing is using the DVD feature, you can change the resolution and use it, but it makes all your backgrounds unusable until you change it back).
Comentário deixado em 06/27/2019
Hakeem Helling

We use ProPresenter to display words to worship songs, video playback, slides for sermons... basically all the content that goes on our screen that doesn't come from a camera is from ProPresenter. It's dependable & the best choice for us.

ProPresenter is the most simple to use professional display software in existence. It gives you all the features of high end character generators, like alpha key, quick editing of text and graphics, but is simple to use and train volunteers on. It is also a dependable video playback device. It's networking features give great options to sync up multiple computers. It transitions seamlessly between all these necessary functions. They are always coming up with more features and functionality.

That there is still no simple way to integrate PowerPoint slides other than exporting jpegs. The browser feature has never successfully worked for me when it would have come in handy with online polling websites.
Comentário deixado em 06/27/2019
Edmea Halford

I’ve been using Propresenter since 2003 and from time to time have dabbled with other presentation software. In the end the usability and features of Propresenter has caused it to clearly stand head and shoulders above everything else. I’ve loved to see the software evolve and how Renewed Vision has listened to it’s users and made adjustments accordingly. Nothing else can hold a candle to Propresenter.

The ease of use is probably the best thing about Propresenter. You can practically pick it up and begin to use it right away. There are fantastic tutorial videos that give you everything you need to know but there’s also a great community and support. The other thing that I absolutely love is the expandability. In the beginning you may just need the basic functions but as your organization grows, Propresenter has all the tools needed to grow with you.

Honestly, most of the functions I have liked least about the software have been slowly weened out through out the year.
Comentário deixado em 06/27/2019
Pennington Patrice

As a church, we use presentation software all the time. It is easy to train our multi-media volunteers on the use of ProPresenter, yet there are great tools for our power users as well.

We like the ease of changing and updating our presentations. Being able to change on-the-fly without the audience knowing there is work going on behind the scenes.

Many presenters that come in only use PowerPoint. While we can import it in to our ProPresenter software, it loses some functionality in the import. Many of our presenters choose to run it from their own computer rather than lose their design funtionality.
Comentário deixado em 06/26/2019
Cormack Morena

It's been a great experience. A large upgrade over the software we used previously. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs professional presentation software for church or company use.

It is simple to use, we can train almost anyone to run the software. It is easy to setup and manage. It runs all common media files with ease. It's easy and quick to setup new presentations.

Stage display could use more customization. It works well but I think they could add some additional features in order to display exactly what we need. I'd love to be able to have it set to show slides without the background. You can do that now, but it won't keep the same formatting as the slide. We have to use "static" but it keeps the background on the first slide of each document. It would also be nice to be able to show only the first line of the next slide- without having to move the next slide off the screen.
Comentário deixado em 06/26/2019
Ahron Bingamon

We love the Planning Center and SongSelect integrations.

Propresenter has a simple and intuitive user interface that serves all our churches’ presentation needs. This powerful software scales to fit the presentation needs of churches and business of all sizes. We are also very satisfied with Renewed Vision’s customer service.

We really feel that there must be a better way to do the stage display. It often crashes on us.
Comentário deixado em 06/26/2019
Wilden Repine

Except for sync and videos it works great. Sadly, we use sync every week and I can't count the number of times our users have contacted me due to their struggles.

Setting up song lyrics and using in conjunction with Song Select works pretty well. We use the arrangement functionality for every song for the contemporary service. For traditional hymns we don't find arrangements necessary. It's nice to have the option when we need it and to not confuse those who don't need it. Our prior software would occasionally crash during a service, but we've never had that kind of issue with ProPresenter running on our Mac Minis. We really like using a stage display in addition to the regular output. Our team really appreciates it.

We often have trouble playing videos within ProPresenter. The audio sometimes cuts out or gets out of sync. The same video played on the same Mac with QuickTime or VLC works fine.
Comentário deixado em 06/26/2019
Kylie Reuss

dependable, robust, high-end display of worship lyrics with motion backgrounds

Standard display features make Pro6 far superior to other products on the market in worship lyric and business presentations. Add-on modules (SDI, Alpha Key, Edge Blending, Multi-Screen, etc) and 3rd-party integrations (CCLI Song Select, Bibles, Planning Center Live) make this the product to beat.

Some integrations are hardware specific (alpha-key uses Blackmagic Design products). Official support on the integration of 3rd party products is very limited and can take some time to find practical solutions for initial setup or troubleshooting problems. It's not a roadblock, but is a speedbump.
Comentário deixado em 06/26/2019
Sula Torbett

We want version 6 to as stable and well working as version 5, but with the features and design as version 6.

Sleek design, many opportunities for a more professional look of your show.

We upgraded from Propresenter 5 to 6, and that has been a struggle since. Our cloud storage doesn't work any longer. The song library is extremely slow in version 6. Drag and drop with mouse takes sometimes many attempts, to get it to react.
Comentário deixado em 06/26/2019

Extremely good. I was advised by many that ProPresenter is not stable on Windows and I found that to be absolutely untrue.

It does everything we need it to, and seems to be the most popular in the space. Very stable once we had it properly configured.

It was not obvious how to integrate it into our existing infrastructure without it having difficulties with folder redirects and domain accounts. Tech support was not at all competent, clearly no experience with Windows. Only after a meeting with a Windows dev from Renewed Vision at NAB were we able to understand how easy it actually is to customize the installation for our needs.
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Consistency of delivering on the basics. Powerful software with rich features.

There are SEVERAL bugs that have existed in this software for a REALLY long time! We’re now using ProPresenter with an iMac Pro... we thought this may help resolve some of our issues (you know, maybe it’s our older iMac causing some ignition these issues), but no! The same bugs that have been there a few years are STILL there. And we’re talking bugs that are VERY easy to fix but cause issues when trying to do everyday, basic things. They need to overhaul version 6 and rid it of these bugs! I’m afraid they’re simply putting all their eggs in version 7 instead of taking FULL care of version 6!
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I have used ProPresenter extensively in churches and in concerts over the past 15 years. It has always been a leader in its class providing a level of functionality that directly supports the highest quality presentation technology for worship ministry.

What sets ProPresenter apart is its breadth and depth of functionality. The software is very approachable for the novice operator to quickly learn how to run a presentation for a service and ProPresenter can scale to meet the most demanding applications involving the most sophisticated multimedia presentations. ProPresenter offers so many capabilities including seamless integration with other software platforms for planning services and events, managing and recalling media content, and rich visual editing and overlays. The software is stable and robust which is vital for achieving a distraction-free and engaging multimedia presentation.

Although ProPresenter is very approachable for the novice operator, there is a learning curve especially for the person with overall accountability for managing the ProPresenter environment. Running a service is generally very straightforward. Creating and managing the content effectively takes time to learn and to master. Renewed Vision does provide excellent support materials to speed the process of learning the many features of ProPresenter.
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Professional appearance, many options for interchanging backgrounds and foregrounds, gives a lot of customization to the user. Have used for many years and will continue to! Recommend Apple systems to run it on. We have had much better success with Macs than Windows.

Has a few quirks when trying to insert videos. We have an untraditional aspect ratio, and the scaling options are limited (or my knowledge of how to find them is limited). There is a learning curve for new users, but overall, it is easy to use. We have trained 8-10 year olds to use this software in our children’s ministry.
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Eoin Reass

When I began using ProPresenter, I picked up very quickly on all the features it has available. More than are really necessary for our purposes. Everything about how easy it is to make our displays flow has dramatically improved the quality of our services. ESPECIALLY Planning Center Integration. Our band director arranges his songs in Planning Center to communicate with the band, then I can import his arrangements and details directly into ProPresenter as ready-built presentations and services. From there, constructing the rest of the service is super easy. Including being able to import Bible Verses directly from the built-in Bibles. Whenever I'm not personally able to run the presentation during service, the running portion is as easy as pressing the "space" bar as necessary. All of the setup is completed beforehand. Not to mention any important announcements can be quickly broadcast as necessary. (i.e. nursery announcements​...)

Integration with Planning Center, CCLI, built-in Bibles, PowerPoint, and more

There is a steep learning curve that prevented me from giving it 5 stars, but the wealth of tutorials​ and ease of access to these resources for improving your ProPresenter skill prevented me from giving 3 stars. Therefore, a solid 4 stars are earned.
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Schrader Theule

ProPresenter continues to be the go-to for our church. It's easy to use for all, has a ton of training videos, and can be as simple or complex as you need it to be. ProPresenter allows us to quickly and easily import new songs, copy playlists and there's no complicated ways of doing anything. It's really a straightforward software that anyone can use and be a pro with some practice.

ProPresenter is extremely easy to use once you have a solid foundation of how things work within the software. The ability to make edits to presentations while still displaying content on screens is an absolute lifesaver. The functionality of having playlists to help organize content helps with organization, while also being able to drag and drop content easily. The interface is extremely easy to use, and is volunteer friendly. The functionality of having a stage display helps keep services and events on track due to built in clocks, messages and the ability to see content on a stage display in a stripped down format than what audience members see. Templates can also be easily set up for different items, whether it be songs, content slides, or other items. PowerPoint presentations are also easily imported into ProPresenter.

The software can sometimes become bogged down if you are playing content with large file sizes. Getting screens be recognized can also be a little bit of an issue in certain situations.

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