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Founded in 2011, Zapier helps more than four million customers grow their businesses with the power of automation. The company connects over 1,500 apps to help people be more productive at work, saving customers up to 20 hours per week. By helping to discover and weave together web applications that increase productivity and success, Zapier is changing the way people work. For more information, visit
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2020

SUPER FREAKING AWESOME SUPPORT! They reply and are super helpful, and allowed me to take advantage of the new pricing after I upgraded on the old pricing, they give you details on any errors, and every single time an error has come from the outside source or myself and not Zapier. So worth it!

Wow, I don't know why I avoided Zapier for years before this, but I don't know how to live without it, and infact there is no way I could. It does so much powerful work behind the scenes sending data everywhere I need it to go with such ease that I would spend way more than I could afford in time or money paying the staff to do it manually. Also, they just improved their pricing and zap time, so I have sped up the process, reduced my costs, and increased to unlimited zaps which is powerful. Can't have a limit.

Well I didn't like the cost as first, but when calculating what you save in time or having to pay a VA to do the work, Zapier is a no brainer. Then they dropped the cost and pricing and improved the speed transfer time, so going from 15 minutes to 2 minutes is massively important and necessary. We are converting and calculating faster and more efficently.... So not a thing I don't like about it either.
Comentário deixado em 04/09/2020
Lilybel Amparo

Zapier is amazing. I would recommend this to just about anyone as it is so robust. I can have it do just about anything for me. The simplification of tasks that are so monotonous is incredible. It's one of those convenience factors that you don't need yet couldn't imagine living without.

I came across this after using Clickfunnels as it is one of the suggested automation, and my only regret is that I haven't been using this for years. The ability to automate almost anything under the sun is invaluable. Being able to get notifications on a personal slack channel every time someone takes a specific action on one of my landing pages, every time an ad converts, every time my email service gets a new subscriber is amazing. This is how the internet is supposed to work. I can automate to Gmail send me an email every time a form is filled out in Clickfunnels, something I had to check numerous times previously has been a lifesaver. These are jsut a few examples, the possibilities are nearly endless given the amount of apps supported, I guarantee there is something included that will make your life easier.

No real cons to speak of. The only thing I might suggest is making it more user-friendly when starting out figuring out how to create custom zaps (automation) I remember this seemed a little counterintuitive. However, this is a non issue given how valuable this is. It is a wonder this hasn't been done before.
Comentário deixado em 04/09/2020

Overall, Zapier is just a life and time saver! Software companies are popping up every day, often with no regard to how a customer may specifically need it to work with another software. Without Zapier, some functions may need manual attention that very small businesses simply cannot afford to spend the time to give. Zapier is a must have for any business, big or small.

With so much technology being created to make our lives easier, speedbumps can occur when these applications can't seamlessly communicate with each other. Here's where Zapier comes in. This might be the single most important element of my business flow. Zapier is the liaison for all of apps and software, enabling them to talk and connect with each other in ways that, perhaps, they didn't intend.

Although it's fairly user-friendly, setting up a "Zap" (a connection from one software to another, or many others) takes lots of tests with lots of trial and error. This is not necessarily a "con", as most things require tests and are not just "plug-and-play." But I'd advise anyone, especially newcomers to this great software, to count on spending some time to get it right, because it will require quite some time to perfect.
Comentário deixado em 04/08/2020

Overall, Zapier has been great. At this point, I don't know how I ever lived without it.

I use this tool almost every day, and it's constantly working to keep all my apps connected. With Zapier, we can pull info from incoming emails, send form submissions to our CRM, and so much more.

I wish I could buy credits on a one time basis every once in a while to supplement my monthly spend without having to upgrade and downgrade my plan when I go a little bit over during our peak months.
Comentário deixado em 04/08/2020

Data entry is not a needed position in my company anymore. I know the data will get where it needs to go fast and accurate every time. All of the different software our company uses speaks to each other and we don't have to search in multiple spots to find different information, it all gets zapped to where it needs to be.

This is the solution to not paying a developer $150+/hr. An intuitive solution to getting all of our business software to communicate with one another. This software saves us hours every week on redundant data entry and making sure our software all works with each other. Their customer service is EXCELLENT when there are issues (maybe 3 in as many years of using it). They are humans and have a great model.

amount per year is a lot of money, but relative to the benefits and time it saves, it is worth every single penny. If they 10x their price, I'd probably look elsewhere, but they really could justify the price. My team has learned how to use it too and they make their own zaps.
Comentário deixado em 04/07/2020
Sullivan Mandothi

Zapier is an excellent tool for connecting various systems and automating tasks that would otherwise take a long time. It's user-friendly and intuitive, and it works without fail the majority of the time.

As a Salesforce administrator, a lot of my job involves figuring out how to get data into Salesforce in a streamlined way. We use Zapier for that on almost everything. It inputs our donations from Stripe to Salesforce, puts our contact form data into our database, and even connects SurveyMonkey survey to Salesforce. It is an excellent, user-friendly tool. And I can't say enough good things about their customer support, which always gets back to me in a timely manner and is super helpful.

The original setup can be interesting to get used to, and it doesn't yet connect to every service I'd like to be able to use. Also it's frustrating to not be able to use the new Paths feature on a Basic account. We don't want to pay the extra money for just that one feature.
Comentário deixado em 04/07/2020

Overall, we love Zapier, and it will continue to be one of our most prized pieces of software!

We could not run our business without Zapier! Given all the moving pieces and parts of a project management and service-based company, we need a constant flow of communication without adding hours of work to everyone's plate. Zapier allows our processes to run smoothly by automating a ton of our tasks, sending communication instantly, and keeping everyone on target. It's also revolutionized how we are able to run drip campaigns, keep our clients updated, and improved our sales cycle. Zapier is one of our can't-live-without tools.

Sometimes zaps break which can cause chaos. Typically, the software will notify us when that happens which makes it easier to fix, but sometimes we don't know something's not working until it's difficult to fix it. The problems are few and far between, though, and the benefits grossly outweigh the issues!
Comentário deixado em 04/03/2020
Haveman Korewdit

As a small business owner (and sole employee/operator), any time I can be more efficient and automate tasks to improve the customer experience, I am all ears. I've found Zapier to be a great solution for a reasonable price to give a nice touch of customer service to my new customers and manage tasks automatically for me to save me time and make me much more efficient. For example, when a new customer schedules an appointment with me, I can have my scheduling platform talk to Gmail and send my new customer an instant automatic welcome email, complete with the scheduling details and paperwork necessary to get started. This is a great way to add a touch of customer service and care to the new relationship. I can also then automatically send that customer information to Mailchimp, and now they are on my mailing list, which I can then use for marketing in the future. Zapier sure makes life a lot easier, simply because you can leverage the best of non-related apps and get them to work together for you.

The price point for the lowest paid subscription doesn't break the bank, but it's kind of a step to take once you start taking off and exceed your quota of free "Zaps."
Comentário deixado em 04/01/2020
Jewelle Engels

I can easily move my data around from service to service and make everything play nice together. Me likey. :)

It. Connects. Anything. To. Anything. Else.

Mult-step zaps require an automatic upgrade to a paid account. I get that. I wish maybe there was a volume-based jump into paid, but I can understand their position. The other biggest downside is that some apps and services' integrations are better than others, so the granularity of your data and what you can do with it will vary based on the apps your connecting. This isn't really Zapier's fault (other than maybe requiring more from apps that want to connect to it) but moreso the fault of the app that didn't make their Zapier integration very hardy.
Comentário deixado em 03/31/2020
Mor Whiteleather

Because of Zapier, I've been able to automatically collect event data, donor data, lead data, etc. every day for the last several years. If I had entered this manually it would have cost me dozens of hours. Zapier is invaluable in an arena where thousands of companies need to be able to share data.

Zapier does integration better than any other company I've ever come in contact with. Without their services, I would be losing valuable data all day every day, because almost no one else is doing it, and definitely no one is doing integration as well as they are.

I have found some weird glitches when running integrations between some software. It's such a difficult thing to say that this is Zapier's fault. There are three platforms involved and if one thing is off the data doesn't get sent.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020
Polard Echeverria

I´m happy using Zapier, my team loves it and my clients too. It helps us to automate a lot of tasks and that gives us time and energy that we can advocate on more strategic actions.

It´s a very complete tool. It allows connecting a lot of Apps, so all the assets and platforms on a campaign or funnel are connected. It is very stable, so once you integrate Apps, you can quickly work on other things and let the zaps work for you. Undoubtedly, it is the best way to automate tasks. For us, as a Marketing Agency, is an invaluable tool

When a zap turns off for any reason they don´t give you an immediate notification. You can receive an email 1 or 2 days after, so you need to have a daily eye on your zaps. Also, support is not the best. They could do better with that.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020

Overall, I am pleased with the functionality of Zapier and will continue to use it to automate a majority of tasks. It's a robust platform that saves time and maximizes the functionality of your software.

In my opinion, Zapier is the best web-based provider of API automation and featured a huge library of existing connections. Because of this library, if you want two services to connect, you probably can with Zapier. Building connections with Zapier is also a breeze and are done so in a visually intuitive manner that makes working with an app's API easy for virtually anyone.

There are a few items on my Zapier wishlist. First, I wish that users had the ability to select the type of test data available when developing a zap. Some workflows call for conditional filtering and it's not always possible to test those filters using the test data Zapier makes available. Second and last, there have been a few scenarios where Zapier hasn't been able to parse data as I need it to. In these cases, I've had to resort to using Microsoft Flow which offers some advanced features that Zapier does not, albeit at the cost of a smaller integration library.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020

Amazing. I can't imagine life and work without using this software to automate our tasks. There is never a question now as to whether certain tasks got completed.

My company has a very specific set of tasks to perform daily. With Zapier, we've been able to automate 70% of our daily repetitive tasks. It takes a little getting used to how they set their tasks up, but once you have it figured out, there's almost no limit to what Zapier can accomplish for you. We have been able to send hundreds of thousands of emails automatically without lifting a finger. When the system runs into an issue, it alerts us immediately so we can take action. We would not be where we are today without the functionality and ease-of-use of Zapier. When I have any issues I can't solve, the Zapier team is standing by to help me via person emails to solve the problem correctly the first time without making me feel incompetent. This system has saved us from having to hire an entire IT department. More so, when I DID hire an IT group to help me originally set up, guess what they used? ZAPIER!

The only thing I dislike about Zapier is the initial learning curve in how it works and needs to flow. After that, it's quite easy. I also wish they would save fields when changing tasks- for instance I have a task that needs to run on a trigger and feed into a database, but each month, the database needs to go to a new tab. Even though I change the tab in the task on zapier, I have to re-enter all other data because zapier erases it. Solve that, and this would be a perfect software for me.
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020

We use several SAAS solutions in our day-to-day operations. Zapier is the glue that holds it all together. The automation that we've been able to implement through Zapier is what gives the impression of a slick, unified system. It has allowed us to continue improving by using the best features from a wide array of software to build a customized system that works the way we want it to without having to enlist our own team of developers.

Zapier is exceptionally easy to use. I started by playing around with a few of the hundreds of suggested Zaps, but it didn't take long to get the gist and start building from scratch.

Multi-step Zaps are great, but conditional Zaps would help me stay more organized. Right now, Zapier doesn't offer that so I end up with three separate Zaps that each have a unique filter, rather than one conditional Zap that can route to different steps based on variable input.
Comentário deixado em 03/25/2020

The most amazing part about Zapier is that you can (almost) make any technology stack your own. No more is anyone stuck in one bloated and overpriced marketing tool. Nor do we need to plan out an entire business before getting started. If it links with Zapier, you can probably link everything together at some point. Zapier has literally saved hundreds of hours and I am a very modest user with a small handful of Zaps.

The downside sometimes is the lack of push-pull syncing, i.e. data is triggered and passed in one direction. It'd be great in future to be able to also set up a couple of core apps to sync data between them, for example, keeping a mailing list and CRM in sync with each other. The user interface can also be a pain to try and find out what's possible. It gives you 'recipes' for zaps based on tools you select, but it would be much more intuitive to just be able to select your tools from the dashboard and look at the zap options right from the start, without having to start creating to the Zap to see what can be done.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

Zapier is the popular guy at the party, introducing every piece of SAAS software you might be using to every other piece of software you might ever need. Do you need your CRM to communicate to your mail marketing platform that it should send a welcome email, while at the same time creating a new recurring invoice in your business accounting system? Done. Do you want new calendar invites to trigger a Slack message for your sales team? Done. We've tried testing the limits of what Zapier can do, and we've been surprised at the wide variety of things we've been able to automate for our business and our clients. The pricing on this is solid, and the support is absolutely excellent.

While it can do almost everything you'd ever need, we've found a few tiny edge cases that Zapier struggled with. That said, most of the challenges that we've run into can be worked around.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

I have 2 pieces of software that I LOVE but don't integrate with many third-party apps. However they do integrate with Zapier and Webhooks (which Zapier can work with).

Zapier gives you a way to make all your software work together in harmony.

Zapier can get expensive when you start using it more. You can start with some free zaps, but as you grow so do your needs, which can add up if you're a solopreneur or a small team.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020
Bard Borsellino

Zapier has made my work flow simpler and has saved me time running my business by automating tasks and connecting my individual apps to each other. When you run a news website you use various apps for things, so Zapier has been a lifesaver in terms of helping me connect one app with the other. I've also been able to capture information from one app and put it in another app or a spreadsheet, and it is all automated.

Zapier gives me the functionality I can't get from individual apps alone. It helps connect apps and services, and automates tasks. For example when someone becomes a paid subscriber to my news websites through a platform called Donorbox, Zapier takes the email address they submitted and automatically adds it to Mailchimp.

Sometimes it takes a little work to figure out how to set up the Zapier connection. Sometimes I've used a Zap and realized it wasn't what I was looking for, so I went back and reviewed other Zaps to find the one that would work for me. There are many to choose from.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

Encountering and getting to use Zapier really was an enlightening experience. There have been a lot of occasions on which I run into a wall before I knew about Zaps. Although it might scare of some people on the more sceptical side I must say, I am a convinced and excessive user of Zaps and would recommend anyone who is considering tools to look for Zapier integration and check which additional doors this opens. Definite recommendation.

whenever we evaluate a product for use, be it internally, be it for use with a customer or a team wether or not it is integrated with Zapier has made a great difference. Zapier manages to open the door for many many tools we would not have considered as standalone solutions, but with Zapiers easy and quick integration we are able to combine best-of-breed tools into robust, custom-tailored, specific, effective solutions for scenarios and - most often - also solve side cases in the same run.

The subscription modell of Zapier is sometimes somewhat tricky. Most often it is recommendable to start with a number of Zaps that are free in a certain timeframe. Thex are limited by the latency and overal number they are applicable, lets say per day. Sadly there is no fallback, such as when an experimental Zap really takes off and is required to go live asap I have been debuging for extended ammounts of time before I understood, that latency issues might be caused by my subscription choice. I wouldn't complain about the cost of zaps, as Cost is actually beneficial because it makes you think wether or not a Zap really is worth it or not.
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020
Zannini Gohlke

I solve many problems with this software. I solve me having to put in manual information in spreadsheets. I automate e-mails being sent so I don't forget. So many things I could go on about!

- Available Apps to connect

When I first started the amount of apps and integrations wasn't that many, but that is total opposite now. Don't have many complaints about this software really.
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020
Brubaker Hannon

I have used Zapier to automate lead data entry from third party lead vendors using a mailparser and webhooks to pass data to our marketing automation platform. I have automated processes to parse a daily sales report which then sends texts and emails to solicit customer review feedback. I have a Zap that monitors specific Twitter accounts for key phrases and retweets them when that criteria is met. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Zapier allows me to automate a wide variety of business and communication processes that help save time and money. It is so unassuming, but such a powerful platform to help businesses make giant leaps in process automation. It's value cannot be overstated. If you can imagine a process, there is probably a way to automate it with Zapier.

Sometimes it can take a few tries to noodle through the logic to build a Zap, but it's not that complicated.
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020
Pitts Mrozek

I think my entry about what I like most pretty much sums everything up. Zapier has me integrating and automating all different parts of my life in ways that I never imagined, to the tune of saving me tons of time and money, which are better spent with family!

What's not to LOVE? I love how zapier allows me to integrate applications and information in ways I never dreamed possible. Not only am I saving tons of time at work by automating repetitive tasks, I'm doing all sorts of amazing things in my personal life as well! Zapier helps get my morning started by brewing coffee after my alarm goes off, while my phone reads me my morning weather and news. It makes sure that when my kids act like kids the house doesn't burn down because they forgot to turn something off, and so much more!

None really - I mean SOME of the integrations can get a bit tricky, but once you learn them and how things work it isn't a big deal.
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020

As a lot of companies today, we rely on different cloud services for the everyday operations and Zapier is the glue that sticks them all together. Without Zapier we would spend an alarming amout of time doing manual work that now is delegated to a robot that we pay monthly.

I wish i could give Zapier more than 5 stars in the "Ease of use" category, as it is incredibly easy for anyone to setup the communication between 2 cloud services. On top of that, there are plenty of options to choose from as they support ALL the big names and a lot of small ones.

The pricing scheme could be better. The gap between the professional and the team tears is rough, and the team tear has unlimited users which is one of the best features.
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020
Tuinenga Wasp

Customer service is outstanding. I email them when I'm setting up a zap to make sure i'm doing it in the most efficient way, and if i'm not they suggest an alternative. It connects almost any app or site you can think of (we use it most frequently between Sheets, Hubspot, Manychat). There are so many things you can automate, get ready to get your life back! There are tutorials, suggestions, and hacks all over the place. If you're on the fence, just try it and you won't look back.

It takes all of the boring crappy things that need to get done by hand, and does them via computer magic so you can get on with your life. It is intuitive as all get out, so you can get started without a 60 minute onboarding tutorial.

Some of the functions (row lookup, row creation on Sheets, e.g.) are a little tricky to master out of the gate. That's really it. There should be no other complaints.
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020

We use Zapier throughout my organization, but especially in App Dev and Marketing, where we use it to connect a wide variety of services, such as generating marketing mailers in Postalytics when we add a new deal to Hubspot, or keeping customer data in sync between SAP and our CRM system.

The number of services Zapier supports is staggering, in the neighborhood of 800 web services/apps. This makes integration a simple matter of connecting Zapier to your app (say, Salesforce), creating the necessary triggers and actions (called Zaps) in Zapier -- for example, when creating a contact in Salesforce, add it to Google spreadsheet -- and save the Zap. It's really that simple, and endlessly powerful.

Technically, the product is free, but to get the most out of Zapier you'll probably need the premium version.
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020

Absolutely love this product, as does everyone else I know. It’s the perfect solution to automate all your tasks in a high volume business. Also think it’s a rock solid company, great customer service.

Easy to use for someone not overly technical. Clean UX/ simple/ intuitive/ no bugs/ perfect to handle all my mission critical tasks/ no lag/ rock solid automation tool.

Additional charge for zaps over a certain monthly limit is a bit annoying for a highly seasonal business. Understood from a commercial perspective why you do this, but I’m miles under the limit for 90% of the year, but then blow through the limit in our two peak months.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020
Riella Benwarc

We have an old cart that doesn't have an API integration. So we send our order notifications to mailParser and then use Zapier to connect MailParser to Infusionsoft. I have no idea how we would be getting this data in there otherwise. So. Helpful.

Overall, it's greatest strength is the level of support you get from their team. Every time I have a question, they respond with helpful tutorials, suggestions, advice for ways to make things better, and they help to simplify the complexity of what's possible. I love that everything is possible and that any system can be made to talk with any other system.

I think one of the things I struggle with about Zapier is that everything (literally everything) is possible through their connections. This means that I can do anything I can dream up. I think maybe sometime I'd like to have someone just build out a forest view of what kinds of things other people do with Zapier, so that I can let my mind roam and see what all I think up to do.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020
Haldane Vitan

The overall experience is good. Although overwhelming, and sometimes time-consuming to figure out how to get exactly what I need, Zapier does what it promises. The support team has also been great as well each time I've needed their help.

The amount of options that Zapier has for integrations is astounding. The possibilities really are endless as far as tying multiple apps/services together to perform automated tasks regularly. Their interface also makes it relatively easy to put together the automations so that it's not rocket science.

Its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness in that because there are so many options, it's overwhelming. There are so many things you can do with the integrations that I have often felt like I am not getting nearly as much out of it as I could be. I found myself relying on reading their blog and suggested zaps to see if I get any ideas. Ultimately I'm left with a feeling of "I don't know how to get the most out of this service."
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020

It is the enabler for marketing automations. Marketing Automations and Integrations is the low hanging fruit in marketing today. All involved in digital marketing should learn how to use.

The quantity of possible integrations is huge. With Zapier you can conect a digital campaign with a landing, a landing with a marketing automation flow. The leads generated with a CRM and so on. It is not easy to use, you have to train a lot to be an expert but the customer service when you find a problem or have a question is incredible.

Perhaps the partner program examination is too complex, but once you did it the reward is very high. Using Zapier a marketing agency can make a new revenue stream providing additional services to their customers.
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020

- We haven't had to migrate off to other systems to get them connected, and have been able to pull together an ecosystem of far less expensive platforms, but only with the help of Zapier. What we pay for Zapier is far less than what we would pay if we had to have systems that all "talk" to each other with native integrations. And the Google Sheets integrations are amazing.

- Amazing what you can do to link up platforms that don't have native integrations to talk to each other. If it has a API then Zapier can get you connected.

- Does require some more sophisticated technical skill. I am easily able to use Zapier, but cannot outsource it to a more junior team member. An intermediate understanding of how systems talk to each other via APIs is largely required, unless you are doing something very simple.
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020

For data-driven businesses who use a large number of SaaS products .. or any software with an API really...which is... I would hope all of them... ;) , Zapier is an absolute no-brainer. Never again (when selecting new software to purchase) do we have to worry "Oh, well it doesn't integrate with {{insertOtherSoftwareHere}}, so we can't use it until their dev teams builds it for us". You have full control over what data goes where, how it should be formatted, and all the tools you need to test & optimize that "data transport" over time. Further, the automation possibilities are nearly endless.

1. highly flexible & customizable: if they don't have a pre-built integration with a tool you use, you can easily build your own using their built-in webhook, webhook listeners, and "code" blocks. does require a bit of coding experience, but once you or your team build a few things / experiment & figure it out.. it's an absolute game-changer.

1. pulling in "test data" when building zaps - this is one thing that really annoys me... when you're creating a new Zap, and Zapier is "testing the step" that you just set up, it only pulls the most recent "event" that matches what you're doing. Now, this is OK in most cases, but if you have a zap that needs to handle a few different situations "conditionally" ... then it stinks. for example, say you want to build a zap that sends your sales team an email every-time a Stripe charge of over is processed. Well, if the most recent charge in Stripe (or the most recent 3 or 4, etc.) are all lower than, then your test will fail. That's a very contrived example, but ideally, Zapier would allow you to search through past events for the app that you're trying to "zap from", and CHOOSE the appropriate test event.
Comentário deixado em 01/11/2020
Ylla Ster

I wish we had known about them sooner because we would have used them for so many tools to sync that don't have direct integrations.

Zapier is a poweful third-party integration tool that easily allows you to sync data between apps that may not have a direct integration. The number of apps that they integrate is massive and they do a great job of offering as many data points as possible to integrate.

The process for setting up a Zap can be a bit tricky to get a hang of when first setting it up. Also, there are some apps they have in their system that don't show up when you search for them, so you have to get a unique link from that app.
Comentário deixado em 01/03/2020

We've had an amazing experience switching to Zapier. Our previous vendor disconnected all the time and wasn't great about notifying us, and was considerably more expensive. Zapier is responsive, intuitive and exceeded our expectations. It's really helped us create value for our clients.

I love that Zapier is intuitive to setup and warns us of any disconnections, and has an amazing support staff, all features our previous vendor was seriously lacking. We initially made the switch to Zapier simply to link Facebook Lead Ads to email, but since have utilized many other "zaps" to create workflows for clients that our clients are thrilled about. We've linked Facebook Ads to CRMs and email marketing platforms, text messages, Google Sheets and auto-emails, and we've turned our internal marketing team and SEO and PPC teams onto the service. In my opinion, the best feature of Zapier is the ability to build out entire flows (e.g. Facebook Lead Ads submitted triggers adding it to an email list, updating a CRM and sending a text - you don't just have to choose one feature).

Facebook's API causes Zapier to disconnect frequently, but Zapier is quick to send an email letting us know our Zap isn't functioning correctly, I just wish they would tell us WHY it isn't functioning correctly. The emails should include more details so that we can isolate the particular part of the service that isn't functioning.
Comentário deixado em 12/13/2019
Stearne Leffel

Like I said before, we use Zapier to automate tasks that we would normally have to do manually. Things that used to require extra man power and time are done automatically by integrating your every day apps in Zapier.

Zapier is great at taking the monotony out of your every day tasks and automates them, saving you both time and money. Zapier does this by connecting to your most used apps and triggering actions depending on conditions that you set up yourself.

Sometimes it can be somewhat of a hurdle to set up certain integrations. Also, the integrations will at times stop working and it can be a challenge to nail down the exact cause. Usually the integrations stops working because of api changes with the individual apps, or if there was a password change with a user in the account.
Comentário deixado em 12/09/2019
Vernon Khanchan

Happy with Zapier. If we can automate things without using Zapier, it saves us money, but there are a number of things where Zapier is the only game in town and it gets the job done.

Zapier allows us to sync products together, such as Facebook ads and Google Sheets, and to automate many tasks that would otherwise be manual, tedious, and prone to human error.

When dealing with high volume, the costs can rack up, but generally, it's a good value for the price.
Comentário deixado em 12/04/2019

A great way to make otherwise disconnected apps work together in innovative, efficient ways. Helps us run our business with less hands-on time devoted to busywork.

Zapier is a total lifesaver for our automated marketing system, which uses multiple tools--an event registration platform for live events, a shopping cart tool for digital products, another tool for digital course delivery, and a separate CRM/email management tool. Zapier allows us to easily and automatically connect all of those tools, so that a transaction in one automatically creates the user accounts and updates each of the others. The deep logic tools are amazing, allowing you to get as specific and detailed as you want in the automation. It saves hours and hours of time.

There is something of a learning curve, particularly when you're getting into complex logic trains and automation funnels. But once you understand the logic, it works like magic and saves a lot of headache.
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2019

Data organization into a Google Sheet is the function I use with Zapier. It allows my users to see the data in a sheet rather than a raw format through WordPress. Zapier appears to do much more, but this is all I have used it for to this date.

It solved the problem of converting entries from my Wordpress site into a Google Sheets form that my users can access. Prior to needing Zapier I used a Google Form which automatically sends data to the Sheet, but since I converted to a more custom form for orders, we still wanted to use Google Sheets to compile all the data. Zapier was the best option for this process.

I only need Zapier for a small function, but I am paying for much more services than needed. So the cost is a bit high for such a limited usage of the software.
Comentário deixado em 11/26/2019

Support was very good - and honest - when we uncovered the bug of some of the Slack functionality not working. It's an easy tool to use - I had set up 4 Zaps without a problem and I am not a technical person.

It's really easy to connect the apps we use to facilitate the exchange of data and increase the functionality of our core applications. An example - we use Ringcentral for phone service and messaging. We realized that as we increase the use of SMS messaging we were "working in silos" not knowing what each other was texting to a customer. We were able to "share text messages" by setting up a Zapier that copied all of the text messages into slack so the entire team could read them. Simple and effective. No programming.

Zapier had some functions , such as retrieving a new file received in Slack, that do not work. I have been in contact with support, they acknowledge the bug, but will not give an estimate to when it will be fixed. This major flaw has forced us to look at Zapier alternatives to meet our needs.
Comentário deixado em 11/12/2019

Zapier saves tons of time for marketing automation and I have been able to realize through it different customer requirements regarding connection between different lead generation tools on customer websites.

This is one of my favorite tools for the past 2+ years. Have been using it on multiple marketing automation projects, to create a smooth automation experience between different tools.

Sometimes there are errors displayed that are not 100% easy to trace.. like connecting Facebook lead ads and not being able to find lead access issues for your account during the test period.
Comentário deixado em 10/31/2019

Zapier is an automation powerhouse and I'm electrifying my daily work through zaps to make them more effective. I will say go through the tool, explore the killing apps and integration and then relax as it will reduce your managing pains.

Before 5 years I was always thinking of something like this and then for a couple of years I got to know about this tool and life become so easy, I can automate almost anything, I use it to capture leads, auto-post social media posts, automate updates, reminders and dozens of such things.

There are no cons to pop out it is indeed an amazing tool and the hard work of team is worth therefore they made great automation paid. I remember I used this for capturing Facebook leads to my Google Sheets it was so easy to set up everything and check out the free trial, then I ended up with a paid version.
Comentário deixado em 10/08/2019
Joseph Barvosa

Zapier has been a great product to use. The "Zaps" you can setup reply help save time. Right now I use it to automate our workflow for incoming marketing requests. Requests come in through a Google Form that synched the data input into a Google sheet form. Zapier takes all new data rows and parses them into an approval request e-mail, Trello board item, and a current project doc Google Sheet.

Zapier added extra functionality to existing software and apps we were already onboarded with and saved us time by streamlining our workflow.

There is a bit of a learning curve between setting up automation and testing it, in some cases it's difficult to determine where the error is.
Comentário deixado em 08/02/2019

We use Zapier in a number of different ways at our Company. We use it to pipe notifications from Gmail and Google Sheets into slack, we use it to transfer data from Google Sheets into our CRM system and we have clients that use it to import leads from their other systems into our CRM. I like this product for the first use case. It's pretty reliable with notifying our channels through slack, which is has been a big operational gain for our internal teams.

We have not seen the same reliability when using it in other ways. It's not very user friendly and quite limited on the number of tasks and Zaps it can support. When we've reached out to their Support Team, we've received canned answers that don't really address the issues we're facing in trying to utilize their product as a solution. Our clients often have a lot of trouble using the product as well due to it's more technical nature.
Comentário deixado em 08/02/2019

Its absolutely fantastic! It has saved me so much time over the last few months. I recommend it often to a lot of people.

The best thing about Zapier is that it integrates with a ton of softwares I use (everything from Google docs to Outlook). And you can create your own integrations if you need too as well. Once you set it up and get it running it is incredibly useful and works with almost no input required. It has saved me so much time over the last year on tasks that were easily automated. It also has really great documentation available online so if you spend a little time with it (which is worth investing) you can save a lot of time in the future. Tiny stuff that you would normally do manually (everything from moving data between apps to extracting input from forms) can then just be done automatically.

Getting started can be daunting. It will take time to set things up and you have to be prepared for some trial and error. In my opinion that time is well worth investing but if the tasks you automate arent that big, it may be different for you.
Comentário deixado em 07/26/2019
Brinson Faux

Zapier has helped us dramatically reduce day to day tasks. We have automated repetitive task such as archiving, keeping logs and following social media.

+ Facilidade de uso

- Some times it doesn't work without any warning. You just find out after you notice the end problem
Comentário deixado em 07/25/2019
Gollin Misuraca

We use Zapier internally to automate our own processes and also use it to build integrations for our clients. Our experience has been excellent and continues to improve as we learn of new Zapier functionality.

Zapier can make almost any task more time and cost-efficient, and generally setting up a zap can be done by a lay-person in less than an hour. The UI is simple and intuitive, and it feels like they roll out new actions and tools monthly. Almost anything we imagine we'd like Zapier to do we find out they already can do, we just didn't realize it.

Currently, Zapier only offers message-based support, so no phone and no interactive chat. You basically send your message and wait for a response which can take a couple of days. The upside is that their support help center is loaded and well laid-out and I've rarely had issues that require support, but still, when I have a problem I'd like to be able to talk to someone and get it resolved ASAP.
Comentário deixado em 06/24/2019

Zapier has allowed us to automate several tasks across different tools we use on a daily basis. You can connect Gmail, Trello, Google Sheets, Google Forms, and a host of other commonly used web apps in order to create automated work streams that save us a lot of time. The software is easy and intuitive to use and does not require any programming skills to use.

There is not much I don't like about Zapier. I highly recommend it to people trying to connect their favorite web apps.
Comentário deixado em 06/17/2019

We have implemented all transactional notifications to users (welcome emails, completed order emails and SMS messages, among others), and also creation and management of support tickets, all within the same platform and workflow.

Zapier is one of the easier ways to get things done in business tools and platforms without having to roam around in APIs or so. I like the way it enables tools to create their own connectors and integrations, and also allows some more advanced usage cases such as API calls and creating a code (JS or Python) snippet. If you use a lot of SaaS in your business, then Zapier is a must!

It is not always straightforward to see if the costs apply to you. In some cases, it will probably cheaper in the long run to pay a developer to create some sort of integration. Also, task consume can go up really fast depending on what you require (for example, simply formatting words and numbers) takes tasks out of your quota.
Comentário deixado em 05/18/2019

Any business which uses more than one platform needs Zapier. It connects to nearly everything (need to show your Zendesk tickets or remind you of your Asana task in Zendesk?) and can make you life infinitely easier. If you need to connect something, you need Zapier. Period.

The sheer amount of platforms/software/services it has is mind boggling. You can see the magic happen right away once you start using it and connecting platforms to it. Add to that its really detailed documentations about finding API’s and app names, this is one of the best thing Internet has even seen. The free version is actually enough for most of the common software and zaps! but the premium version really does take it to another level.

Nothing major apart from a few glitches here and there. And most of them were third-party like API overuse or connection issue.
Comentário deixado em 04/30/2019

Overall Zapier has brought the fun back, and the mundane and repetitive tasks like email parsing and automation tasks like simply putting a list of event attendees in a Spreadsheet are now effortless and at my fingertips. By using Zapier I have reduced the number of hours needed on the administrative side that every digital agency has to take care and also the number of people needed to fulfill the tasks (and their mistakes).

If you are developing an app that consumes an API Zapier opens the way to any possible integration out there. No more "I like this software but won't integrate with what we already have". With Zapier you can be going in a finger snap, moreover, you can develop your own integration if they don't have the one you need. With a webhook, a webhook listener and custom code (you will find it easy if you are Node.js-savvy) you can build any possible integration if your needs are not covered by the myriad of the already existing ones. Zapier has brought the fun back into my work, my apps can talk to each other without any data inconsistency. Zapier is a must if you really want to go data-driven or if you want to save countless hours automating your office paperwork, their email parser is just awesome. Get the most important information from your list and store, process and send the data to any of your favorite apps. Unexpectedly I have found many great apps by searching their integration lists. I found that the Zapier-ready apps are way above the standards on their niche.

Sometimes the integrations are really shallow, the Triggers and Actions are often really limited. It's a bit annoying when you find an already existing connection like the one you need but you don't have the trigger or action needed. Another annoyance is the Test data pulled by Zapier, often Zapier pulls the most recent information and in cases that data can be useless due to an error on your side, you will want another batch of data or ordered differently but that is not always possible.
Comentário deixado em 04/23/2019

I am thankful for having a solution that saves so much of my time. In a world of complexity, something that gives you the opportunity to use most of your time for that really matters is something to be highly grateful for, honestly.

Time is a nonrenewable resource, and I believe that the Zapier team understands that well, as this is a one-of-a-kind (OK, there's IFTTT but it's a bit different) solution that connects to a large number of well-known apps. Set up cards, reminders, information, reports, all sorts of things automatically. And it's quite easy to use.

As much as I appreciate its usefulness and acknowledge that such a service has an enormous value, I still think it's a bit pricey. It's not affordable for those who just need some 200 actions a month (and even for the ones who need more, it seems to me that they've exaggerated on those numbers a bit, perhaps for the sake of being sort of unique in the market). I'd suggest a "pay-as-you-go" plan as an alternative. Apart from that, there isn't much what to say.
Comentário deixado em 04/21/2019

I love how this software can create and trigger events between different software applications. I have this set up to automate a handful of processes in my business. One might think that only large businesses can afford to creat automation within their organization, but Zapier is making so that the average person can set this up in their own operations. There is so much more I want to learn to do with Zapier. It's nice to be able to set something up once, and then it continues to work for me with little or no maintenance after.

The thing I don't like about this software is that it's giving me serious FOMO about things that I know I could be doing with Zaper if I only knew how to use it better. I can see that Zaper has a lot of options and additional ways that I can help my currrent business operations, but it's kind of tough to get things set up the first time. Also, I will find that I spend a lot of time setting something up, and then I forget how I did it. If I ever need to go back and make edits, then I have forgotten the steps that I took at the beginning to set it up. It causes me to have to learn from the beginning about how I originally set this up.
Comentário deixado em 04/05/2019
Iorio Bustle

Zapier not only solves my business problems by helping me and my team connect databases, automate email lists, and interface with our different project management softwares - but there is unlimited potential to make my personal life easier and more efficient as well. All I need is more time to think through creative application of this incredibly versatile platform.

With Zapier, all the things you wish you could do in the digital space are now possible. The whole world is your oyster! Connect a database to an email list to automate event registration? Check. Trigger an automatic saving of documents emailed to me. No problem! Make all my various note-taking apps talk to each other so I don't frustrate myself searching for a note that doesn't exist where I'm looking. Thank goodness. The only limit to your usage of Zapier is your own creative imagination. It truly is the glue of the Internet. All you need to do is figure out how to use it well to solve your most common digital problems.

The sky's the limit when it comes to Zapier- and for some, that is the problem. You've gotten so used to inefficient manual processes it seems too good to be true that there is a better way right at your fingertips. First, you have detox from the assumption that xyz is not possible. That's the first thing that is holding you back. Then you need a limited amount of technical skill to set up the zap (click here, then click there) and you're done! There's no cons in my book. (Except not knowing how to correctly pronounce the name of the software. Is it zay-pea-air or zaaa-pea-air??)
Comentário deixado em 03/25/2019
Tailor Dickman

Zapier has become the standard for connecting one piece of software to another, as it allows users to quickly and painlessly integrate hundreds of hundreds of APIs. Doing so allows non-developers to create advanced automations and integrations between just about anything. With a little creativity, you can accomplish some really awesome stuff. For my organization, Zapier has saved us thousands of dollars on upgrades for existing or new software because our ability to quickly develop work arounds with Zapier.

While Zapier is amazing - it does have some real limitations and will never be a replacement for enterprise level software that needs full access to APIs. You are at the mercy of the triggers and actions available to you - and up until recently, complex conditional logic wasn't possible. Their path solutions is helpful, but clunky and difficult to you, particular if you are a developer who just wants to quick say if this then that and are accustomed to doing so in a couple of lines of code.
Comentário deixado em 03/19/2019

Zaps have allowed me to automate responses to forms being filled out on my website, connect information from one app to another so that things don't fall through the cracks, and improve my communication with clients. I always feel like there are additional things I should be using Zapier for and enjoy browsing their suggestions to find useful solutions for me.

Zapier is a fantastic way to take information or "events" that happen in one piece of software and share them with a completely different piece of software. The thousands of available apps challenge your imagination to come up with new ways to automate all the things! But they also have a selection of commonly used "zaps" that can get you started in a hurry.

The issues are not usually with Zapier, but with the limitations of the apps it is connecting.
Comentário deixado em 02/05/2019

I have been using zapier for about 3 years to automate my own business as well as my client's. It helps me connect all the programs that I want to work with each-other without having to worry about whether or not it has a native integration. Their customer support is the best around and I love that they are always pushing to do more. New options and integrations come out all the time!

I use zapier literally every day to connect the different pieces of my business together. The best part of it is that it works with most of the major programs that you use day to day in your business, and most of those connections are FREE! If there is a way to make your day easier or more quick, zapier probably can make it happen. It is so easy to use and walks you right though the process of setting it up every time. I like to just go in and see what is possible sometimes with the different applications that I use because you never know what you could be automating!

At a larger business level zapier can get a little expensive, but honestly it is worth it.
Comentário deixado em 02/01/2019
Jehias Gadomski

I am very impressed and I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in automating any part of their work flow to definitely check it out. You can get started for free and then scale up if you need to.

It has saved me a ton of repetitive boring work that I used to do manually earlier. Zapier lets you build workflows to automate tasks. And it integrates with pretty much every tool that I use. It was really simple to create a "Zap" that moved data from one app to another. It is a really powerful tool but it has a nice easy learning curve. You can start small and then build more complex zaps based on your needs. It is also really well priced. The free version should do fine for most small and medium businesses and even the paid version is very reasonably priced. Its one of those softwares that once you start using you just cant go back to not having it.

Not much to dislike. Its great. The initial set up can be a little daunting if you arent very tech savvy but trust me, it is easier than it looks.
Comentário deixado em 12/31/2018

My favorite Zap I have set up was very basic but has been extremely helpful. I automated a notification from Google Drive whenever a new file was placed in a specific folder, saving my co-worker placing the file from needing to email or message me every time they did it. Although I explored widely before setting up the Zap, there was no way to receive a notification directly from Google for this particular task, so we were definitely excited to have this automated for us. Although there may be functionality in Google Drive for it at this point, I still have the Zap in place because it works so well for us!

I love that the focus of Zapier is to look at smart connections between different software to see how they can perform most logically together. The possibilities are endless really (as they keep adding new software and functions!) as to how you can set up "Zaps" to do small tasks for you.

Sometimes it is a little difficult to actually set up the Zaps. It can be a little tricky to figure out the best method, although Zapier will have a number of suggested tasks that you can choose to use as a base. Also, occasionally the software you are trying to connect does not want to cooperate with Zapier the way it should.
Comentário deixado em 12/14/2018

Love, love Zapier. You can really set it and forget it, and you're done. But if you do want to look back into the Task History, it's there waiting and super simple to search for things.

I am a huge fan of Zapier. I have recommended it to countless friends looking for a connector platform like this. It eliminates the need to learn and connect various APIs and makes things super simple. I love the Zapbook which lets you get ideas of what new things you can automate, which you might not have even realized you would need to automate. I have it implemented for my own tasks, and I also administer accounts for 2 other friends' businesses. All together, about 50,000 tasks are processed each month and the success rate is near 100%. Almost never is it a Zapier issue, it is usually one of the connected apps that runs into an issue, if anything.

I have essentially no complaints about Zapier.
Comentário deixado em 12/13/2018

Zapier allows for over a thousand apps to be integrated together so that users can automate workflow functions. This is a huge time saver for highly active software users, such as sales personnel, and even more so for project managers, marketing directors, etc. This software even helps boost efficiency in simple administrative level task work, like tracking email campaigns beyond the standard metrics that are inherent within your mail service features. It has amazing compatibility with tools millions of folks use daily, like Gmail, Facebook, Slack, Trello, etc. What's really cool is that it is useful for both personal or business level functions, because the primary purpose is to perform mundane or repetitive app-based tasks for you, on a pre-set "zap" and spare you the time spent on doing so. I value Zapier just as much for its effectiveness on social media apps, like LinkedIn, as I do for its versatility within work-related apps, like Slack. Never realized how much time could be saved by not having to "sweat the small stuff" until I discovered this software. It is a very effective and useful tool!

- Lots of integration possibilities

No real "cons" to report at this point, honestly.
Comentário deixado em 11/15/2018
Moreen Esmurria

We use Zapier to automate several processes and hand off tasks between users. Within Slack I use the integration to add starred message as tasks in Todoist - this allows me to quickly and easily flag messages/questions as tasks when I am off the clock and have a reminder to follow up when I'm back at work without needing to re-read the prior evening's messages. We also use it to push scheduled events between calendaring platforms - currently we are an Office365 organization, but some systems we use need to link to Google calendars. Through Zapier I have it push any events created in Outlook/Office 365 over to Google. It is only one way, but that is enough for our needs and avoids human error/oversight in keeping two calendar systems in sync.

I like that Zapier gives you a decent level of control (not too many variables or too few options), and integrates easily and most importantly reliably with the other systems and platforms that I use.

I don't have any complaints really, it can take a few more clicks to set something up than what is possible using IFTTT but the more granular control and overall reliability more than make up for that.
Comentário deixado em 11/14/2018

Overall, we've had a great experience with Zapier. As a small company, any time saved by automating manual tasks is incredibly valuable, and Zapier has saved us hours upon hours of time by automatically moving new files from one location to another, automatically updating spreadsheets upon form submissions, automatically tweeting something following a new blog post, and lots more. I've personally used Zapier for almost 6 years now and I've found it to be incredibly valuable.

Zapier's two most powerful attributes are the platform's ease of use, combined with the number of products & services they've integrated. Zapier's workflow for creating "zaps" (automations) is incredibly intuitive; you start with the "trigger" step, then end with the "action" step. Given the number of services that they've integrated with, the possible combinations are almost endless. We've used Zapier to automate a number of tasks & workflows at our organization, and it's saved us a tremendous amount of time.

Zapier's mission to integrate as many different services as possible has added a tremendous amount of value to their offering, however a side effect of this strategy is that occasionally, some of their integrations can be rather shallow. In other words, for products and services that aren't used by a significantly large number of users, Zapier might only offer 3 "trigger" options out of a possible 5, which can be very problematic if you need one of those missing two triggers in order to start your workflow.
Comentário deixado em 10/18/2018
Rashidi Angol

It is saving a ton of time for our team. We automated a bunch of tasks using this and connected three of our most frequently used apps.

My team loved how easy it was to automate actions we performed daily using Zapier. It also connects to almost every tool we use (including Google Docs) and that let us create a bunch of hooks relatively quickly. If you have different business apps that feed into each other I really cannot recommend this enough. Most popular apps have "connectors" that will work out of the box so you dont need an engineering team to get this working. You can also chain together events that will even let you incorporate more services. I would recommend trying out the free version. That wont be enough to make your entire team productive using this but it is enough to give you a clear idea of whether this is something you should invest time and money in.

Sometimes it missed some of our triggers and we couldnt figure out why. We just rebuilt it and retried and it worked fine after that but thats not something you want to be doing frequently. Also using folders is kinda messy.
Comentário deixado em 10/11/2018
Cherianne Hutchinson

Zapier is pretty great! It's the best software we've used to connect other software together. For example, we run an educational program. Zapier allows us to have an application for the program in Jotform send the completed application into a card on Trello. At the same time, it's submitting an email address from the application into a New Student list in MailChimp. It hooks up to QBO so you can record payments, it hooks up to Google Drive so you can keep records of submissions. And putting the Zaps together is REALLY easy! You pick one software you want to take from, get it all logged in and connected, then you pick another software to send to, pick what you want to have sent, and click, it's live! You can have 5 Zaps for free, or spend a little money and get more.

There's been a couple times when I update the Zap with a new Trello board to send to or a new Jotform to take from, and it misses the first or second submission. Just an occasional glitch. But not bad. Easy to remedy. Some of the software is only able to be connected if you pay for Zapier, like QBO. Also, there is only so much they can do between the different software. But honestly, the options that they do have are pretty extensive. You won't regret using Zapier.
Comentário deixado em 10/08/2018
Kane Luehrs

We use it exclusively for improving the workflow of our dev team by automating simple tasks to stay focused on production and not project management.

I did not realize how much time was wasted throughout the week assigning tasks to my coworkers until I had Zapier automate it for me. For example, on GitHub, when one of my developers or I post an issue or merge request, we have Zapier set up to automatically create a task within Asana which in turn posts to the appropriate Slack channel. I know that seems like a seemingly small thing to have automated, but when you have a tight-knit team, streamlining our workflow is crucial to productivity. That was just one example of how Zapier can improve your workflow, if you're on the fence about trying the product, there is a free option that you can use to play around with. Chances are you'll love it!

I haven't run into this issue, but you might run into the issue where the program you would like automated isn't supported by Zapier. But they have a pretty large list of compatible apps that seems to grow all the time.
Comentário deixado em 09/27/2018
Vassar Arnwine

Saves me time and money!

The title says it all. Zapier is a life saver (well, at least a HUGE time saver). Zapier connects hundreds of the apps businesses use every day and automates workflows quickly. Zapier can be as complex as you'd like it to be, and can be useful for API developers to connect apps through their platform. Zapier can also be ridiculously simple. So simple, I say, I think my grandma could set up a Zap. Their interface guides you through creating all the links and steps to automate tasks. It is also very reasonably priced considering the time it saves me. At the moment, I estimate that Zapier is doing the work of TWO FULL TIME EMPLOYEES for me.

Sometimes it can be buggy, especially when building big, complex Zaps between a few apps. This is excusable, in my opinion, because it always works in the end even if making a successful Zap takes a few tries.
Comentário deixado em 09/12/2018

Automating calls from Marketing Automation software and tying up timelines in Google Analytics is really powerful. Creating Google Sheets of logs from API calls, that can be reviewed/analysed monthly

The interface is really intuitive, and the way the Zaps (API calls) interact with each other is flawless - if there is ever a data problem, it always lies with one of the in-out APIs rather than with Zapier. The feature that allows you to modify data in between the input and output stages is super-powerful, using RegEx and Boolean qualifiers.

The capability of Zapier is limited by the information that the input/output APIs supply, and sometimes those limits mean that a much heralded connection between two APIs is not as great as it sounds, although this is not really Zapier's fault.
Comentário deixado em 08/12/2018
Latham Mckechnie

One thing we use it for is for form actions. So, if user fills a form, something else happens. If a user fills say, a form that they want private training, it should get emailed to a specific person to follow up. What's neat about Zapier is if you want them to email that request to a specific person, then put them on a email workflow within your email platform, that sends follow-up emails. Which then also sends them to your SMS platform so you can follow up via text messages.

Zapier is a great tool to hook up two pieces of software and have it communicate with each other. I can quickly deploy a zapier solution that used to require me to write a lot of code. I can tell my non-techie team to use zapier instead of harassing the dev team. It's been a huge time saver.

Maybe I'm an edge case, but I frequently find two pieces of software that I use that need to communicate in a specific way, and there's no way to do that in Zapier. It's as if they look for the most basic application. As a developer, I am able to look at the api docs, spend an hour or two connecting the dots and testing, and it works. Which begs the question - why can I do it and Zapier cannot? And if I wasn't a developer, how many people need these features and they aren't getting it?
Comentário deixado em 07/31/2018

Zapier is one of my most favorite Software tools. It does so much on my work like you're automating every possible trigger. You won't need to manually input, check and launch a certain software.

One of the cons I see whenever I use Zapier is the insurmountable amount of possibilities you can use to Automate. It's kind of overwhelming at first because like I said, it has too many triggers, actions, etc. but with the right amount of experience or you used their Free plan to familiarize their Software, you will never be overwhelmed again, in fact, you will enjoy choosing what other actions you can use on Zapier.
Comentário deixado em 06/08/2018

It optimizes business tasks and helps us run a more efficient business. We always recommend it to our customers depending on ways they need to take our data and use it. So we've integrated it into our business offering and always recommend it to our customers.

I like how easy it is to get started and to program (Zap) a process you would like to automate. Example as a lead from your CRM comes in then send Google Analytics a goal conversion or put it in a spreadsheet. I like also how you can do some pretty complex transformation and actions on the data being passed from one app to the next one. It's helped our business streamline and cut the time it took to do mundane tasks, we pay for it because it is so helpful.

Testing can sometimes be difficult depending on what app or action you are trying to set up. The app allows you to test things but sometimes you don't always know what went through or why a zap didn't work.
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Ailbert Kama

Hours saved on productivity weekly. Allows automation of most simple tasks and if you have a notification system set up in Slack then it allows you constantly keep track of the heartbeat of your business. Simply awesome.

Where do I even start. Using Zapier feels like building lego as a kid, only this time it's for productivity reasons and the more you understand it, the crazier you can get. When I select a new software to integrate into the business, having Zapier is a key requirement due to our reliance on it.

Can be a little finicky in set up, however I realize this may be an issue with the 3rd party's API rather than Zapier itself. Once it's set up it usually works fine and alerts you if there are any errors.
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Shirk Fausnaught

Zaps help automate data flow from one software package to another, reducing the amount of redundant manual data entry.

I love that Zapier can automate data integration between the several software packages that I use as a small business owner (QBO, Shopify, Zoho, etc.).

I've had Zaps suddenly stop working (after functioning properly for months) for no discernible reason. Worse, customer service is woefully inadequate. You can't actually speak to anyone and walk through the issue and how to fix it. Instead, you're confined to sending an email -- wait for a reply -- see if the reply is helpful -- if not, send a second email and wait -- get a reply with advice that may or may not solve the problem -- try the suggested fix -- if it doesn't work (which it often doesn't), start the whole process over again. I currently have a Zap that hasn't been working for 4 months, and I have tried everything I can think of to fix it without success. The advice I've received doesn't help, and there is no way to actually work WITH someone to walk through potential solutions until it's resolved. As a result, I am not getting the benefit of having customers in QBO automatically set up in Zoho -- which means I'm not getting the benefit of sending those customers automated email campaigns. Extremely frustrating.
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Decrease in errors from inside and outside of the company on paperwork

There are almost too may pros to mention. Office automation in my number one requirement and Zapier makes it easy and fast. All of my software can now "talk" to each other to handle tedious and time consuming tasks.

Some of the multi step process are not intuitive to create. Support is very helpful but I feel there might need a small interface update that could make it easier to understand.
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Berrie Drainer

Time spent sharing data from one system to another. It also makes it easy for us to aggregate data into a central location, making reporting more accessible to individuals who don't have access to all of our systems company wide. It has also helped us save time when managing tasks that need to be done, so that information stays up-to-date across multiple platforms.

I love how easy it is to create a Zap. I can move data from one system to another and all of the work is done on the back end. This has allowed our teams to collaborate more efficiently, as well as turn data into a visual process. For example, some form entries are turned into cards on Trello where we can visually track the progress to completion for specific tasks. Zapier provides lots of pre-built Zaps, and it is fairly straight forward to create Zaps for almost any system a company would use. This tool has saved me and my team a LOT of time.

Sometimes it can take a while to map out the fields from one system to another. You have to select which column header to use in a Google doc when you are having a Zap dump data into a Google Worksheet. That drop down list can get quite unwieldy, especially because the full length of the column header won't show up in Zapier. Also, if the column headers were alphabetized it would be easier to find the header you are looking for or aligned in the same order as the worksheet I am syncing them over to.
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We're automating much of our infrastructure with Zapier. Without it, we'd need a bunch of custom cloud servers running to connect all of our APIs together.

Connects just about anything to just about anything else. Nearly every piece of software we use that allows some sort of external connectivity is supported in some way by Zapier. We're doing things that would have required hours, days, or weeks of implementation time, and we're doing them within a few minutes thanks to Zapier.

Many of the integrations are a bit too limited or seem to be built in ways that require more zaps than I would prefer. For example, many integrations with project-based services (For example, GitHub or BugHerd) work on a single project, meaning you need to maintain zaps for all active projects. Some triggers that would be really useful are seemingly missing, requiring workarounds or extra integrations with even more services. Zapier's Email Parser is a great service, but isn't very accurate in my experience, though there are other services which perform the same functionality and integrate with Zapier.
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If you haven't found or heard about Zapier, then you need to stop reading this and google it right away. Zapier is a Software As A Service (SAAS) company that connects other SAAS systems together. You create recipes for what should happen when a certain event occurs. For example; say you've got a mailing list through Mail Chimp and you want to create a way for emails to automatically send when someone adds a new row to a Google Sheet. Zapier is the magic that makes this happen. You create a Zap that watches for new rows in your Google Sheet; when Zapier detects a new row it gathers the data from that row and channels it to Mail Chip... where it populates the email you want and sends it off to the mailing list you've designated.

The simplicity of use! If you were to consider exactly what Zapier is doing for you... creating a system to do just that would take DAYS to create!!! Zapier allows you to create that system in under and hour (depending on the level of complexity you wish to get into).

I've yet to come across a con really....

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