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Zenefits is a SaaS cloud-based HR platform that helps small and mid-sized companies empower their workforce, manage change and stay compliant. Zenefits' People Platform delivers the most comprehensive, intuitive HR experience in the market. Its HR, Benefits, Payroll and Performance apps combine with advisory services and integrated partner apps to radically simplify HR administration reducing paperwork and complexity so companies can focus on starting, running and growing their businesses.
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Zenefits does a great job of providing a platform that works to fill the holes in a small business. Their compliance tools are some of my favorite.

When Zenefits transitioned to a third party benefits administrator, there was no communication to our company. The only way we knew there was a change was because the benefits admin reached out to us! The same thing happened when they switched us to a third party for COBRA administration. We found out because we were trying to solve a COBRA problem with Zenefits & halfway to the resolution the Zenefits team member let me know that they were no longer our admin. It was very frustrating.
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Feinstein Scarola

I regret doing business with them. Even though I knew I was signing a year contract, and after many attempts at getting our taxes properly filed I felt I had enough valid issues and things we had been promised that they did not follow through on but they refused to let us out of our contract. We ended up switching mid year [which is not ideal] to another vendor and we had to pay the remainder of our contract to Zenefits even though we didn't use them for the last 8 months. Even the tax issues that we were still dealing with months later it was really difficult to find an email address to send to support to get our tax issue fixed - once you tell them you don't want to process your payroll through them they cut you off and you can't call the fake number either. It's been horrible and I am OVERJOYED THAT WE NO LONGER HAVE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. The only reason I left the vendor BEFORE them was because we had outgrown them, we needed more features and functionality than they could provide. We have since moved on to better.

Very little. We signed a year contract, and switched after 4 months because we had so many legal and tax issues that they caused.

1. The set up process was a nightmare - it took weeks because the system kept saying a certain part was done and a week later I would get an URGENT email that that part still had to be completed. 2. Several items I was guaranteed at sign up - and I have in writing - for pricing and functionality, were later denied to us. Providing proof of what we were told provided no further help.
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That it helps manage HR stuff - but there are others out there that actually may have a Customer Service Department.

Zenefits has a slick sales process, however, once you sign, you are on your own. The set up process was a nightmare for us and took almost 4 months before we could run our first payroll. Four months. Once we ran that payroll, we have literally been on our own. There is ZERO customer service in this company. If you have a payroll question, forget it. Recently we were assigned a Customer Success Manager who literally takes 2 weeks to respond to an email and then tells us we need to email Customer Service. It unreal to be paying this expensive service and not be able to get support when running a payroll or needing something related to taxes. Stay away. I can only assume they are more interested in larger companies. The platform is pretty basic and does not have the flexibility to truly work for any kind of company that has both FT exempt staff and PT non-exempt. I feel like everything I asked about I was told would work and then I found out after signing that, well, no it really does accommodate what we need. Very disappointed with this company and regret doing business with them. by Zenefits on 26/02/2020 Hi Laura,
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Monafo Richison

I have used Capterra in my research to find different software products and have found it to be very helpful.

I like that all documents for employees can be found in one place. New hire documents, performance reviews and disciplinary actions can be accessed quickly. We also are able to keep copies of our policy manuals and employee handbooks on Zenefits for easy access by our employees.

The Zenefits platform was free to use as long as we named them as our agent of record for our healthcare benefits. Then, Zenefits changed their pricing structure about a year after we started using them. They started charging for some features that were previously free, such as ACA reporting, which was a big part of our decision to go with them to begin with. They also limited the reports we could create.
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Boorer Mauch

There is so much to love - ease of configuration, plug and play functionality, instantaneous user access, complete control of documents, transparency to users, intuitive and consistent interfaces - the back-end touches that make this system so simple to use. New hires consistently comment on the simplicity of their onboarding and the professional appearance of the documents and emails they receive through Zenefits.

I haven't found anything that I don't like or that I like less than something else. I have always been pleased with the changes and improvements made and have always received great customer service in a timely manner.
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Slosberg Willitzer

The efficiency of Zenefits when it comes to onboarding is a huge timesaver. We're able to send employees key information they need before and after they start working with us with no manual work. I cut down on a few hours of work per week with this feature!

Zenefits is super simple to learn how to use, both for Admins and for Employees. My employees love being able to use the software for benefits enrollment, time off, and other requests. It's easy to teach someone how to use it because honestly, I don't really have to--the interface is really simple and easy to understand. Saves me a ton of time as an HR professional!

The Time Off reporting could be more robust, but this will come with time. As our company grows we're looking to pull more quick reports on PTO accrual and other balances, and some of the values we're looking for aren't readily available. There have been some changes in this area though, so the developers recognize how the system should be improved.
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Shepard Lezon

Whenever I've had questions, Zenefits has always been quick to respond. Everyone I've spoken to has been rather pleasant.!

We use the free stuff and have been very impressed. I used to maintain paper employee files, but almost everything I wanted in those paper files is much easier to document in Zenefits. I also really like the health benefits administration and COBRA administration. Once the system is set up, most of the communication demands are done automatically within the system. Our employees also like that they're able to use Zenefits to make elections at open enrollment and review those elections whenever they want to.

I'd like to be able to eventually be able to use Zenefits for time and attendance and for payroll because the platform is simple and intuitive and because our employees would really like the integration with their existing Zenefits accounts. The price for us, however, is not competitive enough with our standard Quickbooks system to justify the switch.
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I like the fully integrated HR solution Zenefits provides from onboarding to time off, time and attendance, and payroll. As our company has grown, so have our needs, and Zenefit's offerings have been just what we needed each step of the way. Payroll is so simple and quick.

It closes me out after too short an amount of time. I don't have a way to put associates on leave of absence, so I have to manually adjust time off accruals. I wish the time off information was only presented in hours, never in days. Our team works 10 or 13.3 hour days, so an 8 hour day is irrelevant in our world and causes confusion. We offer a SIMPLE IRA. I wish there was an easier way to capture an associate's contribution information than having to create custom fields.
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The ease of use for both employee and administrator is fantastic. New hires report an extremely pleasant onboarding experience through the platform.

Document storage doesn't work well for our use case. As a law firm, we have significant needs in this area and the current system is inadequate and cumbersome. Our need is greater than the typical use case.
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It's the main HR hub for me. I was able to scrap 90% of my spreadsheets AND paper files once we made the switch. It's easy to use for both admin and employees, and their features are ever-expanding.

I'd be hard-pressed to find much that I do not like, but if I had to choose, I would say I'd like to add medical info and time and attendance to employee profiles much like PTO and documents are available from the profiles, rather than having to go to the medical section/time and attendance and select the employee in question.
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Gaut Gulke

-Paperless onboarding/offboarding to support a remote workforce -Integrations with existing ATS, removing the needs for duplicate data entry -Digital document storage, allowing us to digitize all employee files. No more paper! -Time off tracking: Automatic rating to managers for review and approval of all time off requests while keeping the HR team aware of team schedules. Transparent reporting to have conversations with employees regarding the time off trends (% of unplanned versus planned time off). Time off solution also supports Prop 206 mandated sick leave. -Health insurance platform that allows for the execution of open enrollment, qualifying life events and new hire enrollments for all lines of coverage (med, dent, vision, life and disability). HSA app built in to allow employees to review available balances and submit out of pocket expenses. -ACA compliance: Built into existing subscription model that allows for ACA reporting, submission to IRS and 1094/1095 creation without the need for an accountant or an expensive solution. -Business intelligence: Real-time standard and customized reporting. I use this solution heavily as a federal contractor to execute our annual affirmative action reporting.

With a solution like Zenefits, I have managed to reduce the HR budget year-over-year while going 100% paperless. The integration with our applicant tracking system allows me to push data seamlessly from my mobile device directly to Zenefits to extend an offer, wherever, whenever. I am no longer chained to the constraints of my desk, which is critical for an HR team of one. Easily the most comprehensive solution in the market (at this price point) that addresses onboarding/offboarding, automated and customized email triggers to employees, time and attendance, insurance, aca compliance, reporting (standard and custom) and a multitude of integrations. Since becoming a client over 2 years ago, I have gone to market year-over-year, and haven't found a solution that is comparable. Zenefits kills the busy work and allows me to dedicate time to our employees and driving meaningful initiatives, restructuring the experience with HR to being a partnership versus an administrative burden.

I would love it if the custom email triggers were built out with greater functionality. Right now I highly utilize this tool but I see the opportunity for additional growth. The site should have a support number listed in the event of an outage. Right now you can only access support if you are logged into the dashboard.
Comentário deixado em 03/31/2020
Hedda Bugayong

At our small company, we use Zenefits for basic HR administration like onboarding and enrolling employees in health benefits. It has saved us a lot of time over the past couple of years, particularly with the elimination of paper forms and the fact that it communicates with our healthcare provider. There are a lot of features on the platform and more seem to pop up every few weeks. The recent redesign has also made things a little easier for both administrators and employees. Our staff members also like the Time Off functionality in the system, whereby they can submit vacation or work-from-home requests and managers can then easily approve them directly from an email notification. Recently, the activation of the ClubZen area has given us a chance to interact with other Zenefits customers and provide direct feedback to the Zenefits team, which is an interesting idea and one that gives us a sense of belonging to the community at large. Monetarily speaking, we also think that the system is a great value for the price, even if we don't necessarily use every single feature available to us with our subscription.

The platform itself works well for the most part, though occasionally I'll run into areas where setting up a policy or enabling a feature seems a little esoteric and not too straightforward. Zenefits has also been working hard to improve their customer service, which has been a sore point for quite a few customers in the past. For this year's open enrollment, for example, I had to specifically reach out to the customer service team to get the process started, and was bounced around a little bit before landing with a benefits advisor. However, things were smooth after that. I think if these factors can be improved, the system will be really great.
Comentário deixado em 03/29/2020

The software takes a lot of work off of HR staff. If you use it to its full advantage, it can do the majority of payroll, insurance and benefit selections, open enrollment, hiring and termination, and employee contact information all for you.

Zenefits allows me to easily hire, terminate, and track all employees safely and securely. It is user friendly and allows the employee to manage all of their personal information and benefits as well as benefit selections with ease.

Zenefits does have some quirks in their system, they haven't perfected everything but every month they progress and whenever I do find a problem or glitch in the system, the customer support team and service is always very helpful.
Comentário deixado em 03/29/2020

As a small business with only a few employees, it REALLY helps with getting our HR stuff together.

So first off, we use zenefits on a daily basis for just about all of our HR functions. The support is great for when we've run into the very rare bug, and sales is always quick to get back to me. They regularly release new features and improve existing ones.

Ya know, I'm not one to nitpick, but i have run into a few small issues lately.
Comentário deixado em 03/29/2020

We have used Zenefits for almost five years now, and it's had its ups and downs but it is still a solid solution that is easy to use, offers a multitude of solutions and helps us in areas that we just do not have expertise (like payroll tax).

- If you get insurance through Zenefits, the payroll option is extremely easy. Some integrations offered for 401k. - One Digital is a vast improvement as a Broker for insurance. Easy back and forth. - HRIS interface is easy to use.

- Needs more admin user privileges. Right now, there is just a superadmin and then a few lower level admins and basic users, but superadmins are the only ones that can fully oversee the performance management aspect.
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Randal Antal

My company, about ~75 large, enrolled with Zenefits in early 2015. We already had our own payroll, onboarding, and benefits brokers in place; some (onboarding and most benefits) we transitioned to Zenefits. To date, we have been somewhat happy with the system, though it is not as seamless or as flexible as might be liked, especially as a company retrofits their offerings to the Zenefits system (eg, rollover of brokers and benefits plans was quite poorly handled by account managers and 'experts'). We have also had ~8 account managers over less than 2 years, which is frustrating to us as well as indicative of a company in some turmoil; neither they nor Support have necessarily been particularly knowledgeable about some standard HR policy, as well as their internal functioning. That said, for an inexpensive product it does perform much of the HR paperwork, admin, and processing; it also provides helpful reminders and processing regarding ACA regulations, EEOC reports, etc.

Fairly comprehensive in what it offers, and is increasingly customizable in its various offerings. Support is kind and prompt, though not always the most immediately knowledgeable. Reports for business are easy to pull and very useful. Very clear, straightforward, and user-friendly interface, for both employees and admins.

Rollover of plans and brokers can be a real hassle, and the Zenefits account managers aren't always the most knowledgeable or the most immediate links to benefits vendors. The software on the back-end is still buggy and may hit tech snags. Employee interactions are for the most part positive, but there was a COBRA issue that went on for months. Similarly, when requesting a training on 'what health insurance is, and what my options are' the manager mostly took us through 'how to upload your profile pic' (granted, this was early 2015, I think those offerings have either been improved or abolished).
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2020

It's been a great experience. We've used Zenefits at my company for years and it's never let me down.

I love how easy it is to find exactly what you need. I've never once had an issue checking my PTO, making a request, clocking in, adding a note to my timesheet, or even browsing my company directory to locate someone I needed to contact.

There was only one time I ever got lost, and it was because they changed how a certain directory section appeared. I would have liked more communication on the site itself to indicate something moved, but thats it.
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020

I absolutely loved this HRIS. As a consultant, I have worked with other organizations since that are using other HRIS/payroll tools and greatly miss my Zenefits heyday.

NEARLY EVERYTHING. From benefits administration to onboarding to PTO tracking it literally organized and kept almost all areas of HR automated in a user-friendly, highly customizable manner.

We had to give up our long-time relationship with our broker. That was part of the deal. We worked through their 3rd party relationship for ATS and performance management platforms, but we liked both tools, so it didn't feel awkward.
Comentário deixado em 03/25/2020
Godwin Garate

Organization, Information, Compliance. Provides a seamless onboarding experience for new hires.

The longer we use the product, the more valuable it becomes (which I'm sure is their strategy). It becomes an invaluable tool to look at an employee's salary history, vacation usage and a valuable tool to the employees as well.

When Zenefits decided to exit the insurance broker market and become more focused on HRIS products and add-ons, the customer care dipped for us with their broker partner, leading to a rough few weeks after open-enrollment.
Comentário deixado em 03/25/2020

I've been using it for about 18 months now and have had a great experience overall, both with the customer service and with the online community.

It's a very customizable service that allows my business to easily onboard new employees, track their required credentials, and keep track of all of the essential pieces of employment paperwork that we require from them. The customs fields feature is especially handy.

Pricing for some of the add-on features seems a little high. I would like to utilize the Performance Management feature for my small business that primarily employees part-time staff members, but the increase in monthly cost isn't yet justifiable.
Comentário deixado em 03/24/2020
Ruffi Sofka

Its ridiculously easy to manage and view my requested time off and remind myself of vacations and other important company policies. The company phone book is also really nice to have for ICE type events. They also recently released an iPhone app which has come in handy on multiple occasions. I could quickly request a day off from home without needing to login to my desktop or wait til I came in to work the next day and do it. Generating pay statements is also a snap. since I have direct deposit set up, anytime I need to access and remind myself what I got paid and when, I can use Zenefits.

I hate to leave off a downside, but I have not run into any issues using Zenefits. Yes, there are other services out there for this kind of thing, but Zenefits has just proven easy to use. I don't have to re-learn the UI or how to request time off (etc) everytime I log-in. Most everything else, for me, is not of much consequence.
Comentário deixado em 03/24/2020

Worth taking a look at.

User friendly for both HR and employees (self-serve) --easy and intuitive to use. Incredibly easy to create customized reports off using almost any data point(s). Smooth automated benefits enrollment process. Responsive customer service and great online help tools. System doesn't go down and is fast enough to keep up with our needs.

Zenefits is still 'young' and getting its act together. Used to be free until last year and they are still evolving their pricing structure, so they may end up being too expensive for our small company. Considerable personnel turnover in past 2 years and change in how they manage some functions (for instance, they now outsource benefits management to a 3rd party company instead of managing benefits inhouse and I am not overly impressed with the current benefits mgmt. group). Limited paid time off functionality (system only allows tracking of one paid time off process and my company has 2 discrete time off policies).
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020
Helbonnah Fitcheard

Time saved. Mistakes avoided (I used to manage some of these areas manually in spreadsheets).

I like the ease of use and the simplicity of the software - it handles things like time off and open enrollment that I used to manage manually in Excel spreadsheets.

Because it is a "simple" HR platform, sometimes the complexities of daily HR administration aren't supported. For example, I wanted to increase the PTO bank maximum/cap for 2 employees for a temporary basis. That's not possible in Zenefits without creating an additional PTO policy and switching employees to that policy, which I'm sure will cause some unforeseen consequences. Plus it's time consuming. In short - t's not fully customizable.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

I absolutely loved this HRIS. As a consultant, I have worked with other organizations since that are using other HRIS/payroll tools and greatly miss my Zenefits heyday.

NEARLY EVERYTHING. From benefits administration to onboarding to PTO tracking it literally organized and kept almost all areas of HR automated in a user-friendly, highly customizable manner.

We had to give up our long-time relationship with our broker. That was part of the deal. We worked through their 3rd party relationship for ATS and performance management platforms, but we liked both tools, so it didn't feel awkward.
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Functionality, Time Clock, Time Off, Benefits information, Paycheck information

I wish the time off calculations could be done a little different. I wish it gave you a total balance for the entire year as well as what has been earned.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

Zenefits has been a great way for a small business, like us, to ease into technology. It has really great and helpful tools, the cost is far less than alternative options, and their customer support is usually excellent. It has helped cut down benefits paperwork tremendously, kept us ACA compliant, streamlined our hiring process, and we were able to customize other areas (such as documents) to help us track policies & trainings. We're still finding ways to be able to customize it to work for our company. So with all of the options we use and new ways we are able to customize it, the cost continues to go down once it's all factored into the equation.

Zenefits is a fast moving company, so sometimes changes come fast and furious. They usually are good changes, so that helps ease the burden. However, sometimes it can feel like I just learned how to use something and then it changes. But I guess that's also just the new normal. Other than lots of changes, I really don't have a lot of cons. When I come across issues, I contact a customer service rep and things are usually taken care of. I'm sure there are little things I would tweak here and there, but nothing significant that would make me not recommend using this product.
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020

Gusto is by far the best payroll, and even if you go with Zenefits I suggest you use them for payroll. Do not let Zenefits convince you to switch over. Pretty much only their sales people are responsive/friendly and as soon as you pay, they disappear. If you are big enough to go with Workday, go with them (IIRC they require 12 employees). BambooHR has a decent option, but watch for the hidden fees. They're not really upfront on all the costs, and their stuff is complicated enough they require you to go through training to use it. I am REALLY hopeful that new management at Zenefits will finally clean things up, or Gusto will enter the full market of Zenefits and put them out of business. Gusto support is awesome, just don't leave Gusto in the middle of the year. They have a policy that you can't come back in the same year.

For a small business there is not anyone cheaper than Zenefits and they have much greater integration and overall HR flow management than pretty much anyone I could find. When everything works, Zenefits is a beautiful thing.

Zenefits support is absolutely horrible. If there was ANY competitor that was anywhere close to having what they have at anywhere near their cost, I would have left by now. Support makes me downright angry on a regular basis. They don't read your questions and try to answer a different question, they take two or more days to respond (and there is no phone support), they tell you they'll call you back and do not, they give you wrong information over and over again. Almost no one who works there has any clue what they are doing, and their software messes up sometimes. The combination of the two has been a nightmare. I am constantly wondering if I'm actually saving time by using them, or if all the time I save is eating up with my many hours of arguing with support.
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020
Darin Sornsen

I have the best client service representative out of any technology platform I've used. She's helpful and gets back to me quickly. Additionally, I feel like my feedback regarding changes to the tools are listened to and I find changes have been made rather quickly. Overall, I am one of Zenefits biggest cheerleaders and think it deserves all the praise from HR leaders.

I love how easy it it for not only me but my employees to navigate Zenefits. Having all benefits administration as well as payroll, performance management, time off and on-boarding documents in one place makes it simple and easy to track and record.

I know performance management is one of the newest features but it does have a few tweaks that need to be made.
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020

The world was promised, the demo was extraordinary, and everything after signing fell flat.

The concept is great, as is the sales demo.

Onboarding took from October to February, but I was promised it was a painless few-day process. Yes, you read that correct, February (as in, way later than the Jan 1 payroll switch I expected).
Comentário deixado em 03/18/2020

Zenefits keeps it simple and offers all the most common HR functionality in one easy place. Mobile and web versions are both great.

Dashboard is visually laid out and very simple to use. For employees, Zenefits offers a comprehensive, easy-to-use hub for all the important details. For employers, it is just as easy to use. Every day tasks like pulling insurance information or submitting time off are simple and painless. If you do not know where to find a certain piece of info, the intuitive layout means that a few moments of exploration can easily answer most questions. I appreciate that the layout is no-frills, because it means crucial information and functionality are easy to find and use.

I have trouble verifying my email to my account after switching emails from the personal to professional address. Luckily, this doesn't seem to be impacting my profile or making any feature more difficult, so it isn't a big issue.
Comentário deixado em 03/17/2020
Aloysius Shouse

After the initial issues with payroll, using Zenefits was very easy and streamlined our hiring process. We’ve only had to use the termination process a handful of times, but when we did, it worked flawlessly. The dashboard is very neat and organized and setup is easy as well.

This product is extremely easy to use. Everything is online, so we were able to go completely paperless. The onboarding process is extremely easy and very comprehensive. The termination process is just as easy, with only a few buttons to click and you’re done! There are constantly updates being made to the system, so it’s always rich with new features.

We initially had a bit of an issue with moving our payroll from our bank (what we initially used) to Zenefits, but once the issues were ironed out, it worked well. The new features sometimes throw you off and make you have to relearn the system, but they’re always beneficial changes, so it’s worth it.
Comentário deixado em 03/17/2020

Enrollment is simple, I like having one place for Associates to have most all their information, like their personal profile with contact information. We are remote company and have associates all over the nation. I think having paid time off in Zenefits is such a pro. It's very easy for me to see who has time off coming up for scheduling. It's nice housing our life insurance information as part of our offerings as well.

More options to upload documents like spreadsheet for tracking expenses for employees. We also have a company sponsored dental program and I wish I could enter that information in Zenefits as well. Would love to have all my information for my company avail in ZF for employees.
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020

The ability to easily and accurately manage onboarding, offboarding, payroll, benefits.

I love the ease of use for both administrators and staff as well as having all HR information in one place. The Help and online FAQs are extensive and extremely helpful as is the help desk and response time. Payroll is a breeze, open enrollment for benefits is smooth and the Time Off module is wonderful.

The only issues we've had are when people add/remove dependents or update their Life Qualifying Events and it's only happened once a year on average. Sometimes there's a miscue in the communication between Zenefits and the healthcare provider where coverage is dropped or partly dropped. But Zenefits is very quick to resolve issues.
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020
Roberto Criddle

It would be great if there were a way to require that employees enter bank account information and disable the paper check option all together. I believe this is legal in North Carolina, where we are located, as long as the employee receives a pay stub. It would also be amazing if there were a built in team communication portal. We currently use GSuite to build Groups which can encompass non-Gmail email addresses, as well as HotSchedules. It is a bit difficult to always be adding folks' emails to so many different systems. If Zenefits could track employee reviews based on their position/wage changes, that would also be amazing! That's all for now.

The aesthetic of the site is nice. The overall idea of employee/administrator shared duties is nice. The onboarding process is almost as efficient as I think it could be and the insurance function works pretty well with some exceptions. The multiple integrations with other software are also vast and offer many options for integration.

Does not integrate with QB Manufacturing Edition. Does not offer multiple job roles/pay rates (this keeps us from further exploring any timekeeping or alternative payroll integration). Org chart does not allow for multiple owners/CEOs. Does not allow for tracking of certifications or training for employees. Insurance deductions aren't correct after 2 fixes...still waiting on support for this. There is no general alert system upon logging in, as there was on the old platform. I-9 verification does not require employees to upload enough documentation. i.e. they can upload a driver license and not the 2nd form of ID, so when I receive the request to verify, there is only one form of ID there and I have to chase them down for the 2nd. If they do go into Zenefits to upload another form of ID, it is difficult to navigate.
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020

So far, Zenefits has been great to support the needs of a growing company. The help center is great and customer service is fantastic. Clean, crisp layout and no errors in loading/commands. Very very easy to use for administrators and employees.

They limit key features, such as payroll and commuter benefits, and force you to go with their service instead of integrating with other providers. It isn't a huge con but it makes it difficult since they market themselves as lightweight, highly integratable and improves onboarding/ hr management. Just a little cumbersome as these steps in onboarding must be completed separate.
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020
Schram Kszaszcz

I am a huge fan of Zenefits. As the HR and office manager for a non-profit school, we are growing very quickly and I needed a resource where I could streamline our on-boarding, get rid of hard copies, and manage our staff's employee files and paid time off in one place. I started using Zenefits this past August and have had a wonderful experience with the product and the customer service. Someone is willing to help and getting back to me. I find emailing is the quickest way to get a response, which is my preferred communication as well. Since I have started using Zenefits under the direction of their new CEO, they are continuing to grow and improve their already great platform. The set up time is as to be expected since not every company is the same and each company's needs are different. I am a huge fan and supporter of Zenefits and their customer service. I am excited to grow with this company and their product.

Onboarding new employees and getting all of their paperwork done takes me a few clicks of a mouse to get all of the information to the employee. I am able to manage and track PTO by just downloading a report, and most importantly, everything is done in one place.

You have to pay to use their payroll service =)
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020
Walkling Vaibhav

Zenefits is pretty low-tech masquerading as some high tech Payroll software. There's nothing that high tech about them and just about every person on the customer service side lacks basic knowledge of its functionality. It is a lot more confusing than Gusto and is nothing more than a series of modules built on Django, Javascript and jQuery with very basic databases that run on cron jobs. I can live with the product that Zenefits has despite all of its shortcomings but the people behind it need much better training. Their fake enthusiasm coupled with little to no knowledge of the platform, hr, or payroll is a huge turn off.

Time & Attendance: Users are able to seamlessly clock in and out from their phones once they get familiar with Zenefits.

Customer Service: The chat agents are a waste of time to talk to. The phone agents know very little but can at least put you on hold, ask their supervisor and learn as they go along.
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020

Zenefits helps small businesses run their HR functions similar to what a big business would do with lots of resources. It is easy to do paperwork online like: I9s, ACA filings, W-2s, COBRA administration, new hire paperwork, etc. The tool also helps companies track time and attendance, time off, and offer a full suite of benefits to employees. I regularly tell others that we would need at least 1-2 additional employees to manage all the things that Zenefits does for us.

Zenefits needs to continue to improve their communication to customers, letting us know about upcoming changes to the product and further customize communications to our employees.
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020

In today’s life, a very big problem that big companies are facing is that HR is not manageable. I have seen a lot of companies that are facing this problem extremely. So, to overcome these barriers and make the flow smooth a brilliant software had been launched named: ZENEFITS!! It provides a platform that can be easily understood and can be used by an ordinary person. Great Na!! It also stores time and attendance of its users and supports Integration. One great thing is also that it provides a completely automated and electronic employees on-boarding services. It integrates all the functions of HR management under one roof only. This one is Awesome Guys!! It also supports reporting and filing data of ACA as well as it also supports customer service.

This application excludes international payrolls and having some problems in permanent storage of details of employees (Like mailing address of employees). Sometimes very awkward problems arise like managers are not able to access all the details of employees etc. Its Insurance Integration is also very bad as well as it provides only a few reports that are almost of no use. In comparison to its competitors, its prices are a little bit higher which also increases its cons. It has no performance management tools as well as it is not full HRIS, it is a basic system so use according to your needs.
Comentário deixado em 03/13/2020

There are many pros to Zenefits! Offer letter generation, custom fields for user specific information that needs stored, custom reports, Club Zen, the HR library and much much more! Anytime I've needed assistance customer service has been prompt and helpful. There are also tutorials and an extensive implementation period to make the end user comfortable with the system

If I had to list a negative it would be.... nothing!
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020

Time savings in hiring, onboarding, payroll and recordkeeping. Also, payroll cost considerably better than we were paying to another third-party.

Easy to maneuver between modules. Fully integrated hiring, onboarding and payroll. Good online help allows me to get most answers I need. Quick response to questions or issues. Seamless transition of our benefit plans into Zenefits and better offerings than we had before. Payroll and PTO are the biggest bargains.

No real weakness noted. We have a small number of hourly employees that I would like to use the time reporting, but not cost justified at this time so we have to input hours worked for each employee first into a spreadsheet and then into Zenefits payroll.
Comentário deixado em 02/20/2020
Magen Ditton

Horrible! I don't even know where to begin. Customer service is a joke. Promises not kept, reps telling you that they have 300+ messages in their inbox so you should wait. They have so many shady practices that it is hard for me to not call it a scam. Like not updating your employee numbers before they charge you a full year of service. We were charged more that double of what we should have paid and they now won't refund!

Nothing! It looked good, it was presented good.

Do not let the sales rep convince you and save yourself thousands of nonrefundable dollars! by Zenefits on 26/02/2020 Good afternoon Liz,
Comentário deixado em 02/14/2020
Beverly Lande

Please check out what I had to say for cons. If you can live with having no number to call, or at least, not a number that take you to a human who can answer your questions, then the features and software are solid. The pricing is what you would expect based on the features.

This SaaS has tons of features and can really help a small business get over those HR hurtles, although it won't replace the most valuable assets that a in-the-flesh HR person brings. Adding their payroll integration was a big win since our company was using a 401(k) admin that required manually keying in EVERYTHING back when we used intuit for payroll. So props for that!

OKAY, hear me out. The on-boarding process is unacceptable. I wouldn't be surprised if half of their potential client base ended up BACKING-OUT during on-boarding. I mean, it takes 2-4 weeks, you'll already be looking a bill on your credit card, and to make matters worse, the only staff that have a phone number are SALES PEOPLE! You guessed it, the sales staff CAN NOT help you with your on boarding., PERIOD. by Zenefits on 26/02/2020 Will, we appreciate your review.
Comentário deixado em 01/07/2020
Yolanda Lehar

We were able to get a good grasp of our employee timekeeping, and it saved us a lot of time processing payroll each week.

I liked how easy it was to manage payroll. I also really appreciated all of the resources for HR handbooks, job descriptions, performance reviews, etc. Customer service was great, and really flexible with some of my out of the box requests. Having our employees clock in via our ipad app was handy. The mobile features were rough at first, but are coming around nicely.

The templates for new contractors and new hires were rather lackluster. It was also a little clunky and almost overly simplistic to pay contractors. Tax prep wasn't the smoothest.
Comentário deixado em 01/02/2020
Cogan Murfin

I use Zenefits daily and really do enjoy it. There are a few bug fixes that need to happen, but overall I do really like the product.

Super user friendly and you can easily find whatever you are looking for

The app is very buggy with clock in/out feature
Comentário deixado em 12/02/2019
Mattox Vigneault

The experience has been ok. It gets the job done but I'd be open to new options.

Zenefits has gotten the job done in terms of payroll and paying out contractors when needed. And they handle payroll taxes and necessary payroll reporting to the government.

The cost is high for a small business who might not have needs for most of their features. And the service has been fairly slow. For example, it took me a month to get a new form of payment on file as my business credit card had expired. During that month I had to handwrite checks and could not use the service.
Comentário deixado em 11/26/2019

It's been pretty great. The benefits outweigh the annoyances.

Zenefits is a great way to save time. Onboarding new staff is smooth, intuitive, and paper-free. We use it to have all staff sign a handbook and collect information for taxes, benefits, and fun. It's been a game changer regarding time off as well.

There have been bugs and inconsistencies that have created confusion from time to time, and they're very much still working on the product.
Comentário deixado em 10/28/2019
Hume Zummo

our overall experience with zenefits has been positive. The on boarding tools offer a wide variety of options an customization that really make the initial process a lot easier.

The part that we liked most about zenefits is that it gave us one place to keep all employee documents. We also like that we could set up an employee by using the on boarding (hiring) service through zenfits which allows the employee to start their profile an also fill out needed employment documents electronically.

Initially we thought that the time card piece of zenefits was something that we were going to be able to use and would be rather handy for us. We quickly learned that Zenefits has not yet set up this module in a way that truly works for subcontracts who have to track employee's time by job number and phase code both. It can be done but takes a large amount of manual entry on the administrators part which then defeats the purpose of using such a tool.
Comentário deixado em 08/19/2019

We are able to manage Benefits, Payroll, Performance Management, Time Off Requests, and Paperwork all from one system.

This program ties together most of our HR needs into one platform, making it easier for HR staff and employees to access the information they need. We process our payroll through Zenefits and they offered some 401k third party company options, which allows those benefits to be seamlessly integrated.

Support can be difficult to get online at times. They have a chat feature, which is most convenient for me as an administrator, but the wait times can be long or the chat request may be converted over to an email. This is a problem I have noticed over the past 3-4 months.
Comentário deixado em 08/14/2019

Zenefits allows us to have a small HR team with a big impact. The UI is easy to use and processes are straightforward. Customer support is also awesome when we do have questions!

The overall "Pro" is the fact it does so much and is very affordable! As a small bootstrapped start-up, having most of our HR functionality in one easy to use place makes a huge difference in effectively managing our employees and adhering to budget needs.

The more I work with it, the more I want other processes we use to integrate, which I know they are continually working on. The software has is great on its own but we would love to see customizable training integrations as a feature later on.
Comentário deixado em 06/14/2019

Beyond the intuitive user experience and great customer service, I have found the outside software/resource integrations to be one of the most valuable things to our business. They have leading and like-minded software relationships that make everyday accounting tasks a breeze (i.e. Zenefits, QuickBooks Online & Guideline 401k all speak to each other and remove the hassle of having to manage each one individually).

If I had to pick something for the Zenefits platform to improve, it would be the mobile app experience. It is certainly functional but I would love to harness the power of the desktop experience on mobile.
Comentário deixado em 05/24/2019

Payroll has gone from pushing a button and crossing our fingers to actually having confidence in what is being processed every payperiod. The accuracy, and confidence in the accuracy is amazing. We were with a giant HRIS/payroll vendor, but really couldn't tell how they were doing things, so it was very hard to tell when something was going wrong (e.g. PTO balances being incorrect).

Zenefits has really streamlined our HRIS (including payroll) processes. Man, it's sooo much easier than the other vendor we were using. I was really hesitant to switch payroll providers since the company has been using the same provider for over a decade, but the price point (and savings) were just too compelling to ignore. Implementation team was strong, available and knew their stuff. My favorite features are scheduled reminder emails for employees. Second favorite (and most used) are the MUCH easier to read and manipulate payroll reports.

I think some of the more sophisticated features still need some building out and training for admins. There is a pretty robust performance management function, but I'm still trying to figure out how to maximize it. by Zenefits on 28/05/2019 Thank you for your review.
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2019

Once you go through the initial set-up process, the automation is wonderful. The onboarding process from the Offer Letter right through to the I-9 verification on day 1 happens automatically. The system will take care of presenting the new employee with any required documents that need their signature and keep them safely stored. The system collects the employees' data including bank data for automatic payroll deposits. Background checks can also be set-up to occur automatically.

We were one of the early subscribers to this software and the system was free to use as long as Zenefits handled the employees' health benefits. There is now a charge to use the system. Even with that, it is well worth is. We use it for onboarding, employee clock in and out and payroll.
Comentário deixado em 02/07/2019
Porty Radziewicz

Saw huge cost savings pulled together many items into a central portal. Love the mobile app for people our spread out to different locations.

The most important part is the ease of use for a complete solution. We use Onboarding, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Time Off, Benefits Admin, HSA Admin, Performance Management and the additional resources regarding HR, compliance. ITS ALL IN ONE PLACE! The convenience of having all of our HR-related items in one place for your people is priceless. We are able to run 4 companies from one portal, very effectively.

Employee support is generally handled digitally not over the phone. Most of our people prefer phone calls. However, support is very receptive and gets the job done well.
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2018
Orelie Amys

-Paperless onboarding/offboarding to support a remote workforce -Integrations with existing ATS, removing the needs for duplicate data entry -Digital document storage, allowing us to digitize all employee files. No more paper! -Time off tracking: Automatic rating to managers for review and approval of all time off requests while keeping the HR team aware of team schedules. Transparent reporting to have conversations with employees regarding the time off trends (% of unplanned versus planned time off). Time off solution also supports Prop 206 mandated sick leave. -Health insurance platform that allows for the execution of open enrollment, qualifying life events and new hire enrollments for all lines of coverage (med, dent, vision, life and disability). HSA app built in to allow employees to review available balances and submit out of pocket expenses. -ACA compliance: Built into existing subscription model that allows for ACA reporting, submission to IRS and 1094/1095 creation without the need for an accountant or an expensive solution. -Business intelligence: Real-time standard and customized reporting. I use this solution heavily as a federal contractor to execute our annual affirmative action reporting.

With a solution like Zenefits, I have managed to reduce the HR budget year-over-year while going 100% paperless. The integration with our applicant tracking system allows me to push data seamlessly from my mobile device directly to Zenefits to extend an offer, wherever, whenever. I am no longer chained to the constraints of my desk, which is critical for an HR team of one. Easily the most comprehensive solution in the market (at this price point) that addresses onboarding/offboarding, automated and customized email triggers to employees, time and attendance, insurance, aca compliance, reporting (standard and custom) and a multitude of integrations. Since becoming a client over 2 years ago, I have gone to market year-over-year, and haven't found a solution that is comparable. Zenefits kills the busy work and allows me to dedicate time to our employees and driving meaningful initiatives, restructuring the experience with HR to being a partnership versus an administrative burden.

I wish the performance management module was baked into the subscription versus an add-on cost. The transition to a new brokerage, OneDigital, has come with its challenges, but I appreciate that the leadership teams both with Zenefits and OneDigital have been willing to personally speak with me to determine how gaps can be bridged to improve my experience as the employer.
Comentário deixado em 11/13/2018

Listen, I'd still recommend them. I use the app almost daily, I log on at least a few times a week. It's a necessary tool in our belt and I'd be sad to lose them.

Ok, so it's great that Zenefits centralizes all of your HR needs into one system. It's certainly easier than logging into individual insurance sites. I like that the app loads quickly and can quickly give me info on my commuter benefits balance or show me my insurance info. It's also very easy to log personal days. And it's nice seeing the structure of the company within the website -- it's great for transparency.

Sometimes the zenefits team can't answer your question -- especially when it comes to insurance brouhaha. I nearly had a meltdown this past summer when my insurance company INSISTED I wasn't covered, but zenefits insisted that I was. No one would speak to each other, and only after a month of emails and calls was it ironed out. I can't say that this is zenefits' fault -- but it was annoying how deeply unhelpful they were.
Comentário deixado em 11/10/2018

It has not been perfect from over five years ago, I cannot lie but they have in the last three years brought it to a whole new level and stepped it up beyond time after time.

It is the happy balance with an EXTRA kick. It is HR, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Scheduling, Documents, onboarding and so much more. I don't​ even know how people do it without zenefits, must have been horrific.

Waiting for them to write the amazing new technology that is coming. This is a personal issue of patience. There are tons of features always being updated or available like schedule​ which not only is amazing and all in one for ease of use by staff but also free!
Comentário deixado em 09/25/2018
Yelich Deville

I like the myriad ways that it can be used to manage our various teams. We have a mixture of employee types (hourly vs. salaried, part-time vs. full-time, etc), and Zenefits serves our HR needs for all of them

I wish that you could create a template for onboarding for certain types of hires. We hire a lot of PT workers, and answer the same questions in the same manner on a daily basis. Having a template would help speed up our onboarding process considerably
Comentário deixado em 08/29/2018

Zenefits is really easy to use and implement - it did not require a large change management process or countless hours of training. Our employees enjoyed it and had easy access to information. For an affordable price, we had access to a lot of features that changed the way we ran our HR.

The software had limited capability for tracking international employees and was best suited for the US market. This was problematic as our business increased in complexity, but I believe they may be adding this functionality over time. More granular permissions would also help.
Comentário deixado em 07/07/2018
Anglim Kozinski

Helps reduce the time consumption by eliminating paper forms. In the case of requests, like for leave or for work-related, the officials get email notifications which they can instantly check and respond. There is this ClubZen area where you can interact with the other users of the application and provide feedback to the firm. You will find quite a lot of Third party integrations. The graphical user interface is clean and easy to use for both customers and the employees. It is highly customizable. You can even hire candidates, have a background check and send them to offer letters. You can check the employee’s check in and check out times.

Customer service and support is not responsive and is time-consuming to get your problem solved. The application is mainly suited for small-scale businesses.
Comentário deixado em 06/20/2018

ease of use, tons of resources, great customer service

With the exception of applicant tracking, you can manage everything from this system (and they do offer integrations with ATS systems). I love how easy it is to navigate, the additional resources to help make HR life easier and the great and responsive customer service.

Formerly, some documents were out of date, but they have done a great job in updating everything. There's really nothing that I don't like.
Comentário deixado em 05/07/2018

Increased efficiency and makes HR management easy--no paperwork and everything is managed electronically. I'm a huge fan.

Before I joined MAX, I did not know software like Zenefits existed. This software is intuitive, easy to use and makes employee onboarding, separation and benefits management easy to do. It completely eliminates the mounds of paper that I used to accumulate for new hires and employees. In fact, I liked it so much that I recommended it to my former employer and they are now using it as well. I also had an incredible Benefits Advisor who always seems to have an ability to answer my crazy questions with efficiency and extreme patience.

While many things about Zenefits are absolutely amazing, the benefits we currently have (we are a small company) are probably not the best option for our employee base, size and age. I believe that the change Zenefits has made to focus on software and outsource benefits to OneDigital may resolve this challenge. And we have also grown, so that should help with pricing as well.
Comentário deixado em 04/20/2018

Something that would be super helpful is to add the ability to filter reports before you run them. Right now it spits out an Excel spreadsheet and then you have to manually delete the rows you don't need.

I like that it's a one-stop-shop for HR professionals. Employees onboard themselves and make sure that all the information is correct. As an employee I like the site a lot. As an admin there are some fixes that need to be made but otherwise I enjoy using it.

It's difficult to navigate to figure out which pages you need. For example, I've tried to find where our paperwork and docs like the handbook are uploaded and I can't find it. I'd like to be able to use it as a repository but I can't find out where I can upload new things.
Comentário deixado em 04/16/2018

ACA Reporting, benefits administration, and electronic onboarding.

The apps are are very organized and "user friendly". Customer support has improved significantly in the past year. It is a pro that there are multiple HR functions electronically administered. It has made many HR functions in my company more efficient which allows us to focus on strategic goals and other areas. Zenefits assist us mostly in ACA reporting, e-paperwork for onboarding, limited compliance assistance, basic data reporting, and PTO administration. It has transition our new hire paperwork to e-files. Speaking from a small company of 65, it is a helpful product to keep data stored, electronic onboarding, PTO, and ACA Reporting.

Zenefits charges by certain App usage. For example, administering FSA or HSA via Zenefits will charge a fee per enrollees in addition to the number of employee per month. We are hoping for their Benchmark app from HR Compliance to provide more data that we can use to create customized reports. I believe that the benchmark data can definitely be improved. I would like to learn more about how this product can be used as a company's "Employer Intranet Portal" website or assist the company in "employee performance or management" function.
Comentário deixado em 04/12/2018

As mentioned in the review...

Zenefits was a lifesaver for our growing firm. Our firm was initially looking for a way to better manager PTO requests, but as we learned more about the product offerings, we took full advantage of making Zenefits the cornerstone of our HR infrastructure. Besides PTO tracking, the most useful/time saving features are onboarding new employees and open enrollment. With the functionality Zenefits provides, these previously time consuming and scattered tasks have become easy, accurate, and seamless. Having Zenefits available as a tool has enabled our Firm to offer employees a fully transparent HR tool that can assist them in managing their HR needs.

The inability to integrate information with our payroll provider - ADP Run. When Zenefits was launched at our firm, the integration was available and very useful. While not a deal-breaker, not having that integration is a bit of a pain.
Comentário deixado em 04/12/2018
Consuela Bowles

Time savings and offering a single source of employee HR data to employees.

The hub-spoke concept, with Zenefits as the hub and passing data to payroll, benefits, savings partners to eliminate duplicate data. Time savings and ease of use are best features.

Changing partners or not offering enough partners. I am a contract CFO and have 3 of my clients on Zenefits. Having been with Zenefits for awhile, we have had payroll integration partners change, but now 2 out of 3 use Zenefits payroll, and 401k partners change. Every time you break the hub/spoke link it creates manual entry or changing partners to stay in sync.
Comentário deixado em 04/11/2018

Zenefits has provided a seamless onboarding regime! From integration with our Applicant tracking system, to signatures on employee documents, all the way through to benefit selection and benefit administration. Since Zenefits has partnered with Onedigital, Benefit admin has been wonderful with a personal benefit advocate for the company who constantly stays in touch and is extremely responsive.

The major con for us, was Payroll. We ended up having to find another payroll provider as Zenefits was not operating in Alabama for payroll, now we have a third party that is supposed to sync with Zenefits and it syncs about 75% of the time.
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2018

An easy to use interface and a tool that allows our employees to electronically and seamlessly on-board. I enjoy that the tool automatically reminds the end-users to complete tasks and keeps track of everything in one useful tool. I would like to see it become an intranet for employees to access company specific templates, content and tools.

What I like most about Zenefits is that it allows our employee on-boarding process to be completely automated and electronic. I love it!

The software I like, but being an earlier adopter, there were many growing pains within the company which caused a lot of issues with our open enrollment for two consecutive years. We recently resigned our contract and based on what we need, went with the basic (silver?) plan, which doesn't include Vacation Tracking. We don't need all of the HR support since we're a consulting services company. With that said, I'm disappointed that we weren't grandfathered in to having that tool.
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2018

Ease of onboarding. Simple for new hires to get into the system and turned on as an employee. The compliance tracking is nice, but unless you use the time and attendance aspect of this system, you are going to put in a lot more work to get the years 1094c's completed.

The ease of use. Particularly from the employees side when it comes to onboarding. Employees always find it easy to navigate, and finish their onboarding tasks with ease.

The rising costs. I can find other systems that offer more features for less. With each additional aspect of your system now each costing their own amount, by the time you add up each module your costs are too much for a small to medium sized organization to assume.
Comentário deixado em 12/07/2017
Marita Rascoe

Zenefits was a great solution for my company when we were 1 - 60 people. Once things got complex, I feel like it made more sense to move to an HRIS where employment information was easier to track and update. However, for the cost and functionality, it definitely helped our company at an early stage.

- easy to use UI

- not super robost - the customer service is helpful for quick things but anything in depth they take a few days to get back to you
Comentário deixado em 06/16/2017

As Zenefits users for the past three years, we've loved how easy the solution is for onboarding new employees. Employees have made comments like "I knew the company really 'got it' when the onboarding was so simple. It also nice to manage everything in one platform - payroll, benefits, onboarding, business intelligence, etc. Without Zenefits we would likely need an additional employee just to do paperwork. Zenefits has always been responsive to our needs as an organization and our customer success manager has been extremely helpful.

We had a rough open enrollment process with the tool, but we started earlier this year and should be in better shape. Because the tool is constantly evolving, sometimes features come and go (Zenefits got rid of an in-house stock options tool they had built and so we had to switch vendors as a result).
Comentário deixado em 05/02/2017
Bow Culotti

Would prefer some more true benefits advice from the benefits advisor. while she helped me a lot with this open enrollment, I felt that I was driving the discussions rather than she. I would've like more advice from her regarding which plans to target and what other companies my size are doing.

Zenefits makes onboarding and benefits enrollment paperless and easy. The third party app integrations help round out the onboarding process.

Sometimes the app integrations don't work. Third party app store is minimal. Would like integration with my current 401k provider.
Comentário deixado em 12/06/2016

I had the opportunity to move to the Zenefits platform from a larger HR software platform. The main reason for the move was due to budgeting constraints with our business. I was rewarded through this change by gaining a system that was easy to use on both the administration side as well as the end user side. In fact, I was given a compliment on the Zenefits platform by the head of our IT department. He commented that both the look and feel of the Zenefits platform was a huge improvement to the system that we used previously.

Employees were able to complete onboarding online which sped up the HR paperwork process as well as allows documents to be stored on the cloud. The Zenefits platform also allowed employees to update their personal, banking, tax information on their own without having to complete the work via a paper process as we had in the past.

Because Zenefits is acting as your insurance broker, you must work through them for all edits, changes, or updates. This process took longer than we had been used to because we had managed everything on our end working straight through the insurance carrier.
Comentário deixado em 10/14/2016

Perfect for a small business wanting to start off their HR compliant and paperless. This software has saved me so much time, and has helped us get to a paperless environment. Zenefits isn't as 'personal' as an in-person agent, so I would say requires whoever is doing HR to be more knowledgeable about the insurance offerings (which they should be anyway IMO). It also requires employees to become a little more knowledgeable as well, rather than being spoon fed information every 6 months about "how insurance works." I would only recommend Zenefits in the instances where it integrates with Payroll.

HR is now completely paperless

Only worth it if it integrates with your payroll provider (worth switching to one that does)
Comentário deixado em 06/20/2016

We started using it from the beginning of forming our company (over two years ago) and have been really pleased with the amount of features and support that Zenefits has provided. With any new company, there are usually some hiccups, but, they are always quick to fix problems and always available. We initially started out by using it as a platform before using them as our broker and haven't looked back since. We have two offices in California and Arizona and it has been really easy to onboard new employees remotely.

Speed of onboarding, new features, seamless integration to QuickBooks for payroll, price, automation of most things HR.

Doesn't handle international payroll yet (filing taxes, etc.)

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