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Recruitee is a leading Talent Acquisition Platform, designed for recruiters and hiring managers alike. Our goal is to enable hiring teams to fully own their talent acquisition by helping them attract the right talent, automate manual tasks, and predict their hiring success.
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2020

Shockingly powerful platform that clocks in at a fraction of the cost of the comparable alternatives. Great visual interface, useful Chrome extension. Great in-app email and calendar support. Good social style communication in-app.

Comentário deixado em 04/09/2020

In general I am happy about the tool

I see a very clear process of recruitment for each candidate and I can customise it whenever I want. There are comment fields, action points and tasks, notifications if needed. Its simple to use.

I would like to have instant reporting (to excel) by criteria I choose. Sometimes support comes with delays.
Comentário deixado em 04/09/2020
Bridwell Rosenbrook

Simple and clear to use, good value for money. You can adapt hiring work flows to your needs. You can share jobs and candidates with all members of your Hiring Team. Talent Pools are great for storing candidates for future roles.

Would like a few more options for searching. Also have additional information on a candidates profile such as location - current job title - as this can also be helpful.
Comentário deixado em 04/07/2020

This software saved a lot of our time for adminitrating resumes and also helps to monitor the recruitment processes very easily. It is simple and easy to use.

Recruitee software is easy to use and if there are any questions, customer support reacts very fast. There are the main functions that a recruitment team needs and recruitee offers on-time developments and additional functions.

I couldn't name any cons regarding this software, the updates we're in need specifically for our company have been implemented as the Recruitee team works very well and reacts very quickly to our requests and ideas.
Comentário deixado em 04/07/2020
Katlaps Zahra

The application is very intuitive, user-friendly and easy to set up. It is very cost effective with respect to the features it provides. It helps to enable job promotions and source talent for your organization. You can create notes for your team. It enables to schedule interviews and tracks the activities of your team. They have a chrome extension that does job postings to several job websites. The application collaborates with both the hiring desk and the applicants and thereby you can schedule interviews with ease. Based on the number of vacancies available, you can adjust the hiring workflows. The customer service and support team are very quick in response and are available round the clock. Recruitee allows easy navigation.

There is no Linkedin integration and google calendar sync. It lacks advanced reporting features. The program does not implement Boolean searches.
Comentário deixado em 04/07/2020

Great customer service/success - always going above and beyond to help with queries

Interface com o usuário

Would be good to see:
Comentário deixado em 04/04/2020
Ri Henretta

Muito Bom

Very good ATS and very easy to use.

Some option on portals are not visible when we use portals through recruitee.
Comentário deixado em 04/04/2020
Uela Freeders

Uma combinação do seguinte:

The reporting features. They are quite limited and the data is not accurate (pipeline tracking seems broken or is impacted heavily by "human error").
Comentário deixado em 04/02/2020
Heim Wearrien

All features are there and up to date, new features on regular basis and quick response from the client services team

Interviews arrangement is not that easy and I couldn't update the templates and the calendar view needs some improvements
Comentário deixado em 03/31/2020
Rolandson Larocque

it is a third party tools, so no maintenance needed. We have enough services to keep online, so an external tool/site is nice to have

central location for all resume's, info about candidates and internal comments before/after conversations

colouring of interface could be better (nitpicking tho)
Comentário deixado em 03/31/2020

Recruitee is an easy to use ATS and career page builder, which is very user friendly and helps to collaborate with the hiring team and communicate with candidates. It's perfect for small/midsize organizations and great value for money.

I'd like to have more custom styling possibilities of the careerpage. Furthermore, support isn't always as fast as I would like
Comentário deixado em 03/31/2020
Jessy Mcmunn

I was looking for a solution for what we are trying to implement lately, We are in need of a software that not only will be a powerful ATS but also an easy to manage "recruit-a-friend" solution. Unfortunately recruitee lacks of hard of customizations, and for that purpose it gives only the ability to "share" a job that your company posted but does not give you the ability, as a "referral", to followup with the status of their referee's application but I loved how their team genuinely did all the best to help us in trying to find a workaround, that really shows how much they care about it.

No doubt about it, the customer support received was phenomenal.

Unfortunately it's an extremely limited software with no costumization whatsoever. It comes in a block, you have to love that block.
Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020
Tessy Zentgraf

Recruitee is indeed a great tool, customer support is great, fast and in English, and from time to time it gets even better with improved tools and features. They listen to you and you can see their roadmap and also give your inputs. I highly recommend!

- Fácil de usar

- I wish we could have talent pools with the same layout of an open job
Comentário deixado em 03/29/2020
Rudwik Goeke

I remember when every applicant came to my email, and I'm so happy those days are over. I'm happy we are using Recruitee and I'd recommend it if you are having any issues tracking your applicants.

I love how many things you can customize with Recruitee. The pre-screening questions, the hiring pipeline, hiring pools, and so much more can be customized for what your organization needs. It's a clean interface which keeps things really organized. It keeps all the communication with the candidate in one place. It also allows you to limit access to your hiring pool depending on their role. The archive feature is great. When you turn off a job everything is kept in the archive, which makes it super easy to turn the job back on - no more re-writing job ads every time!

I checked out ziprecruiter and they had a deal breaker feature (ie. if an employee doesn't answer a question a certain way they are disqualified). Recruitee doesn't have this feature, but it would be nice addition.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020

Although the company only exists for less than a year, the product is already up there with the likes of Lever, Greenhouse and Workable, which have raised significantly more funding. In contrast to most older ATS', the user interface and the workflow is clean, simple and fast. This is crucial to our company as we process large volumes of jobs and candidates for our customers. And this gets time-intensive quickly. A lot better than the incumbent platforms like Taleo. Then there is the per-vacancy pipeline overview, where you can easily drag and drop candidates to different phases. I haven't seen that one with any ATS so far. Great.

- No sourcing module yet like Lever and Workable (add linkedin, facebook, github social profiles to talent pool); seems to be on roadmap though. - Seems to be mainly focused on small- & medium companies
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2020

The software is very intuitive. Even the hiring managers like to keep the candidate files updated in the tool, which was a hassle with previous softwares. It has a lot of features which make it easy to use and very all round.

I think there can be some improvements made concerning referrals, possibilities concerning tasks and an area to keep documents, but they are working on some of these things.
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020
Close Reckleben

had no ATS before - able to set up quickly, stop playing email ping-pong, and get all applications and relevant information stored in one place

Quick and easy to set up, easy to customize and adapt to company processes, allows for quick applications, offers multiple ways to add CVs. Great customer service.

Bulk-mail do not fully function yet - did not integrate my signature, which I only found out after asking customer service. Based in Europe with no customer service in other time zones yet - though quick to answer during their business hours.
Comentário deixado em 03/25/2020

Recruitee gives us the ability to be very transparent to the business lines. Additionally the API has the benefit that we can experiment with lots of different things since integration is relatively easy and not crazy expensive.

product is still under development and there are some features we would like that are not yet active. although this is a matter of time i'd rather have it now than later
Comentário deixado em 03/25/2020
Mamie Snook

I am as happy as can be with this product - I have implemented it in 2 different companies and will probably do the same in the future - everybody was always excited when I pitched Recruitee to them, and even more so when they started using it.

Ease of use - has all that I need, lacks what I do not and would make the use heavier.

maybe the search function could work a bit better, but there is nothing really that I do not like.
Comentário deixado em 03/24/2020


Ease of use & the good and functional working flow

No functionality to send external emails , or to forward the CV to someone outside the network by Recruitee on 13/09/2019 Hi Sail, Thanks for your feedback, we're happy to hear that you like the ease of use and workflow!If you want to send external emails, you can do this from the mailbox. To share a candidate with someone outside Recruitee, you can use the 'Shared candidates' feature.Hope this is clear but if you have any questions feel free to reach out to [email protected]Best, Customer Success
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020
Mechelle Donkle

highly recommend it for the companies which need a great ats, not a general HR tool

very intuitive and easy to use

does not support boolean search (until mid 2018 according to them)
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020

Everything from the ease of use to how much time it has saved me in my working day - it has completely transformed the way we handle our business.

Nothing at all - but would be a 'nice to have' if Tasks were visible on the iPad app version and phone.
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020

I own an advertising agency, restaurant and small recruitment firm, all of which used Recruitee for their recruitment efforts.

From the interface to the features to the productivity flow, Recruitee is hands down the best job recruitment platform I have used. If you have a firm with 500 employees or less, this is the platform I can highly recommend. From handling form inquiries to its recruitment landing page to its built in emailing capabilities, Recruitee has all the features you need in a polished, well thought out platform.

The only con, as with any cloud-based software, is that you need a full time reliable internet connection to be productive.
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020
Hedgcock Lampel

User-friendly, easy to get up and running, clear dashboard, amazing support team with a good sense of humor. Way better than some more 'well-known' ATS. They really focus on making the product, but stay at super reasonable and affordable prices. Provide clear overview of pipeline and all kinds of customized adjustment per job. Supports career site. Love the team notes, review and task feature - so helpful. Very nice reports with data. Involve team members in recruitment and make communication easier and faster. Too many good functions! Love it as a recruiter.

- should for sure integrate with Linkedin ASAP; this would significantly increase the value of this ATS - would love to see more data in reports and maybe allow recruiter to set up what they want to keep an eye on and analyze - calendar should sync with Google calendar both ways - now we are not using this feature at all because it doesn't allow the sync the other way around
Comentário deixado em 03/19/2020
Kristan Oczon

Great technical support easy to use an easy design a very didactic screen to understand it. Improve your performance when you start using it your business increases in great potential

Some problems with synchronization with Gmail. It has some flaws with the storage of its own servers but we hope they can improve it
Comentário deixado em 03/19/2020

Recruitee offers everything you need to steamline your hiring process. It has helped us greatly in job and candidate management and team communication, in a modern and easy to understand UI.

It is easy to build a careers site with Recruitee, but the features are a bit lacking in this regard (compared to other site builders we worked with, like LeadPages).
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020
Milford Gerl

As a scaling up organization, we were really looking for an ATS which could make our work easier and more fun. The very user-friendly and feature-packed ATS, combined with a career site which ticks the box for the basics are enough for every business out there. And boy, response times are great! Finally, with their open API, you can start basic and work your way up to a fully customized tool for your business.

Nothing much for now, it would be great though if the career site had more functionalities. For example, adding extra landing pages for different target audiences to be able to do campaigning.
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020
Montgomery Marrapese

A good tool to add lot of social profiles to your CRM

Recruitee allow you to add the social profiles of a candidates with a click of button to s specific job we have posted. It also helps to to post to job boards & other social media platform. As a user it was easy to post the job. Every day you will be notified with the latest candidates applied to your jobs.

If 2 recruiters are working for same jobs there would be chances of candidate duplicate in terms of the applicants
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020
Joell Spee

It's helped us the most because we do our recruitment on a regular basis. So rather than having all the applications go to your inbox, clogging up your email, and potentially losing really awesome candidates falling through the cracks of all your email mess, it sends all of the applications to one cool app and through the app you're able to manage the applicants based on the pipeline stage that they're in, and the actions need to happen with them.

The spotlighted feature for this app is really that it's super easy to track your applicants. It makes it really easy to see where everyone's at in their state different stages, you can add comments, you can rate them, you can pass them over to someone else on your team to review, and a lot of other functionality and workflow love in there. Some more of the top features; you can do a job board posting through the app itself. So once you get your job ad in there you can basically have it sent to, at the moment for Canadians at Glass Door and Indeed, hopefully some more Canadian job boards in the future. There's a career site that comes along with it too. So basically it helps you to build out a careers page that's on brand with the rest of your website, so people can go and see your careers page all your jobs posted there really easily and apply for those. There's the candidate pipeline, so being able to see visually where the candidates are in the pipeline so if you're out the need to do a phone screen, or in-person interview, or second interview, what have you. Really easy to see where you're at. Also, we use this app with our clients that we do recruitment for and it makes it really easy for us to collaborate. So, they're able to gain access to see where the applicants that we're recruiting are in the pipeline and be able to comment on some of the applicants we have in there.

At the moment you can send a calendar invite to a candidate through the app which is pretty cool but it'd be great to be able to send them a link for them to book time based on your calendar. So almost like a Calendly plugin or something like that. This way, if you're having trouble getting in touch with somebody you can just send them a link and then they can book the time based on when they're available. That would speed things up a little bit. We'd love to see a Craigslist integration as well, at the moment you have to go out to Craigslist post the job. From there the resumes and everything will come into Recruitee, but having to go out into Craigslist to post is a little bit of a nuisance. by Recruitee on 20/06/2019 Hi Aislinn,Thank you for your review, it's great to see some love from Canada! We are happy that you appreciate the collaborative aspect of Recruitee as this what we are all about.Following your comment, is now available for you to post your job on, should you come across other job boards that you would like to have integrated, let us know or post directly on our Roadmap!Pro tip: our recent Scheduler feature allows candidates to book an appointment themselves based on your availability, check it out on our Help Center or contact us and we will help you out. Best regards,
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020

Overall I am very happy with the use of Recruitee, nice and simple to use and a great customer support team who are always ready to help us out.

Recruitee is very easy to use and has some interesting features. What I like most about Recruitee is the helpful people in their customer support team. They always respond very quickly and are very supportive when we have questions about their product.

It would be helpful if there comes an automated way of shifting candidates who want to stay in our database versus candidates who want to be deleted in terms of GDPR. Also I would be interested in more features for retrieving interesting reports based on our recruitment data.
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020

Last months I reviewed some ATS and must say Recruitee is one of the post easy and affordable ATS for the moment. Also their support rocks. Having direct contact with the founder, even on Sundays, says a lot about their customer centricity. They listen to the feedback and try to incorporate changes in their scrumwise project delivery. i look forward to the changes they still will make in future based on the client feedback they get...

-webbased, cloud service

- linkedin integration down due to privacy feedback from linkedin, hope it will be resolved soon as other competitors still use this functionality
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020
Kohn Mozena

I've been using Recruitee for a few months now and I must say: it's made my life a whole lot easier! Of course, it saves loads of time to just promote your vacancy to many different sites with just the click of a button. But that's not all. The way the candidates are shown, the way we can easily move them from one phase to the other, the ways of communicating with them: all very good. A big upside for me is that more recruiters can work within the tool at once, and leave messages for each other as well. Another big plus is the excellent customer service: I get answers to my question within 10 minutes; we're calling, e-mailing, texting each other and they're always thinking of ways to make stuff easier for me. It just feels very personal. Also, the suggestions I've made in things I'd like to see differently are really picked up and implemented into Recruitee, which is something I haven't really experienced with other tools. All in all a big recommendation from me towards Recruitee.

Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020
Deacon Goral

A very useful recruiting software.

It makes the overview of the recruiting process easier now. Gathering all the information, and giving it to the right people is way easier now. Knowing if we have the same candidate applying for other positions or applying again is easier now.

They are working on small fixes (email notifications and camera settings) that will make the product better to use.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020
Bickart Finzel

Easy to use- no learning curve

Haven't had a single one issue. I need to type more characters to hit the minimum- almost there.
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020
Enalda Barran

The overview, the possibilities for collaboration (internal and external) and the great customer service.

Scheduled e-mail features would make it even better and sync with Gmail could work better.
Comentário deixado em 02/25/2020

- fácil de usar

that I'm forced to answer this question, while I have no cons ;)
Comentário deixado em 02/11/2020

overview: easy access to participant info

lack of analysis possibilities.
Comentário deixado em 12/13/2019
Akel Haskett

Overall, we like using Recruitee, it's easy to use and convenient. I think it's a good fit for any startup that needs an easy-to-use and GDPR-compliant recruiting system.

- Easy to get the job portal live and customize it

- The mobile app broke many times for us and wouldn't work at all for weeks, then got fixed
Comentário deixado em 11/06/2019

Recruitee is very easy to use and has a nice look and feel. Implementation time was less than 10 days and we received good support from Recruitee. No need to train our Hiring Managers, because they did find out themselves before I could offer any help. Recruitee keeps on developing their software and they are listening to customer feedback.

Recruitee has limited possibilities to customize, but the 'standard' option is more than sufficient in our case.
Comentário deixado em 09/16/2019

Fantastic product. Allows us to organize our team, keep a robust record of candidates for proactive and rainy day opps, and generally gave us a framework to up our recruiting game. Highly recommended.

It organized our recruiting efforts, ensuring candidates didn't slip through the cracks. Also enabled collaboration. Specifically enjoy: email logging, candidate records are easy to find info and organized, collaboration is easy / intuitive, easy to structure templates to customize. So much better than a spreadsheet!

It's only as useful as your team is bought into it. Not a con, but make sure you onboard and enforce your teams use.
Comentário deixado em 08/26/2019
Cory Rethman

Recruitee is so easy to use and makes a lot of the must do tasks of recruiting candidates quick and painless!

I wish it also included compensation data in it. One of the other programs we reviewed encompasses this into the program and helps to complete the entire hiring process in one program.
Comentário deixado em 07/22/2019
Plantagenet Hanagan

I think that Recruitee really help our screening and recruiting process. Is a smart tool, easy to use and with a lot of potential.

Talent Pools and screening questions are very usefull, even when you need to filter past candidates

The fact that if a candidate send three different applications you need to match the profile, it isn't automatic
Comentário deixado em 05/08/2019
Carolin Gutermuth

Beautiful, intuitive interface that allows us to manage applicants easily. This was a huge undertaking for us as we grew and Recruitee had most of the features we needed. I love the feature that allows you to create a custom website page that acts as your "Careers" page.

Really wish they had a HubSpot form integration. If applicants could fill out a form and automatically enter into Recruitee it would save a ton of hassle.
Comentário deixado em 04/24/2019

Recruitee has a gorgeous user interface that allows us to organize applicants in a streamlined way. This has changed the way we schedule interviews, send offer or thank you letters. We searched for a long time before finding Recruitee and are completely satisfied with the product.

A custom form would be the only thing missing from this software. If I could embed a custom application form on my "Apply" page of the website, and have it automatically populate the Recruitee back-end, I would be ecstatic. As of right now we're doing it with the tools provided, which is mostly fine.
Comentário deixado em 02/12/2019
Roumell Tinkham

We would not be where we are now without Recruitee. The results you get are absolutely fantastic and we couldn't be happier. I had to stop the vacancies at one point because we were getting too many applicants!

- Very user friendly!

- AI feature is rough around the edges but it's only just been released.
Comentário deixado em 01/14/2019
Usanis Poggio

The tool is extremely usefull and easy to use. They have been updating the tool constantly, so the new features are according to our requirements.

Nothing relevant. There are some updates we'd love but I understand are on the developmnet pipeline.
Comentário deixado em 12/18/2018
Vern Gutter

First off, they've won a lot of awards..That should speak for itself. I really enjoy how Recruitee's platform is extremely simplified. I like that they offer a free trial before you buy. That's not as common as you'd think. Additionally, and I normally don't say this, their pricing is pretty affordable compared to competing products. Lastly, a feature that I personally don't use but is beneficial for a lot of folks is the fact that you can sync with your social media accounts like Instagram or Linkedin.

The only thing I can think of, which I do suggest, would be to allow browsing users the opportunity to get the free trial without having to request a demo and or speak to someone at the company.
Comentário deixado em 12/14/2018
Philip Gilbar

Constantly adding new features at a high pace.

Website sometimes a bit slow
Comentário deixado em 12/12/2018

I think it is a great software for recruitment, however, there are many things to improve to make it 'the best' software out there, like more filtering options. And for GDPR, it'd be great if the deletion could be automatically set.

I enjoy the design of the software and how easy it is to add candidates and browse their profiles, how many functions it has, allowing for scheduling meetings, sending emails, having all the attachments available in the same area, how easy it is to create different pipelines for different positions. I also really appreciate them adding GDPR related options.

The way in which the emails are being displayed is highly confusing as it's not chronological and doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. In addition, there are functions that should be available.. like searching for candidates using several filters at a time, for example, I can search everyone who speaks Spanish for example but cannot search people who speak spanish AND who have a secondary education (just to give a random example). by Recruitee on 24/12/2018 Hi,Thank you for your feedback. We're happy to hear you enjoy working with Recruitee. Customer experience is one of our priorities so we would love to get in touch to get more details about your experience with the mailbox. Also, I'm more than happy to show you how you can use multiple filters and Boolean Search in the candidate database.Please contact us via [email protected] Kind regards,Simone van Eijk
Comentário deixado em 11/23/2018

Recruitee is a Tool which gets the Job done. It makes you scream at times and the UI makes you wonder wether the curses you just heared actually really came out of your own mouth. Then again it provides a hassle free way to set up Job offerings, keeps applicants in a clean status and supports your day to day work with simplifications that save you time (once you learned the UI).

Back weh we started to use Recruitee we had a bunch of Email boxes and excel files. All our Job offerings were hand made and someone had to invest a huge amount of time making connections, answering emails and often only one step ahead of mishaps, confusion and losing potential candidates. This all changed when we introduced Recruitee. All of a sudden we had Trackable job offerings, Pipelines for candidates, a truly reliable control for who had access to what, Email templates and even some basic reporting. It was like a whole new world for us, and a great one. Today soe of the Features remain great. The Pipelines and Process structure for aplliccants works like a charm. Also building job offerings and integrating them into our career portal works really fantastically. Email templates are used a lot still as are the team discussion functionalities for applicants. Also sharing an application for a limited time with key members of the team he is supposed to work in is really easy, reasonably secure and easy to do.

All the Core Features are there and are okay. In May Areas however the user Interface suffers. PDF files, especially for the CV is a chore to use with magnification functionalities that make me scream. Also lot of the simple and clean user experience from teh early days has been cluttered up by additional features. As someone who designed UI and UX for a living I feel okay to say: Especially the recently added Email functionalities have never been properly user tested. The UI is hard to learn and in this particular area. The support works fast and is verry willing to help but often helpless regarding (our specific) cases. Basically a major UI Overhaul is something I would whish for intensely, especially if it could bring back the simplicity and ease of use from the early days by Recruitee on 26/11/2018 Dear Janosch,Thank you for your feedback. We prioritize the customer experience above all else. As our product grows, so too do the UX challenges we face, which is why we have a dedicated team working on some exciting improvements to ensure a simple design and a great user experience.We'd be more than happy to keep you in the loop for this! See DM for more details. Thanks again.Kind regards,Perry Oostdam
Comentário deixado em 11/02/2018

I wanted to be able to publish a job offer, collect applications, evaluate the applicants and have an helicopter view of the whole process. Recruitee allowed me to publish our career site in 3 clicks, manage applications and follow our pipeline of candidates very easily.

The solution is user-friendly and packed with features. I was looking for a Lever replacement (I work in a SMB and we don't have the budget for Lever) and I'm very happy with Recruitee.

The user interface could be easier to understand. One of the features I use the most (the pipeline) is about 3 clicks away from the main dashboard.
Comentário deixado em 10/12/2018

Very useful is the capability to see all the history about people send their CV: from the possibility to merge candidates forms that are equal, to the list of conversation and e-mails between candidate and recruiters. Finally, recruiters comments, that can leave to help others recruiters, are visible and helpful

There is really a lot of information, so it happens that sometimes it is not so easy to find that chart or that stat that you know it exists but you don't remember exactly where
Comentário deixado em 08/07/2018
Benenson Camelin

If you are a 10-200 employer you should seriously think about implementing Recruitee - great product!

If you are looking for recruiting software that is enjoyable to use then Recruitee should be on your list. I find the drag and drop functionality really great. These guys have also taken so much time to think about flexibility. From custom hiring process to job advert template and even so much flexibility on your sourcing strategy. You can have Recruitee setup without having to get any technical implementation teams involved and changing a few things is also something you can do quickly and by yourself. Dashboards are custom, useful and easy to use.

It is more suitable to smaller to mid size companies who are looking to implement something quickly, easily and do not want to be locked into predefined process like the larger providers do. No cons at all.
Comentário deixado em 08/06/2018

Recruitee is a great software but what's even better about it is the customer support that you get with it. I've always been helped very quickly in a friendly and professional manner. One of the rep, in particularly stands out as a great customer representative - always going above and beyond to help you.

Comentário deixado em 08/02/2018

Just a super good product with a great team behind it. I recommend using the tool to all of my customers (as an HR & Recruitment Specialist consultant).

Quick implementation, easy to use, really clear content on usability, great customer service, just an "all you need recruitment tool".

You have to do a lot of self-study to keep yourself up to date on features and I tend to be a lazy recruiter who does not do that.
Comentário deixado em 06/13/2018

Re-organised all the recruiting channels around Recruitee, benefited from integrations such as importing from Linkedin. Career website easy to set up and clean

Ease of use, follow the progress of a role search, add reviews for a candidate, add interviewers with limited access, browse through history of candidates

The career website customisation can be improved with further customisation. cost is quite high for smaller organisations
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2018

it's super easy to use. Our recruitment process is so efficient and its really easy to use with our clients, we are all able to look at the same organization and candidates while sharing notes and thoughts without having to meet in person.

There needs to be some features love. There have been lots of features released since we started using the software, however, some Canadian job board love would be awesome!
Comentário deixado em 02/15/2018
Myrtie Northouse

Give it a try! It´s easy to use to promote openings and handle applications.

This product is very simple in use. It supports your recruitment process in a collaborative way making sure you do not lose candidates. You also can adjust recruitment workflow based on the nature of vacancy. It allow certain people with certain admissions, it is User-friendly, easy to get up and running, clear dashboard, amazing support team with a good sense of humor. Way better than some more 'well-known' ATS. They really focus on making the product, but stay at super reasonable and affordable prices. Provide clear overview of pipeline and all kinds of customized adjustment per job. Supports career site. Love the team notes, review and task feature - so helpful. Very nice reports with data. Involve team members in recruitment and make communication easier and faster. Too many good functions! Love it as a recruiter.

Not possible to work with authorizations if we are looking for some particular visa status like cannot search for H1B or usc or green card
Comentário deixado em 01/11/2018
Clint Morasca

I am happy to use Recruitee. Good quality product and affordable for small companies.

User interface, usability, nice email features, easy to navigate and configure with other tools, ex. calendar

As a client, you have to choose a package which contains a limited number of your job advertisements. It could not be a problem, but when we have two office locations, we have to make two advertisements which use our limit of ads. It could be avoided by just adding a special feature.
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A lot of integrations with the tools we use very much as agency. You don't need to have any knowledge of coding to setup complex IFTT sequences.

Not every tool is integrated, would be great if it was so, but their working on it so not even that big a con
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For Americans this isn't the best bet as they are in Europe on pretty much an opposite time zone. Also is not good for recruiting teams, staffing agencies, and the like as they aren't really capable of supporting a mass amount of jobs without some negotiation. I look at service in a 360 perspective. The first 180 was good when we signed up but the other side of the coin was a huge let down - they literally just stopped communicating with us even though they are holding 500+ applicants and all of the data we have on them. It's still there now, with no way to access it or do anything about it without shelling out cash to a third party. Hugely disappointing. It is due to my overall experience that I can not, in good conscience, recommend this product to anyone but my competitors because I know ultimately it won't go the distance for them and will put them at a disadvantage, which in the long run will benefit us. It is what it is.

This product was very easy to use, also the customer service during our companies onboarding to the product was great. There was no shortage of help. They even worked with us to develop a solution that included more jobs as we maxed out their highest plan almost immediately.

Ultimately we left Recruitee because we needed something that could handle ATS, hiring, onborarding, and communications with and to existing staff. When we let it be known that we were leaving the tone of everything abruptly changed. No more customer service, our contact no longer communicated with us, and the IT team just sent us a link to their API to retrieve our data encompassing over 500 applicants in varying stages. Upon further investigation the API that they provided left the data in several pieces. In order to retrieve it we were forced with the option of developing custom script on our own or paying a developer a rate, which was the lowest bid we could find due to the time it would take to extrapolate it all. Ultimately with this Recruitee let us down. They boast that all of the data you insert into their system is yours but that's not necessarily true. by Simone on 29/12/2017 Dear Ken, We're sorry to hear about your experience. We always aim for the highest standard of customer service and experience. We appreciate your feedback and we would like to take this chance to improve.First of all, we're happy to hear that you had a positive experience during the onboarding. As you can see on other reviews, our Customer Support is rated highly by all users. To make sure all of our customers experience the same standard of support, we have a dedicated Customer Support team based in the US. They can be reached via different channels such as the live chat, email, and phone. I wish you would have had the chance to meet them, they would have been more than happy to help you during your office hours. Second, it is correct that we have tailored plans for companies with a bigger number of jobs. The main reason is that bigger companies often need more support for onboarding. To personalize these services, we find it important to discuss in order to offer the best tailored package if you're interested.Finally I would like to let you know that the data in Recruitee is yours. We never use or sell candidate data or any other information you collect. We offer a standard API export for all users. We hope in the future, we could customize it further so that it can fulfill more complex export requests.Best regards, Simone
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Total Management of Recruiting process, across all channels.

-Fácil de usar.

- Email integration is a bit buggy
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Makes me faster, keeps me organized.

It's easy, so so so easy. It's not that expensive. They have clever tools that I didn't know I wanted until I saw them, like the ability to source applicants you look at with a chrome extension, a dummy proof careers page that is customizable, an internal kanban board, the ability to share with people who don't want to login to anything (HR peeps you know what I am talking about). Easy integration with free job boards and all resumes are searchable (this is key for finding people in your past pools, that you think would be good for new jobs that opened up, its better than having to "tag" everything liek a lot of ATSs require). They know their EU data law compliance and general knowledge of EU laws associated with recruiting (So US, we aren't good at this one... )

The only things I would change are how the sourcing code is generated for sites so if I get something off angel, I jsut want that code generated, it's easy and doable as is, but I was spoiled by my last ATS that did it for me.
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Som Deadmond

Really appreciate your work, keep it up!

I liked its user-friendly interface, great team working 24 hours, ready to give advice, to answer any questions.

I would say that it depends on many factors, but for only IT recruitment it doesn't help very much, you can get maybe 2 applications in a month for Eastern Europe.
Comentário deixado em 09/04/2017
Goss Rudish

Just loved it, it's awesome, and I can see there is a lot of effort put on the ATS. Also, the contact from support was amazing, she is motivated to understand my needs. I think that the type of subscription also makes a lot of sense for my company.

I would like to have a CRM tool also, and I would probably would like that once in the RECRUITEE CRHOME EXTENSION, and in Linkedin, that I immediately could upload the cv, or the program would do from the candidates' page, this would speed up things.
Comentário deixado em 06/07/2017

Ability to allow clients access to my system, so I can work with them in the collaborative and transparent way that we love

I spent days evaluating 30+ ATS's via trials / demos etc. (and looking at hundreds overall). This was the ONLY one that had what I needed. I work very collaboratively with my clients and want to be able to let them into my platform. This allows me to do so, and the permissions are so incredibly comprehensive and flexible I can work with them in an endless number of ways. the search / filters are incredible as well, so this allows really easy report creation for me, as well as transparency. The service and people are fantastic -- top notch team. I'm so excited and relieved to have found them. And pricing is fantastic as well. UI is fantastic. Careers site is wonderful. Reseller model incredibly advantageous. This is a product I can believe in.

Copy and paste from Word into job description for posting (even when using the copy/paste from word button) is not good (bullets will go missing). There may be an easy workaround - I haven't asked them for help with that. And I really wish I could purchase ziprecruiter boosts on their site so I could get rid of my ziprecruiter subscription by Recruitee on 19/07/2017 Hello Leila, Thank you for the review and feedback. We have added a Word copy-paste feature to all job creation forms. Good one! Kind regards, Perry (co-founder)
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Nicolle Kron

Streamlined our recruitment process with the minimum of fuss, so we can now focus on what's important: finding great candidates. Their subscriptions are great value for money compared with other providers, and the user interface is streets ahead when it comes to clarity and ease of use. It can do with some more advanced scoring and reporting features, but they are actively improving the product with a transparent development plan - and the customer support is excellent.


Lacks some more advanced scoring and reporting options
Comentário deixado em 12/07/2016

Having never really thought about recruiting portals I wasn't sure what to expect. Recruitee cut down on hiring time along with us to better screen candidates and get the adverts out quicker. It helped track the hiring flow making for smoother interviews and follow-ups.

Fácil de usar.

Comentário deixado em 10/22/2016

We tried over 6-7 ATS and selected Recruitee over others for:

Simple to use. Screen Real-estate / navigation is too good...

Creating Custom Fields is currently kept for each CVs and this needs to be made as GLOBAL or for all as many times the customs fields are required for all. Wish there is a provision to LINK other country specific Job Portals viz: Naukri (for India) to make the tool more widely acceptable.
Comentário deixado em 07/07/2016

Great system, very high tech. Easy to use and makes the process a lot faster. I'm waiting for the android app. I can't wait for it!

The overall functionality of the software

So far, I don't have much dislikes. Well there is one thing they would be able to do and that is be to create job templates a different way. It does it already, but not the way I wish it would.
Comentário deixado em 05/01/2016
Clarita Mcfalls

For the fast growing companies, I am an advisor at, I have found that recruiting is probably the most important growth feature a company can have. Therefore, I have researched what tools are out there in the market and made an extensive comparison. , is by far the easiest and most feature rich tool without creating clutter. Many people within the organisation need to work with the tool and therefore simplicity is a must but core features make it a real power tool.


I would intro video's to make it and even faster onboarding
Comentário deixado em 04/18/2016

This product is very simple in use. It supports your recruitment process in a collaborative way making sure you do not lose candidates. You also can adjust recruitment workflow based on the nature of vacancy.

The integration with linkedin stopt working on request of linkedin. I know they are looking for a solution, since this is really a nice feature
Comentário deixado em 01/09/2016

We used Recruitee to hire our first 5 employees. As a startup you have limited resources for hiring and you want to spend the most time talking to customers and improving your product. Because we used Recruitee we were able to very effectively get our team together, and focus on growing the business again.

Build in email

I'm having a really hard time thinking of Cons. One thing that was missing was the option to add a linkedIn profile to candidates after they have applied with an CV
Comentário deixado em 12/24/2015

We've started with Recruitee and we had the whole system running in no time. When we faced difficulties with the website it took a little longer to solve the issue. It's quick and easy, chatoption with help is nice. The options for customization of the site are limited, but they are working on further improvements. Also the cost aspect is very friendly, for a smaller business perfect. A lot of technology for a very nice price. Overall we're satisfied and we like the improvements that Recruitee is constantly making!

começo rápido

the options for the "look and feel" for the website are limited (but they are working on it)
Comentário deixado em 10/01/2015

For me Recruitee is in line with the other SaaS tools we use: not too heavy like SalesForce or Zendesk (or Workable, in their space), and a lot cheaper. But it's rich in features, yet simple to use.

- Interface

- Not too good in automated email tracking by Recruitee on 25/11/2015 Thanks a lot for the review! As of this week, we included a two-way emailing syncing! Gmail/IMAP/SMTP. We'd love to hear your feedback.

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