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Mailchimp's all-in-one Marketing Platform helps small businesses market smarter so you can grow faster. As the backbone for your customer relationships, they provide AI-powered, user-friendly tools anyone can use to be successful. Mailchimp puts your audience at the center so you can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, and sell online.
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2020
Leroy Ballman

My experience with Mailchimp has been more than satisfactory. I am pleased, generally, with the results I've achieved using the software, and highly recommend it.

I like how easy and intuitive Mailchimp is to follow. Once you get the hang of it -- particularly the editing portion -- it can be a really useful tool for managing lists and sending bulk emails. I've found the e-mails generally look good, don't go to spam folders as often, and their marketing techniques clearly work. There are some Mailchimp nuances, for sure, but once you get the hang of it, it is a really powerful piece of software.

The software is a little on the expensive side, in my opinion, and the functionality is more limited than it should be. There are only flat rates and rates based on list size -- so if you're doing a political campaign, it can be a bit tough to find enough money to afford those kinds of rates. For organizations, however, and other entities, it would probably be great.
Comentário deixado em 04/09/2020

I am really happy knowing that I am making use of a powerhouse in the ESP industry with Drip.

It is available in different solutions: forever free, monthly plans and pay as you go. As they say, a tool for pros, prices for everyone.

The App is frequently updated, very frequently, meaning that you might have to master the way interfaces work at any update. Frequent updates can be exhausting for the users.
Comentário deixado em 04/08/2020
Columbine Tregoning

Overall we are extremely happy with MailChimp and have no plans to move to another outbound email provider anytime in the foreseeable future.

MailChimp makes it extremely easy to contact everyone on your contact list in the way that best suits the communication you're trying to send. Anything from simple newsletters to static lists, to dynamically tagged segments within those lists, to individual transnational emails, MailChimp takes care of all of the technical and compliance aspects of email delivery so you can focus on contacting the right person at the right time to get your message heard.

There is very little about MailChimp I don't like, however if I had to choose one thing, it is that I think their built in templates are all too similar and it is too easy to spot all the MailChimp email templates hitting your inbox. Yes, you can really customize emails if you dig really deep into the technical side, but not all end users are up for that. I would like to see more user friendly customization on the normal MailChimp templates to further differentiate brands outbound emails from one another.
Comentário deixado em 04/08/2020
Sunil Gordhan

Overall, it is a great platform and is quite popular. I do recommend it to my students and new beginners who want to explore Email marketing.

One thing I like about this software is the free version which allows me reach a good number of clients and prospective clients.

Mailchimp does not support Affiliate Marketing and Concurrency which is quite understandable.
Comentário deixado em 04/08/2020

This has been a great economical and environmental conscious replacement for our church's weekly bulletin. It allowed us to reach folks in our church both in English and Japanese as well as others who just want to stay connected.

We loved that they offered a freemium service which is phenomenal in its options. It is super easy to set up and create content. It allowed us to have a Japanese bulletin for our church members as well. Its easy to share and to sign up. We get great metrics every week. There's an app and integrations available as well.

Really, I can only think of one. Sometimes, the formatting of the digital content within the iPhone looks like it is set for an iPad or perhaps an larger screen iPhone so the user has to slide the graphic around some. Not a big deal (again it's free!) but minor irritation.
Comentário deixado em 04/07/2020

I’ve set up 7 small business with Mailchimp. It’s easy enough to set up and then train someone to use and maintain. It solved customer retention problems and can grow with your business.

It’s so simple and easy to get started. It makes basic email marketing something a business owner can handle and manage at the start.

It can be expensive once you reach your subscriber limit. I also wish there were more designs available or available for purchase individually.
Comentário deixado em 04/06/2020

MailChimp is a very popular email marketing platform that makes it easy to send out mail campaigns. We use a great plugin for our gravity forms pushing anyone that submits a form on our website to a specific MailChimp list, group, or segment. This makes it easier than trying to regularly upload a list each time it changes. It's popular for good reasons as setting up templated emails is really simple, guided by a step-by-step process with additional coding and advanced setup features. It also allows for RSS feeds to be sent to a blog signup list. Creating automatic drip campaigns is another feature we utilize heavily and works great at increasing follow-up. The split A/B testing is a great way to test the messages of your marketing campaign. Being able to see the reports on clicks and users makes it one of the best features of MailChimp. We use it as a way to know our warm leads we should be reaching out to.

Although being easy to use, the few spots you get snagged up on are better resolved through a Google search than a chat to the support people. They stink. The other big con to MailChimp is the way it handles lists, groups, segments, and signup forms. Because MailChimp bills you for every last contact you have with your lists, creating duplicate lists can be an expensive mistake. The only way to separate contacts without getting double billed is to use segments and groups. This creates a challenge when using the signup forms, as the person will have to choose their preferred group to join. It would be better if MailChimp either made the signup forms group based or allowed for separate lists without duplicate charges. The other big downside to MailChimp is the difficulty with managing a user's email preferences. For example, if a user only wants to receive monthly emails instead of weekly emails, creating that option can be a bit tricky without some careful planning. It would be simpler if MailChimp created a frequency option as a customer profile option. This would fail-safe against sending out too many emails to someone that wanted fewer emails.
Comentário deixado em 04/04/2020
Cristy Madziar

One of the best experience of my entrepreneur life. So easy so fast most importantly so user friendly!

What I like most about this software is that it has a FREE FOR LIFE option as well as a paid option. That's a good thing for beginners because being that your just starting out you don't want to be waisting money on products that your not sure if your going to keep. Mailchimp allows you to use its full functionalities but at the same time at ease. You don't have to worry about rushing because of a trial date etc. In addition to that, it has automated emails as well as building a landing page! What more can a beginner ask for. Plus in the long run when you have a high audience 5000, 50000, 5million, etc mailchimp is proven to be the cheapest!

I honestly don't have much about the software that I dislike if any at all. Maybe just one thing, if they had beautiful landing page themes that would just be the cherry on top. :)
Comentário deixado em 04/02/2020

Compared to the program we were using before, I much prefer Mailchimp. Its simple, user friendly, the layout is aesthetically pleasing and the techs are quick to get it up and running again when the site is down (which isn't often).

I love the customization of this program, and the ease of use. If I ever run into an issue with a clients HTML it is usually always an easy fix within Mailchimp. When time is everything, that is a big deal.

I haven't run into issues personally. But the phone app was not saving edits months ago when I first tried it.
Comentário deixado em 04/02/2020

My overall experience with Mailchimp was a positive one. It worked well with our CRM, and was well supported by their sales and service teams. We used Mailchimp to drive email marketing efforts and, in turn, drive inbound leads and software demo requests. It was incredibly successful, as the company has continued to grow throughout our time of using mailchimp. Additionally, we saw an increase in inbound leads each month over the first 12 months of using Mailchimp. While the send and contact restriction did cause some frustration and delays, the overall experience was quite positive. I would recommend Mailchimp to other companies.

What I liked most about Mailchimp was it's ease of use (for our applications) and the company's customer service. It was very easy to use Mailchimp in conjunction with our CRM, HubSpot to help our email marketing efforts. We would sort, export, and download targeted lists of customers from HubSpot and upload those lists to Mailchimp. This process was incredibly easy and allowed us to be more efficient and timely with our email marketing campaigns. Additionally, any time we had any questions or issues about Mailchimp, their customer service and sales teams were always incredibly helpful and quick to respond.

What I liked least about this software was the pricing plan restrictions. My software company had a very, very large customer and prospect base. We targeted many different markets with a large number of people within each organization. Our software could be used by entire companies, so reaching out to many different decision makers or users was an effective marketing strategy. However, the pricing plans restricted us to a certain number of sends and contacts per month. We often found ourselves having to meet to discuss where we were going to make cuts to our email marketing efforts, which took away time from being productive. We essentially had to ration our sends on a monthly basis, because we did not see the value in the price increase for more sends. Although it would have helped our company operationally, it would have been too expensive. I feel they need to increase the number of contacts and sends for each pricing plan.
Comentário deixado em 03/31/2020
Adalai Pedroso

We mostly use Mailchimp to send out a monthly newsletter to our clients. The once a month email keeps our name in front of our current clients, old clients and potential clients. This keeps us in their minds and in their inboxes.

This software is easy to use. There are pre-made templates to allow for easy and quick setup. There are also options to create your own template. MailChimp has many amazing free plan options for companies or individuals starting to explore email campaigns. There are also upgrade options for larger email audiences or upgrade options. This makes it perfect for companies of all sizes and client bases. The campaign setup is easy and straight to the point to help users of all technical abilities as well. The integration this software offers between email campaigns, adds and websites are awesome!

Personally, I have had a hard time knowing who to call or how to reach someone when I've required tech support. The way the contacts are organized could be better. They are labeled with things like "clean" and "unsubscribed" but the way to remove or organize those labels is unclear and difficult to figure out. I wish there were more options to personalize your campaign report. If you could customize how it is read by percentage read, #clicks, etc and choose what kind of graph it shows up on (bar graph vs pie chart vs etc).
Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020
Gabe Brzycki

I've used Mailchimp as an admin and editor for four years. The system is always improving and very user-friendly. I'd recommend MailChimp to any small-midsize organization as it is a very good value with excellent customer support.

I love the ease of use with designing email and scheduling. It's easy to sort campaigns and run comparative reports to identify trends for opens and click rates.

I wish there were an integration plug in to easily pull bounces and unsubscribes from Simpleview, my CRM system. This is a manual process and time consuming.
Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020

Earlier, we used to send mails using a mail client and later realized it is hectic to track the campaign progress and effectiveness. So we have decided to use a mailing software and started exploring Mail Chimp. We have imported all our verified email contacts at one shot and also integrated our newsletter signup process to Mail Chimp. It is big time saver. Reaching 1000s of email contacts at one shot and love the intelligent reporting.

A few irritants are observed
Comentário deixado em 03/29/2020
Sheeree Gonneville

Mailchimp is a super easy to use email marketing platform. It's small-business friendly by offering their "freemium" model that allows you have a subscriber list up to a certain number of contacts for free. Once you get to a certain level of subscribers, only then do you need to pay.

They change their interface a lot, which is annoying to have to relearn where different features are after an "update". Sometimes, like with all WYSIWYG editors, the layouts can become broken for whatever reason. You may need to dig into the code view to find unclosed tags or whatever to debug weird formatting that may happen as you're creating your campaigns.
Comentário deixado em 03/29/2020
Olympie Hilgefort

We use Mailchimp most days to send out communications to a variety of our members. Sometimes it's to everyone, other times just to business partners or our operators. It's very easy to use and it keeps all of our email communications very organized. No second guessing when something was sent or how many people opened it and clicked through.

Mailchimp is very a very easy to use, plug and play email program. No need for you to know HTML (although that can be helpful at times). Mailchimp allows my team to stay on top of our marketing efforts, creating multi-use templates, custom layouts, a simple gallery (where you can make basic photo edits right there) and more.

Sometimes spacing is a little off and there's no easy way to fix it. Otherwise, I think Mailchimp is a very good email client.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020
Gonta Deguise

This platform helped us to start a mailing list campaign, reduce our fixed costs until our revenues increased and we could afford the extra features that we needed to boost our marketing efforts.

This platform allows you to create your signup forms starting for free, which is excellent if you are working with a tight budget.

I can't find any feature that I would like to improve, this platform is simple, powerful and very easy to use.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020

MailChimp is a great software for managing mailing list marketing and i would highly recommend for any businesses looking to optimise their mailing marketing with this very simplisitic and intuitive software.

Mailchimp has a very easy to use interface when mailing list has been imported and can allow for scheduling of emails and customised headers for user names for better engagement. Very intuitive interface and quick to learn for marketing emails. One of the best mailing services I've used. Have more recently started to use for optimising my marketing using their analytics provided. By using Mailchimp to analyse our engagement of emails, we noticed what made members of mailing list more likely to open our emails and increased our engagement significantly using the mailchimp analytics and optimising our emails.

I have to add new users to the mailing list manually and no option in my version to have mailing list automated or retrieve new users from a form. Could be better used if provided analytics on better performance and gave suggestions on improving user engagement in emails would be better. More analytics could be provided and potential solutions to low engagement would be a big improvement as current analytics are limited for much larger scale marketing campaigns.
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020
Suzy Eury

Mailchimp makes it easy for my employer and her company to stay in touch and update clients on a weekly basis. I can create a campaign and schedule it for delivery within a couple of minutes.

I love how user-friendly this software is...the program guides you through each step and allows you to drag/drop design options. You don't need a graphic design degree to create beautiful mailings.

It would be nice if they could provide a bit more tech help when creating mailing lists or at least some tips to maintaining accurate mailing lists.
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020
Evanne Stapleford

I work at a non-profit where regular communication is essential to inform donors of our progress, and to recruit volunteers for our organization. Mailchimp has become one of my go-to software programs because it gives me all the design flexibility I want (including inserting our logo and photos of our organization), I can send hundreds of emails at a time, it allows me to track opens and clicks within the email (which has helped us understand the effectiveness of our campaigns), and gives me a professional end product that looks sharp. Finally, mailchimp is awesome becuase it does everything we need it to do at no cost to us. I don't know of a better email campaign software! I teach a class to volunteers at our non profit on ways they can communicate better, and I always show them the treasure I have found in Mailchimp!

Mailchimp allows you to create beautiful, professional-looking emails.

I think it still takes a bit of figuring out if you have never worked with software like this before. It's not hard, it just takes patience to get in and find out all the options that are available to you, especially if you want to do more personalizing on designs. Also, all your photos that are used in the software will have to be uploaded, which can take a while. (If your internet speed is slow, you will likely become frustrated at the time it takes for a photo (especially one with more size) to upload. This was something I didn't account for when initially planning my time investment, but once you have the photos uploaded, they can be used at a moment's notice in any of your templates/designs.
Comentário deixado em 03/25/2020
Philipa Linssens

Mailchimp is a wonderful email campaign platform. We are currently utilizing the free version, going on 5 years now, for our bimonthly newsletters and have never run into a single issue. As a marketer, my favorite thing about Mailchimp is the ability to share our newsletters and subscribe links via social media. You can also create pop-ups or static forms to embed on your website so that when people subscribe they are automatically added to your subscriber list.

Mailchimp’s free plan allows you to have up to 2,000 subscribers and includes 12,000 emails you can send out, per month. For those new to Mailchimp, there are numerous preset templates you can choose from which you can further customize to your liking or create your own from scratch. Campaign templates can incorporate images, polls, embedded videos, call to actions, plain text, and custom HTML. Once you have created a template – with the specific look you are looking for – you can duplicate it and create your next campaign so you do not have to start from scratch. It’s likely you will encounter someone on your subscriber list who either resides or works for a company in the EU. Mailchimp has all the needed GDPR tools and regulations in place to make your campaign process as easy and stress free as possible to manage.

I have very few complaints about Mailchimp, but I do wish they could incorporate spell check into their system somehow to help expedite the editing process. Also keep in mind, if you choose to upgrade from the free plan into a paid plan, you can only downgrade back down to the free plan once. If you choose to make any changes to a campaign that has already been sent off, it will not update those campaigns, it will only show those updated changes to those you send the campaign to after saving those changes. Meaning if you find a mistake in a campaign you have recently sent out, know that there is no “undo” or fix.
Comentário deixado em 03/24/2020

Ease of use to send emails to our stakeholders and audience. Great metrics, integrations and easy to teach to the end users.

I love MailChimp because of its user interface. I've tried teaching a few people how to do this on their own for their personal use, and recommending them to switch to MailChimp from other competitors. They all told me that they are very satisfied with the product! I also love the simplicity of the metrics, and it's highly understandable. I don't need to be a genius data analyst to understand what the metrics mean! I also love that it has some integrations with other tools, especially PowerBI. Works wonders!

I think MailChimp is quite strict with the rules when it comes to sending mails internationally. Perhaps it's because it considers laws applicable in every country for email ethics. I also think there's an opportunity to improve the metrics for geolocation. It only gives me the top 5 locations. I would like to study the behavior of the audience, especially that we are dealing with thousands of mails.
Comentário deixado em 03/24/2020

Overall great experience I recommend MailChip to our small and mid sized clients often.

Very effective for a very reasonable cost. Easy to duplicate campaigns to quickly edit and send the next email. The automated email functions are great to send more robust campaigns.

List management could get overwhelming of you do not think through and manage your lists well. We accidentally deleted a list of contacts as we were trying to clean up having too many smaller lists (we have folks opt in at trade shows) and once you delete a list you cannot add the contact back without a double opt in. Luckily for us we had only deleted one small list so we just lost that one. It would have been awful if we had deleted all the lists thinking we could consolidate and reupload. While we appreciate the double opt in we think we would loose too many contacts that way.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

In general terms, it has been very useful for sending digital bulletins of the company, because it allows to raise statistics about the contents that were opened or ignored, which generates the possibility of segmenting the public by topics of interest and to focus and direct a more direct Similarly, with variations in the design as a solid image, it has been possible to send internal emails to the same company, since as I said before, its incopatibility with mail clients as an outlook prevents better visualization.

To send mass messages to customers and prospects is very useful, since the statistics that emanates after the shipment allows you to verify who received, opened, or ignored your message; with that you can clean up your database, and also determine which public or segments of the public are more interested in your message or by some specific information. The free version has many features that can be used by any company or entrepreneur to massively reach their contacts. In addition the interface for design is quite friendly and intuitive.

When they block a campaign and prevent it from being sent, because there is a high rebound rate, and they prevent you from sending a specific list, they do not tell you which emails are preventing their sending, but they catalog them all and manually you must clean to verify which one or more of them were blocking the campaign.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020
Pinette Petrulis

Really good app for most purposes. The phone app is wonderful and convenient too especially for the statistics.

Really easy to set up with lots of custom ecommerce options to get up and running quickly. Delivery is decent and can work for most companies

Automation are cumbersome to set up and really not ideal for more complex workflows. It also can be a pain to remove the branding and customize some templates to your liking if you're not looking for something past the basic stuff.
Comentário deixado em 03/22/2020
Charlot Layne

We sent out weekly emails to our clients and were able to measure the response rate critically and with enough ease of use that I could delegate the task.

I loved how easy it was to get started and for a small list (up to about 3500 emails) I would recommend this service.

At the time of re-selecting vendors it did not scale to meet our demands with functionality or ability.
Comentário deixado em 03/22/2020
Harlene Ravetto

Mailchimp is very easy to use and has plugins for 99% of the other services my company uses online like our web host, G Suit, forms system, etc which is awesome and works amazingly. Their API is super smooth and simple so it is easy to import and sync all kinds of customer data from one service to another. The analytics mailchimp provides from campaigns is also super helpful, and so are their new automated tasks sending out automatic emails to customers after purchase or after abandoned carts.

My two major complaints are the price points and the flagging system. If you have a very small company the prices are pretty great, but as our customer database grew the prices jumped severally. I wish there is a way to pay less by opting out of some of the features we don't need or use, but it's a set strict pricing tier, all or nothing. Even with the higher prices my company kept on happily using MailChimp, until our account got flagged for 3 false reports. From the research, we investigated it appears that a rival company had their employees sign up for our mailing list, probably for market research keeping an eye on our sales which make sense, until those accounts reported one of our newsletters as spam causing MailChimp to immediately suspend our account. After MONTHS of being a paying customer with no issues, I feel them instantly suspending our account without first contacting us is unacceptable. The automated hoops they made as jump through we ridiculous, and the response time, once we jumped through those hoops, took DAYS - Days we had to pay for even though our account was suspended. two weeks down the road we got our account reactivated, but our request to talk to a member of their team was ignored. Mailchimp treated us guilty until proven innocent, which I would get if we didn't already have an impeccable record with them. We had over a year of 100% upstanding email campaigns using their service and feel like we were treated VERY unfairly. What happens next time that same competitor false flags us, forcing us to pay for service time we can not use? Because of that, I am actively researching other service providers, specifically ones that have actual human employees that reach out before drastic measures such as suspension.
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020
Kelsey Meeks

MailChimp helped us to develop email marketing campaigns with a superior look, feel, and function than we had ever had before. It was what really introduced us to a higher level of email marketing.

The greatest things about MailChimp are (1) its scalability, and (2) its accessibility. When we started on MailChimp, I was the sole user and manager of the software for my team. MailChimp really helped me to shape up our emails and was very easy to access both in-office and on the go, thanks to their mobile application. As we were able to expand the department, it was also easy to add new users and more contacts to our database.

I can say that I would have liked to have more user-friendly access to the overall data from my campaigns on the home dashboard. It was difficult to determine overall trends because I didn't have an easy way of looking at our campaigns as a whole -- this is probably true of a lot of the software out there, but it is one thing that would have differentiated the experience for me. The support was a little lacking, but overall it was just fine for what we needed. We didn't have much trouble with the software itself, fortunately.
Comentário deixado em 03/17/2020

Our overall experience has been fantastic and we've gotten great results from using the features available. We've done everything from creating sign-up popups for use on our website, installed a sign-up form on social media platforms, and then created drip campaigns to multiple segments of our list. The reporting and data that we get back from Mailchimp is also incredibly helpful, and we've been able to create follow-up campaigns for people who either did or did not interact with previous emails very easily.

The robust feature set related to list management is where Mailchimp truly shines. The ability to bring people into our list, tag them based on where they came from, and then automate custom drip campaigns to each of those segments of our list is a powerhouse feature that has made a big difference in our business. Mailchimp does all of this affordably and also allows us to create emails that look great.

Sometimes the sheer number of features available can make it a little harder to find just what you want to do. As the platform has grown, adding new features at a rapid pace, it's inevitable that the user interface will get more confusing. In recent years, the learning curve to use Mailchimp well has increased a bit, but it's still something that even a beginner can use and pick up relatively quickly.
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020

This tool greatly facilitates the creation of campaigns, in addition to helping the analysis of them, allows customization, and get metrics instantly, however being somewhat complex to automate tasks, it can be somewhat tedious to automate campaigns, MailChimp is a tool that can deliver very good results despite being very easy to use, plus it can be integrated with different cms to further enhance its use.

What I like most about this tool is how fast it is to create campaigns, it has professional templates that speed up the creation of campaigns in an incredible way, besides that I can create them with drag and drop nothing else, it is quite useful, and saves a lot of time, I also like a lot that offers a variety of metrics, which allow analyzing campaigns in real time.

I do not like that emails in gmail reach the "Promotions" tab, to automate tasks is not so simple, does not offer many possibilities, should add a greater variety of features, some functions are very hidden so it takes time to find them.
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020

Overall, my MailChimp experience has been excellent. So much so, that not only does my company use MailChimp, but we recommend it to every client who asks about an email platform. It's so easy to use, and has so many additional features, like landing pages and CTA buttons, that it's a no brainer. We've definitely increased lead generation and customer conversions by using MailChimp. Plus, the time required to create a stunning email is half that of other email providers I've used.

MailChimp is my preferred email publishing platform. My favorite part is how easy to use the software is. It's a drag-and-drop system to quickly and efficiently creating emails. The list building feature makes selecting the right contacts for the right message incredibly easy. Plus, MailChimp has tons of extra features, like big, visual call to action buttons, landing page creations (to increase customer conversion rate) and even features to use marketing automation -- all within the platform itself.

While MailChimp does many things right, the list building feature could improve a bit. See, having pre-built lists helps in reducing the total hours required to craft an email. And while MailChimp's list builders are intelligent, it does support the ability to move customers from one list to another, based on their behavior. For many, this feature would not be needed. It's a small complaint, but as MailChimp constantly improves their features, I hope they beef this functionality up in the future.
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020

We've been Mailchimp users for almost 10 years and have always found it a joy to work with. Simple, reliable and feature-rich, it ticks all the boxes for our current needs and has power in reserve when we need it. Plan pricing is very competitive, and our present standard monthly plan allows us to send to up to 10,000 recipients without restriction and we can raise this limit at any time (albeit at additional costs). Delivery rates are excellent, and the reporting tools enable campaigns to be fine-tuned for optimum impact and ROI. The Mailchimp knowledge-base is full of articles and resources that walk you through the basic and more advanced features in plain English. Their friendly and knowledgeable support team are always on hand to assist when necessary too.

- Simple campaign creation & scheduling

- Based in the USA - Possible data location concerns
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020

Mailchimp is used on our organization for targeting our specified customer range. We use it to forward and share promotional mails, special events mail or to advertise new products. Mailchimp working system is quite convenient rather than preparing manual mails for each individual. This tool has lots of potency but still it needs to improve certain services .

With mailchimp, it is really convenient to create several mail campaigns which are specifically focused and is more result oriented from a specified set of people. It comes with pre-installed professional themes for mails. We can also even easily track the responds of the mail and can gather the information about the ongoing campaigns. We can also setup the mail forwarding system in which mails are generated with more ease and are forward to clients on pre-set times. Content management is also very reliable and much more convenient in it.

Mailchimp offers quite heavy quotes when we have to procure premium services for more efficient results. Other than that, mailchimp often gets crashed while working which leads to doing all the stuff in repeat. Result catering from mail campaigns are not even shown in specific sequence or inn some efficient way and sometimes it gets quite a headache to observe the whole results.
Comentário deixado em 03/13/2020
Patrizia Castleman

It is so easy to use. You just plug in the information and attach images as needed. No special HTML coding like we had to use with our Outlook sometimes. Entering our mailing list was also a breeze since we had it imported. For Outlook, as I recall, I could only send at most to 500 email addresses at a time. Otherwise we would be considered spamming people. To be on the safe side I would send to no more than 450 people at a time. When we had bouncebacks I had to manually remove people's email addresses. This all took up so much of my time and my inbox. Mailchimp streamlines all of this ad simplifies my work life. I don't use this at my current job but would definitely recommend for smaller businesses if they want to save their time.

Okay, that was a bad attempt at trying to parody the Geico/caveman commercials, and an insult to chimps. But I wanted to highlight how easy it was to use. I used this at an old job of mine (a 3-person office) at a non-profit organization. Because my boss was stuck in her ways for the longest time she didn't want to get with the times. She didn't utilize social media to promote our shows (I worked in theatre), she kept reaching out to the same schools and community organizations year after year. It wasn't until we had a new employee who took over fundraising and marketing that Mailchimp was implemented. Before that we kept using the same template in Outlook to send out newsletters. It was clunky to use and not very appealing to the receiver.

For the free version you are not able to send to more than 2000 email addresses, which worked for us because we didn't have that many (which is unfortunate for us, but that's besides the point). And as mentioned under the 'Pros' section, it's so standard that you see the same template all the time so it gets a little old and if you are trying to be unique while using the free version, then you won't get far.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020

I simply could not do my job without Mailchimp. Attractive pricing tiers and existing and constantly-updating API integrations keep us from looking elsewhere for an e-mail marketing solution.

I'm not, and don't really want to be, a coder. In my opinion, Mailchimp offers the cleanest and most user-friendly solution to a code-free user end e-mail platform. The automation of saving templates, the e-mails themselves, analytics and WooCommerce integration make Mailchimp invaluable and endlessly flexible.

I do with there was more integration with font sources, ie Google Fonts or the like. I'm sure that's the designer in me talking, but I find myself creating many more graphics and using them as links rather than implementing the built-in buttons or text boxes. The design sections (colors, mobile styles, etc) can seem a bit tedious and forgettable until you notice that something's not quite right when you preview, but overall user-friendliness resolves that problem with time.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020

Not only do I use MailChimp for my business needs, but I recommend it to everyone I know needing to do email marketing. Now that they have integration for WordPress blogs, I recommend it even more. Many of my performer friends use their blogs as announcements for upcoming shows, and now MailChimp can send those announcements automatically. SO EASY!! Love it.

The design possibilities with MailChimp far exceed Constant Contact, which seems to be the industry standard. Their mobile optimization is much better, and the WYSIWYG interface is incredibly intuitive (again, compared to Constant Contact, which is just a nightmare).

The admin functionalities of the software sometimes seem hidden from plain view, but a quick Google search will point me exactly where I need to be. Plus, if I need to create an automation or something on that level, MailChimp's included tutorials are clear and concise.
Comentário deixado em 02/16/2020

I have used Mailchimp for myself and also for my clients. According to my experience, this is the best email marketing tool. My overall experience with Mailchimp is really awesome because the price is really affordable and we can send our message to the subscribers. My digital marketing clients also ask me to promote their products or services, so I always use Mailchimp to advertise the products of my customers. Within a few minutes, I can build a professional email layout that I can send to the people.

Mailchimp is the best and professional tool for Email marketing, here you can design and build professional email layouts without coding knowledge and designing skills. With Mailchimp API you can connect your website with your Mailchimp account, once you connect then people or users of your website directly subscribe through your website. When they subscribe then you can see the details of your new subscriber in your Mailchimp account. Even if you want to promote your E-commerce website products, Mailchimp is really awesome. Because you can add products easily in your email layout and you can link with the products.

Everything about MailChimp is perfect because it's an awesome Digital Marketing tool. So according to my point of view, everything is good. Only you will have to pay a small amount for the email marketing purpose when you want to add a large number of subscribers to your list. The price is also affordable even for beginners.
Comentário deixado em 01/21/2020
Kei Metzinger

We use Mailchimp to handle communication to a social club with a paying membership of 350 people. We can easily send PDF newsletters, meeting reminders, event announcements, and closure notices with speed and ease. We've been impressed with the flexibility and features available, especially given that we use the free version. It's hard to believe that this much functionality is available at no direct cost.

* Easy to administer

* The mobile app is a little limited by the screen size making in person updates to mailing lists somewhat challenging
Comentário deixado em 01/14/2020
Ashlen Dotolo

We were looking for a different service for sending bulk emails as many emails sent to our subscribers were bouncing. Since using Mailchimp we no longer have that problem.

I love that I am able to connect Mailchimp and our church management software (Breeze) so when an email address is updated in one it updates the other. I no longer have to maintain two email lists.

I would like to be able to set up mailings and schedule them for future but we are currently using the free version and that is not an option without a paid subscription.
Comentário deixado em 01/10/2020

Mailchimp was a great introduction to the world of email lists and newsletters; however, its free plan has been scaled down so much that it's outlived its usefulness to a lot of people. It was easy to find a wealth of information to learn more about customizing my newsletter and optimizing my email lists. Mailchimp made it easy for me to create subscription forms and pop-ups, and keep my newsletters fresh and up-to-date. I would have stayed with Mailchimp had the company not scaled down the free plan.

Creating email lists and newsletters was easy, once I learned about all of the features available. With just a few clicks, Mailchimp helped me create subscription pop-ups that matched my website. With a little help from Mailchimp's knowledgebase and tips, I created a weekly newsletter that looked very similar to my website. While knowledge of HTML is helpful, you really don't need it because Mailchimp's templates are pretty easy to customize. I also liked that Mailchimp made it super-easy for me to ensure GDPR compliance; with just one click, I could add the "legal-speak" needed to keep my subscription pop-up compliant.

I wasn't happy that Mailchimp scaled down its free plan since this change has an adverse impact on bloggers, like me, who don't blog for income. While the idea of creating a "welcome" page for my blog with Mailchimp was intriguing, I didn't like that the link to the page was long and the load time was laggy. Overall, it was easier for me to create my own "welcome" page for the blog and it loaded a lot faster, even with multiple images.
Comentário deixado em 01/07/2020
Beore Yagin

Overall, I love the simplicity and effectiveness of the campaigns and the ability to easily track metrics.

I like that there's a small learning curve, so it's something I can implement with clients, fill with templates, and easily teach them to run with on their own.

Occasionally the emails we send get marked as spam, which is frustrating, but I understand that's just part of the game sometimes.
Comentário deixado em 01/06/2020

We signed up for mailchimp well over a decade ago, to start a mailing list for our small mom and pop shop. We've since launched a successful online business, and our mailing list has gone from zero when we started with mailchimp, to in the tens of thousands. The email design process has always been easy, though they keep improving it every year, giving me more time to run by business and focus on operations, while maintaining a high level of quality in our newsletters.

The generous free trial offer was what go us in the door, and the incredible ease of use, powerful features, and measureable results we've gotten from our use of mailchimp are the reason we've stayed for so long.

As an eCommerce user, I really think some of their integration to our online catalog could be improved. The BigCommerce integration isn't terrible, but customers do get ads for fabrics that are out of stock regularly, and there is no way to easily highlight new fabrics. I consider this a minor issue, which can be worked around, but it could certainly be improved.
Comentário deixado em 12/10/2019
Zachary Pucci

Really simple and easy. For advanced marketers, I would recommend other services (ActiveCampaign is my current favorite). For those getting started or needing the most cost effective solution, Mailchimp is great.

Everything about it is simple and easy. You can get started, set up your account, and send quality mail relatively quickly. I've used other email softwares that were a lot more complicated.

With the simplicity comes less features as well. Not a huge concern for beginners but if you're looking for some advanced marketing tools, I've found Mailchimp to lack a bit compared to other tools. Mailchimp is comparatively less expensive than the other tools so it is fairly priced.
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2019
Cudlip Vanderwerff

I have on-boarded several companies and clients with Mailchimp of the last decade as a digital marketing professional. I highly recommend this email platform for those just starting in email marketing. However, if automation and client relationship management is necessary or you are an enterprise level client, you may need to dive deep into Mailchimp's integration options or explore more powerful platforms.

There is probably no easier email marketing platform for start-ups to setup and use. Get started for free (up to 2000 contacts) and then upgrade as your company and marketing efforts grow. There are more app integrations for Mailchimp than most other competitors. The WYSIWYG email editor is intuitive and simple to use. Contact management, webforms, and automation features are basic, but the database is suitable for smaller companies. Automated social posting and social profile demographics attached to email marketing campaigns is probably the best feature that Mailchimp offers.

Customer service is only provided for paid subscribers, but support is limited even with a pro plan. Using the mandrill transactional email is an extra cost and the features are limited. Analytics are limited and reporting is only available for pro users.
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2019

Overall, my experience with Mailchimp has been positive. I feel as though the learning curve to master the platform has been slower than normal for a mild "tech-savvy" individual, but overall it has improved my workflow by allowing automation functionality.

Mailchimp has allowed me the ease of automating some of the processes that used to take several hours. More specifically, I'm able to email clients based on their categorizations within the software without having to email each one individually. I can create a workflow that triggers at the desired interval, which allows me to put more time and energy into improving other areas of my business. By creating a series of emails that send automatically, I'm connecting with clients on a regular basis without the hassle of actually writing an email once a week, etc. It has improved my workflow by offering more time. The specific design of the emails are incredibly easy to modify as well.

Navigating the Mailchimp site for settings, such as tag information and where to find the contact/campaigns is on occasion, tricky. I'm eventually able to figure out where items are, but it isn't always the most straight forward. Also, I'd like to be able to replicate a campaign and set a different trigger time frame, because my wedding clients sometimes book outside of the "regular" time frame, and I want to make sure they receive all of their information prior to the wedding. The amount of campaigns are limited though. Also, when creating a new campaign, it would be helpful to add contacts from different categories, rather than just one.
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2019
Edmondo Millage

Mailchimp was great until it wasn't. If you rely on Mandrill for your business you should not use Mailchimp. If you do not use Mandrill then Mailchimp is an absolutely fantastic platform to use.

Mailchimp has the best user interface and user experience of any marketing email platform that I have used. But Mailchimp is also very user-friendly after a campaign is deployed. They make it very easy to analyze campaign performance relative to other campaigns and they allow you to export data and perform your own analysis.

The number one issue we had with Mailchimp was the fact that they also own Mandrill. So if you use Mandrill to power your backend emails (alerts, confirmations, and critical KTLO functions) then you should not use Mailchimp. We had false positives on a marketing campaign in Mailchimp trigger a temporary freeze on our account until a Mailchimp employee reviewed it -- this also froze our Mandrill account. This effectively meant that our business was completely without customer communication - purchases were processed but not confirmed, etc. And because Mailchimp's customer support staff was slow and arrogant, we had to endure almost 24 hours without basic business functions. We dropped Mailchimp immediately afterward.
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2019

Mail Chimp is so great because you can connect and share via your social networks and things you already use. And it’s a small learning curve.

Love MailChimp for its ease of use for newsletters and email outreach. Super simple design tools and user interface to achieve very professional results.

We sometimes needed more interactive, qualitative communication and there wasn’t much to offer in that part. But that’s not it’s speciality.
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2019

I still use Mailchimp for a small affiliate email list. I did change to another email app for the retail business. It is more costly but has all the features I was looking for.

Mailchimp is very easy to use and set-up. It is also very easy to create great-looking e-mails. Overall it is a great app for the price.

The app has issues integrating with BigCommerce and tech support could not really help with the issue.
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2019
Primrose Gilles

Mailchimp has consistently allowed me to onboard new clients (businesses) and expose them to the power of email list marketing and marketing automation. They do a phenomenal job of making their platform user friendly while continually adding new features.

The MC platform offers an affordable entry for businesses that are just getting started with email list management and marketing strategies. As a consultant to start up businesses, Mailchimp is my go to tool for email list management because of its price point and ease of use.

There is a learning curve that can be daunting for first time users but the availability of support and well developed help pages make it workable for users at any skill level
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2019
Gelb Stewardson

I have loved their business model, their communication with users, and the simplicity of building 'campaigns' and connecting them with our social media.

I appreciate that the Mailchimp team is very proactive in adapting their product to the ever-changing demands of email and digital marketing. Their templates are clean and intuitive yet customizable as much as necessary. The backend is helpful for tracking the usefulness of communication, and they constantly stay on top of social media integration.

Some of the features are a bit above my ability to use, and some of the technical terms can overwhelm through to the novice user. I imagine that larger companies may run into more issues than our smaller church when it comes to consistent use of email for marketing.
Comentário deixado em 11/21/2019
Pren Anakalea

Mailchimp is much more efficient than MadMimi. It is also more cost -effective.

There is a free plan for the occasional sender. In addition, the user interface is very user friendly. Many integrations with other software applications including Square and Shopify.

Limited functionality on mobile devices. For the full experience, use a desktop or laptop computer. In addition, additional features require a pro subscription
Comentário deixado em 11/20/2019

My overall experience has been very pleasant. Many elements of this tool are intuitive, and you can self-teach many features of this communications tool given the help guidance available. Bravo. The campaigns are easy to create and are polished and professional looking. This has allowed our organization to raise its profile and effectiveness of our main tenant ~ to bring information to, and collect information from our constituents, our school district families, and to bridge this parent base and our school district administration. Good communication and transparency between parents and administrators is of utmost importance. Mailchimp has allowed us to do this most effectively.

I like the ease and the use of the drag & drop functionality of the elements you can add to any campaign. I also like the formatting options and features to customize each of your messages to your own look and style. Also, being able to embed links, photos, etc. directly into the campaign is of vital importance for our communications. Managing the audience lists is also very user friendly. Tagging different audience members in group is also critical to our use of this communications tool.

I wish that the uploaded files were easier to manage in that I would like to delete older versions of uploaded files that I no longer need. However, they are "layered" in the Content Manager section and I am not able to un-layer them to delete versions I do not need. I would also like to see the functionality of embedding a simply polling tool, to send and collect feedback from your constituents to constantly better your business.
Comentário deixado em 11/20/2019

In all the years that I have been working with Mailchimp has been a platform that has always fulfilled its functions correctly, in general it is very nice to work with this software as it provides enormous comfort and perfectly meets our needs with its flawless operation, Mailchilmp is a tool that helps our marketing campaigns grow significantly, and see positive results for the company in a very short period of time, in general I recommend Mailchilmp 100%.

Mailchimp offers us a totally innovative way through an email marketing account in which we can have up to thousands of subscribers and send up to 12000 emails per month to different people, mailchimp is the perfect tool for marketing developers because it has several functions that are very useful to share advertising campaign, some of them are: the option that allows us to design subscription forms to our liking I have incorporated a blog or website for our visitors to enter their data and thus form part of our website, also provides the option that allows us to send thousands of emails to different written to emails very quickly and easily, in general mailchimp is a truly simple platform and very functional for us in the company.

One of the main disadvantages that has mailchimp software has restrictions depending on the plan and the price you have purchased, because when it comes to large campaigns Mailchimp restricts the number of emails that can be sent per day and that can be a problem when making a large campaign. But in general this platform does not present faults in its functioning, it has always functioned correctly.
Comentário deixado em 11/16/2019

Used Mailchimp for a few years - switched to it from Constant Contact (and loved the change), switched from it to Exact Target (and didn't like it at all). Now back into the fold, but at a new business. First usage - B2B communication with a few thousand contacts, really happy with how it worked, reporting could have been more robust, but for our needs it was ok.

Easy to use and intuitive for the average user

WYSIWYG... at times. As long as what you want to do (visually) is close to its idea of what things should look like, it's great - if you need something further from the visuals/format it expects, results might vary. Initial integration with PrestaShop was a little wonky - still not sure whether it was a PrestaShop or a Mailchimp issue, will update the review once we have it fully figured out
Comentário deixado em 10/30/2019

We have to market our clinics, camps, classes and special events to drive traffic and revenue. MailChimp gives us the ability to communicate easily with our existing customers and those that we are working to convert to customers. Adding and managing lists of contacts is very easy.

It integrates with our business system, Iclass Pro. We can create lists in MailChimp and then automatically update them from our business system with updated contact information. We liked the ability to build customer messages quickly and then track the success of those messages.

No real issues with the MailChimp solution.
Comentário deixado em 09/14/2019
Eade Zhao

We are required to send out newsletters to our investors (over 800 of them), and this had made it easy to design good-looking emails. And you can save templates, etc., to use over and over and modify them each time. We've never had a technical problem with it, although we've had issues with 3rd party apps and linked software connecting to Mailchimp. But I contacted their support and they were able to help me fix the issue, even though it wasn't their own software! I thought that was nice of them. They could've said "That's not our app, so we can't help you," but they didn't -- they walked me through a fix.

It has to be their support chat function and their useful Help articles. I did not get into my business so that I could run mail marketing software, so I appreciate anything that helps ease the learning curve. Email marketing is a necessary evil, and Mailchimp lessens the unpleasantness considerably. With no prior experience, we got up and running quickly. (We tried a few of these apps, and this one seemed the easiest.) It's complicated running email campaigns and newsletters, but once we mastered a few basics, I was very happy with the results. And it scales up as you grow. When our mailing list grew, it did not become exponentially harder to use. They offer a lot of bells and whistles that we don't need/use, but our emails look good and are easy to compose, adding graphics, etc. It automates a lot of repetitive tasks for you -- like your footer and address, etc. And we've never had a problem getting reported as spam.

The price! It gets expensive quickly. I guess the upside to that is it makes you hone your marketing so you are profitable. You have to cut out waste and hone your mailing list so that it's more efficient. And from my research, the other programs cost about the same. I don't mind paying for ease-of-use, but I wish they would explain "cleaning" and "archiving" and other functions that would help me get my monthly costs down. I'm not planning on jumping ship anytime soon, but if they raise their prices again (they just raised them recently), then I will be gone.
Comentário deixado em 08/15/2019

I love the interface - once I got to know what was possible it became very easy to create what I wanted. I feel like it makes a big difference in how we're perceived by our community. I also personally like the irreverence - the graphics and cute sayings make marketing a little more fun.

I love that it's free for the first 2000 names - makes it easy to try the product over time. I switched from Constant Contact and was looking for something more affordable for our needs as a new, volunteer-based non-profit. I also love the ease of use. It's pretty simple to figure out and whatever questions I've had have been answered by the help documents.

I wish that Mailchimp more easily integrated with my ticketing software (OvationTix.) I tried to merge data but it's not intuitive so I have ended up not using that feature. I'm not sure if that's an issue on the side of Mailchimp or OvationTix, so it doesn't affect my overall enjoyment and opinion of the software. I also deal with a lot of email going into spam, even though I've followed all of the rules and avoid filter triggering phrases in my subject lines. I guess I wish there were more support in that area.
Comentário deixado em 07/14/2019
Elvia Oberlander

With Mailchimp I have the ideal tool, which allows me to generate emailing activities, newsletters and promotions, manage subscriptions and register forms automatically, just one click is enough for the system to work for me, when creating Subscription forms can be integrated into my website, social networks, etc, I have even created important contacts that have been very significant in our activities.

This platform is very easy to use and also offers a wide variety of applications, Mailchimp has advanced automation properties, which allows us to configure activities for different compartments online, where we can adapt the emails according to the activities shown by our customers. It has been very useful to send product recommendations, promotions and notifications just by clicking on a specific link.

Mailchimp can be somewhat complicated with respect to its use especially at the beginning, however the system offers content, such as tutorials that will surely be enjoying the benefits that this wonderful platform offers us in a short time.
Comentário deixado em 05/28/2019
Englebert Hojeij

Overall, our experience has been positive. We have had very few technical issues and the site itself almost never goes down.

We primarily use MailChimp for email campaigns, sending more than 5 million emails a year to more than 350,000 constituents. MailChimp has been consistent in its reliability and send data, with reporting tools that are helpful and timely as we plan for follow-up activities. It also provides comparative data so we can see how we are trending in relation to similar organizations.

The recent change in their pricing structure puts our organization at a disadvantage. We use the "pay as you go" model due to our large list size, and these credits now expire, limiting our ability to purchase the larger bulk credits that are more fiscally responsible for our university. The other sticking point for us is customer service -- there is no phone number associated and all trouble-shooting must be done via email which can significantly lengthen the time between a reported issue and its fix.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2019
Richlad Ettison

I was actually going to come into this review with a chip on my shoulder the the lack of automation capabilities or some of the other capabilities that it lacks, but in honesty, this program is really easy to use. It does hold your hand and walk you through doing a lot of things. As you get further into more advanced email marketing this may not be for you, yet it does provide a lot to you for the price you have to pay. We have over 10000 subscribers on our list which for many other solutions would put us twice as what we are currently paying. Thank you for that!

The program is really easy to use. A lot of it is point and click. It does walk you through setting up your emails and holds your hand as you then can set up landing pages or social media posts. I does a lot of things very well.

The automation capabilities are lacking. The straight forward cart abandonment or browse abandonment setup does not allow too many variables thrown in. We can't cater the browse abandonment to certain channels in order to send more specific messages to each different crowd.
Comentário deixado em 02/28/2019

As an employee at a small business, you don't always have the time you need to focus on every aspect of your marketing strategy. Mailchimp helps our business deliver our messaging to our customers effectively without taking up all of our time.

Mailchimp takes a lot of the of the technical hassles out of my email marketing creation. Even though I use the "paste code" option for my email creation, that have may easy to use templates and make the basics of setting up an email campaign simple, straightforward and intuitive.

Their are a few things I have to hand code into my emails that mailchimp doesn't address in their core email product options, but for a such broad reaching piece of software that's aimed at a diverse amount of customers, I wouldn't necessarily expect it to address every niche concern.
Comentário deixado em 02/06/2019

Working for a non-profit and having a very targeted base of individuals that I am trying to communicate with can be cumbersome and frustrating because that target group is very segmented by demographics. Mailchimp allows me to modify how I communicate with these segments, without having to reinvent the wheel and send separate campaigns to each segment. I can easily create one campaign and then segment from within to make sure I am communicating correctly to each group.

Mailchimp has a robust and user friendly dashboard that makes it easy for a novice to get started with an email campaign. That being said, hidden below the surface of templates and cookie cutter designs are fully customizable features and the ability to code your own emails. I believe it serves as the best of both worlds for the unassuming small business owner who really does't have time to learn or the the money to hire a professional to handle their email marketing; it also allows large corporations with a scantly lit room full of code loving nerds to have full control of their email design. Mailchimp doesn't discriminate between these two worlds when it comes the analytics and reporting , they have a terrific suite of tools to measure success. To top it all off, Mailchimp is constantly updating their technology to improve their product and help businesses communicate with their customers.

The worst thing about Mailchimp is their pricing, they can get pretty steep when you start trying to expand your reach and communicate with a larger audience. The pricing isn't outrageous, but it also isn't competitive. The other cons in my opinion are personal annoyances and probably aren't shared among a whole lot of other users. Their automation tools are a bit limited, my expectations were set high based on all the features that Mailchimp has, automation is one that is still a work in progress. My other annoyance is the branded copy all over the site, it's like being instructed by two dudebros who are constantly making inside references as they show you around. Some probably find this very charming, I find it kind of irritating.
Comentário deixado em 02/05/2019
Dunning Fellers

Mailchimp is absolutely ideal for corresponding with customers/clientele, especially, (and from my experience), for small businesses and non-profits. Not only is Mailchimp very affordable for businesses with limited budgets, it is a great way to manage and store the likely smaller customer lists those businesses have. In my personal experience, I have loved the way the "unsubscribe" feature works with Mailchimp. It notifies you as the user when and why someone requests to be unsubscribed from future correspondence, and ensures they are actually removed from your Mailchimp list. I have found that this is so much more foolproof than keeping up with your own list in a simple spreadsheet. Along those same lines, mailing out to a list on a spreadsheet and/or directly from an email account often results in the message being flagged as spam/junk for recipients. You also often have limits as to how many addresses you can send a message to at one time, creating additional time and work for the user. Mailchip does it all for you with one click of the button. Not only that, you can review analytics including how many people have opened the email, how many additional clicks links within the email have gotten, how many emails were undeliverable, and more. It is just so user-friendly, and I have never come across anything comparable that gives you more bang for your buck.

Sometimes the formatting of an email newsletter-type communication can be tricky for a novice on Mailchimp, but after doing it once or twice, you get the hang of it and it becomes much easier. The "test email" feature also eases my own mind, knowing that I can see exactly what it will look like in my customers' inboxes before I actually send it out for real. I generally send it to my personal and business email addresses, read them on my desktop and phone, to make sure the formatting looks correct on all before sending. Although that is a bit tedious, I have peace of mind knowing what I send out looks professional and readable.
Comentário deixado em 02/01/2019
Eisinger Glud

Mailchimp is a wonderful email campaign platform that helps the church members at the church stay connected with what is going on every single week. Many people look forward to receiving it. I also like how I can see who has viewed your campaign, and how many times a link has been clicked. I also enjoy being able to send drafts of the campaign to multiple e-mail addresses so that I can get input and feedback from various people before sending out the final one. It helps get the work done and info out in a creative way.

I liked the ability to be creative with the fonts, display settings, choose from numerous, different templates that are available, and can even put GIPHY's in there too! I use this to send out weekly newsletters to members of a presbyterian church so that they can stay in touch with everything that is going on in the church. Announcements, sermon titles, pictures, and meeting location/dates/times are all uploaded and displayed in any way I want. I also like how I can put links to PDF files, websites, e-mail addresses, etc.

Limited fonts to choose from, and inability to make a change after you send the e-mail out. Often times, when I found a mistake in a campaign I had already sent, I couldn't update the campaign to show the correction. I would have to make another campaign and send that newer version out again, which might confuse a lot of people. Also, sometimes, it would appear differently on different e-mails (i.e. vs. vs. work e-mail).
Comentário deixado em 01/31/2019

Their customer service is super responsive. Upgrading and downgrading is very simple. Someone with very little email marketing experience can set up the account and be up and running in a few hours. I love that I can upload files too and send files right inside of an email, and the autoresponders are probably my favorite reason for using MailChimp.

Integrations, templates, automation - what's not to love. I've synced up MailChimp with my website captures, my woocommerce stores, and I love that I can create automated workflow sequences based on triggers and segments. You can totally use Mailchimp as a Customer Relationship Contact tool. I'ved helped set up robust expensive CRM tools for some of my clients and I love that Mailchimp offers the same high priced features for a fraction of the cost. I love that also include layout templates to help you get started. Someone with zero design experience and HTML skill can create attractive emails to their clients. I also appreciate the automated integrations with some popular online e-commerce tools.

What I like least about Mailchimp is collecting additional information about subscribers. For example, I wanted to collect the state of each user so I can local specific offers, and the address fields are either the entire address or nothing at all. I was able to use the text field as an alternative, but it would be nice if I didn't have to backdoor it. I'd also like to see more templates added. We're in a very visual time with social media and web design, why hasn't Mailchimp caught up and created more templates and cycle them out every month so we have fresh layouts to look at?
Comentário deixado em 01/28/2019
Wilkens Scopel

My overall experience with the Mailchimp is quite good. I am quite satisfied with the service it offers. The best part is the eye-catching templates. It has helped me to increase my subscribers engagement with us. I can track what is working and what's not. I will surely recommend this to other business or website owners.

MailChimp is entirely a beast in automating the email marketing. I have been using this software for my site. We have been using it to grow and generate leads for our business through email marketing. I love MailChimp because it's straightforward to use software unlike other email marketing software out there.

The pro plan which is meant for the business owners is a bit expensive. Though, I liked the pricing of the pre-plan but, the pro plan is quite costly. Another limit which I would like to mention here is the inability to delete a subscriber list. Many times, it happens that a business potential targetted list changes. And, the owner wants to remove the old subscriber list. In this case, Mailchimp will only allow you to delete it if it has not been used since the past seven days. I mean, I want the freedom to cancel or modify it anytime I want.
Comentário deixado em 01/17/2019

I recommend Mailchimp all the time, helping people learn how to integrate into their systems. It's a fantastic free tool, and has exponential possibilities, especially once you use the paid features (which really aren't expensive!) I love Mailchimp!

Mailchimp makes my life a million times easier. It manages my subscribers, gives me insight into their activity and is so well built. It's simple to use, and easy to train anyone in using at the basic level. I recommend Mailchimp all the time, and train people in how to best use it for their charity or project. Mailchimp's integrations are also fantastic, it works with so many different apps, website builders etc making it so easy to use. There's a brilliant resource of instructional videos and guides that help you through anything you get stuck with. Mailchimp is a fantastic tool at whatever level you want to use it at. You could just send basic emails to one list of subscribers, and it would do a great job at that making it a lot easier. Or you can earn to use it in much more depth, using the stats and automation features. It's fantastic!

If I could change anything I think it would be when you edit text, it appears in a separate box rather than editing it in the live preview. I understand why but it can be hard for less-experienced people to grasp this. However, Mailchimp is improving all the time, often when I have found something frustrating it has been fixed. It's brilliant.
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Great. Zero complaints. And again, how can you argue with free? Free plan works for up to 2000 subscribers, and 12,000 emails per month, so many of my clients utilize Mailchimp without paying a dime. Aside from newsletters and emails, I also use it on websites to automatically capture new subscribers, and have an email link in my signature. You can even create hooks with it to integrate with other software, taking the automation aspect up another level.

I'm a huge fan of free. Especially when the free tool works well. Obviously Mailchimp is well known and heavily used, and for good reason. For what it is, it works extremely well. The ease of use and built-in templates are awesome. I can easily manage campaigns for my clients, or screen share with them, and help guide them through the the set up process. The automation aspect is great too, as you can "pre-arrange" correspondence with new subscribers without any manual intervention (other than the initial setup). Pretty cool!

This is not an email marketing campaign tool in the sense that you would use it for prospecting for new business. This is for lists that you've curated, and people have already opted in to receive your communications. I understand the reasons behind this, but man would it be nice to have this functionality available to pure prospecting campaigns.
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My experience so fast has been great. seamless and smooth. I must say the platform is amazing for new bloggers, start-ups and small business .

Mailchimp is by far one of the best email marketing software and list builder. I have used this software for a while now on my growing blog and so far the experience has been great.

Mailchimp can be difficult for a new user and it may take a non tech savvy time to come to terms with the platform before understanding how to create good campaigns.
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Mehetabel Eitnier

MailChimp is a great platform, personally I use this platform for giving free content to my subscribers.

• Free trial, This allows people to know the platform. The majority of your competence out there request a payment even before knowing if we want to buy the product. • Easy to edit templates. It is cool to create our emails without knowing code.

Ok, let's talk about what you can improve... This are few things because your company is great.
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I have used Mail Chimp on and off for a few years now. I used to run a technology website that had a pretty large subscriber base with emails. I can’t even imagine my life without Mail Chimp, sending the weekly emails to the subscribers. It is so incredibly easy to use and has many features with it. First you import your email list into the system and they keep track of all of your subscribers. You can organize and customize the email from within their browser client. I believe Mail Chimp handles you as a trusted email and so it goes through everyone’s spam filters. The best part is after you send the email and watching the statistics. You can see who has opened your email, how many times, and if they clicks on the links within it. There is all kinds of other statistics you can see from it as well. It is incredibly helpful to see if your emails are having the effect that you want. I can’t imagine trying to figure out how to do all of this on my own and makes it so nice it is handled all for you. If you do any kind of mass emailing or even moderate emailing then you don’t know what you are missing if you don’t try Mail Chimp.

It is hard to say much wrong with this email software but the only drawback I can think of is I never did find a way to hide the Mail Chimp logo when I used it. I am sure there is a way to hide it within your email but I never did find an easy way to disable this.
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Mail-chimp combines advance features with fun & utility to present a wonderful mailing tool. There is no doubt that it is the best in the market and rightly so! I have tried using other mailing software; a non-tech person like me gets stuck with the UI at the very outset. Mail-Chimp is a piece of cake!!

I recently started using Mail Chimp to send across bulk mails for user acquisition and boy! I have never enjoyed bulk e-mails so much! Each mail sent to a batch (list of mail-IDs) is basically a campaign. 1) Once you upload a list of mails, the inbuilt tracker in mail-chimp displays how "active" the subscriber list is which is very useful. 2) I like how I can play around with the formatting options while designing my mails once I am through with the copy. The easy to use formatting options make you look forward to adorning the mails. Lots of in-built e-mail design templates to choose from!

1) It is quite expensive indicated by the fact that other mailing software have incorporated "A MailChimp Alternative" as their marketing message in their Google Ads! You really need to test the waters before you are sure that your mails are ready to go via paid MailChimp campaigns. The number of test e-mails (which is just 2000 per week) can be increased slightly though. It will enable a better judgement of whether the mails are working or not, before one goes ahead with purchasing an account.
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cost-effective, easy to use and create professional emails even with limited design skills.

What I love most about Mail Chimp is the ease of use. It took a few weeks of emails to get the hang of the functions, but now that I know where to go, I can create emails quickly and efficiently. I also like UI/UX of MailChimp, which is clean, simple and friendly. The language is fun but not overly cutesy, which is the tone de jour of software lately. The reporting and analytics are simple to read and understand, and I can send the reports to stakeholders quickly via email, so they have access. I love that they have integration with many of the popular CRMS. I haven't yet had a chance to dig into the more advanced features, but I'm eager to use the landing page options as well as social media integration. They also have a lot of helpful how-tos, and their customer support was quick and helpful. Of course, the low pricetag is a huge selling point for folks with limited marketing budgets.

I would like additional design tools for the emails. However, for new users or folks with limited design skills, MailChimp makes it very simple to create create polished emails.
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We are able to have multiple landing pages on our website that have sign up forms that automatically integrate into Mailchimp. Once someone signs up, I am quite assured that our drip campaign will methodically start to send content to the person who signed up and it can change course based on the clients behavior. We also were able to setup and do some deep integrations without exceeding the free plan for quite some time while we evaluated.

This software can very quickly allow you to setup an outbound marketing program that can send multiple emails based on different events that occur on our website. If you start off on the free platform you are still given access to an amazing level of control over sending emails to list of clients that sign up for various newsletters. I have to also mention that almost every CRM, scheduling app, and web hosting site seems to natively integrate with Mailchimp via API making it very easy to get up and running.

Getting the advanced features to work takes a some work and the full capabilities aren't easily seen right away. Sometimes I find that I am advancing too slowly through the screens to setup a campaign.
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Ballman Pein

If you're an entrepreneur or work for a small business, you NEED Mailchimp! Don't look at any other email marketing services. It's the most affordable and best email marketing platform out there for small businesses.

Everything from the emails they send to me to the reporting on how my campaigns performed is outstanding. I have a full time job, but I also manage my own business on the side and Mailchimp is essential to my success. It integrates with every CMS, so I can quickly and easily build lead generation forms for any part of my website and also get real-time notifications on how they're performing. I love the email templates, they're beautifully designed right out of the box. Often times, all I need to do is add my logo and email copy, and it looks fantastic. If you want to be a power user, Mailchimp also has the capability to do A/B testing on just about anything - so I can discover what subject lines, copy, images, etc work the best for my audience. Really amazing service.

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I used to use another email company and was leery of jumping ship. Once I started using MailChimp, I haven't looked back. It is so easy to create mail campaigns, edit/create templates, track recipient behavior, set up scheduling, see email results, and it integrates into a vast number of other products. I HIGHLY recommend this product to my clients. I like being able to schedule a series of automated emails. The ability to test a subject line, from name, content and send time is a great tool. I have been using MailChimp for about five years and will continue to use it for my clients and recommend it to as many people as I can. It just makes sending emails that look good so much easier and it integrates into websites with ease. Support is always great and helpful.

It would be nice to have access to My Library from the home screen so I can add or remove images or files without having to go into a campaign or ad. If this functionality was added, I would be ecstatic.

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