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Kronos Workforce Ready

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Kronos Workforce Ready is a human capital management suite of tools on a single unified cloud platform that helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire. Solutions for HR, recruiting, onboarding, time tracking, payroll, and more are easily accessed through a single intuitive interface. Automated and scalable tools provide a single source of truth with common reporting, dashboards, and robust workflows. Included self-service and mobile app allow easy, anytime access.
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2020

Overall - not bad once we realized that the person who was our contact was brand new and didn't know what was need to set up the initial program and due to that I feel that we may have not gotten the full use out of the program we are utilizing.

I like the concept of creating schedules that continuously recreate to eliminate the need for constant input.

This particular version that we have is not user friendly in that when an employee requests PTO time and it is approved - the schedule also still shows the schedule which makes it confusing. Not able to show employees that work in multiple work areas during one shift - only shows in one area.
Comentário deixado em 04/09/2020

I enjoyed working with the Kronos system. I also enjoyed everybody that we ever worked with. They were very pleasant and always willing to help. If they did not know the answer, they found somebody that did.

For the most part it is very user friendly. I loved some of the reports that I was able to utilize. Also the dash board with the attendance list, etc on it was very nice.

It did take quite awhile to get it tweeked to our needs for a payroll system. We never did get the PTO/Vacation/etc. to work right. That was part my fault for not having enough time to spend with somebody to get it completely set up to our specifications.
Comentário deixado em 04/08/2020

General note to anyone considering Workforce Ready: We have been using this product since 2012. I seldom need to contact Support for assistance as this product tends to work great with minimal problems. When I have reached out for assistance the staff has done a great job resolving problems in a timely manner. You can expect a great product, courteous and professional service.

We have a wide variety of pay codes and rules. We have built in overtime, shift differentials, Differentials for field training, etc. I have worked with other software programs and Workforce Ready is a program that has been extremely accurate for time keeping. Workforce is one of the best software programs I have worked on for payroll. It is easy to use and understand.

The only issue I have encountered is when I have employees with multiple codes that fall on a holiday. An example would be: Patrol Officer, who is an FTO while working a holiday. Some hours just don't move over to payroll. However I understand the problem because we are "over-loading" the program with multiple codes.
Comentário deixado em 04/07/2020
Barny Burhanuddin

Overall I do think that Kronos Workforce ready is one of the best systems out there that has a lot to offer in one package.

I love how all of the different aspects of human resources is woven into one system in a comprehensive and easy to use system, once you know how to utilize it properly.

Quite a number of our employees are not so tech-savvy and have a hard time with all of the different steps it takes to do simple tasks e.i. logging in or correcting their time... by Jesse on 05/07/2018 Hi Diane,
Comentário deixado em 04/06/2020
Bornie Stealy

Web based so I can access anywhere/anytime, user friendly, good report options, strong security, better payroll functioning capabilities than our previous system.

Repeat logins, requiring some info to perform certain functions but it's not required when setting up an employee, double entry on different screens, does not give a warning that an employee is not going to get a check when performing payroll, turns off benefit automatically without warning when an employee's hours drop below a certain point. by Holly on 01/06/2017 Hello Gretta, Thank you very much for your feedback. We are happy to hear that you enjoy a lot of the Workforce Ready functionality! I wanted to let you know that there is a way to prevent session timeouts from happening at regular intervals. In the Workforce Ready solution, navigate to Company Settings then click on Profile/Polices and then click on Security - this will enable you to edit your security profile. Once in your profile, under “Timeout Settings” you can modify the “Max Inactive Time” to the desired time. If you have any questions on this, or would like assistance with any other issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email at [email protected] All the best,
Comentário deixado em 04/04/2020

We have been using workforce ready for about four years and are very pleased with our decision. We have not run into any major issues or had any disruptions in our payroll.

I like that the software is easy to use. The layout is customizable to allow us to make it easier to use for non-technical people. The customer support is outstanding. They are helpful and easy to work with. I also like that they take into consideration users ideas and suggestions for future upgrades. Overall, this is the best time and labor management software we have used.

The reporting is a little limited in functionality and not as customizable as an on premise version. We were able to get everything we need, but some enhancements on functionality would be nice.
Comentário deixado em 04/03/2020

Ease of use; cloud based program - data is available from any log on; multiple reports available to use for various needs.

Multi-factor authentication for those customers who only use the timekeeping software has really limited our employees from using the software. We dont keep private information in our records for Kronos and if the employer could "opt" to use the multi-factor authentication that would increase our employee's usage and ability to take care of their own needs. Instead, payroll is having to take of their needs because they have difficulty logging in. by Amy on 20/11/2017 Hello Kelly, It is great to hear that you are taking advantage of Workforce Ready being in the cloud!
Comentário deixado em 04/03/2020

I have been using Kronos Workforce Ready for almost 5 years and am very satisfied with the product. The system is easy to navigate, simple to key in the information, has the ability to run ad-hoc reports and also customize and export them in multiple formats. I also use the system for my payroll processing for almost 500 employees on a bi-weekly basis. The system is simple and has clear workflow to follow for quick and easy processing. If I ever run into an issue, I am able to place a ticket via phone or online with Customer Service and they are pretty quick with getting back to me and assigning me someone who knows how to assist me with my problem.

Some system functions/packages need to be purchased separately but that is pretty standard when purchasing this kind of a system.
Comentário deixado em 04/03/2020

Overall we have been happy moving from Workforce Central to Workforce Ready

Easy to use for admin as well as employees. Self service is very easy to implement Allows employees to review pay statements and print, W2's, review time sheets, request time off, and review their profile

Some features still need development for attendance and leave especially. Functional and can use effectively but could use improvement.
Comentário deixado em 04/03/2020
Barayon Macmahon

Continue to improve the system and we will be long term customers!

The use of the system and reporting functionality are pretty easy to learn. Benefits setup is really nice and I am eager to see how ACA works for 2017. Our implementation specialists have been pretty good and attentive. I like how you get the same support specialists repeatedly as they begin to understand your company and can relate to ongoing issues you have.

The wait time on some cases is not always the greatest. I wish there was more functionality with the custom columns with reporting and also creating one line reports for payroll purposes. Some features are not as diverse as we expected such as the HR action items, no option to print if you use electronic option. by Amy on 20/11/2017 Hello Jessica, Thank you for taking time to review Workforce Ready. We are happy to hear that you are finding the product easy to use and are looking forward to understanding its additional capabilities. It is also great to hear that you are benefiting from a group of support specialists. For the wait times, we have added additional capacity to our support team to help decrease wait times. In addition, there is a new self-paced training course available within Workforce Ready MyLearning for reporting. To access it log into Workforce Ready and navigate to My Account > My Learning > Manager and within the Manager section will be the training “working with reports”
Comentário deixado em 04/02/2020

I have found that working three prn medical jobs that all relied on Kronos never gave me any difficulty with managing my time sheets nor my access to various documents or tax forms. When I switched to full time and was educating people I was training, the new hires took very quickly to the process of working with it. Overall I prefer this system to any other I have worked with.

Employees find it very simple to engage with and take control of their own paperwork and needs. The system also assists HR with managing complex data for high volume companies while still feeling appropriate for use with small ones. When employees have two jobs that both utilize Kronos, the platform is able to distinguish the two separate companies and maintain unique log ins for both.

The only real downside is that it interfacing with the timekeeping system at the job site so if a punch gets missed on the last day of the pay period, the employee has to interact with HR in order to correct the discrepancy. Some employees are not good with that skill and HR has to backtrack from the report Kronos generates. This is really not the fault of the software though but rather an issue with the employees.
Comentário deixado em 04/02/2020
Redwine Summerfield

Overall great product. It's the way we get paid, and the taxes are all right. I attended the payroll class and they have solutions for living in all different counties in Pennsylvania with their thousands of local taxes.

Many modules and what they don't do well they are investing on to make it more of a one-stop shop. Most of the users in the company can use this fairly easily. The setup on the back end is comprehensive. The reporting is good and easy to use, but you can't change the width of columns on the screen and some columns are missing. The support staff takes tickets and work with you over the phone and share screens with you so reporting issues is a breeze. I've been invited to a subgroup for development for a certain feature and it's great to get some eyes on the product before release so i can prepare some training materials for my company.

I mentioned reporting issues is a breeze. The wording I get back fairly often is "working as intended." It's easy for me to say a certain feature may not make sense but for another company it may make lots of sense. I wish there was just a little bit more of product testing for major features. Global Support is very polite and they will operate for your timezone even though most of their support staff are on the east coast.
Comentário deixado em 04/01/2020

The ease of use with the finger reader and software has been a great benefit. We are an auto dealership with sales and technicians, the ease of use is a great benefit to people not tech savvy. So easy to use software and hardware is paramount for us.

The software is easy to keep track of clocking and clocking out, vacation and sick days. The finger reader is also convenient and very easy, Just put your finger in the reader and ding! Your clocked in or out.

I have not experienced any Cons, the software always works and if I need to call support, they are quick to respond and resolve my issue.
Comentário deixado em 03/31/2020


User friendly if it is set up properly and the use for our team members.

Customer Service from our contact [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] and Everything benefits was and is disappointing when it came to our open enrollment.
Comentário deixado em 03/31/2020

It is a good system.

It is a user friendly system. Easy reports are easy to customize.

Implementation is awful. They do not send any reps on site to help with implementation. Reports that require Kronos assistance take forever to receive. One took over 6 months to get.
Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020

Using Kronos has significantly reduced the hours spent handling and filing paperwork on each employee. Employee reviews, job goals, reward and disciplinary matters are all handled through Kronos. Employee basically have access to their entire work history. They also have access and ability to print their W-2 and ACA form.

Building reports within Kronos and being able to print the data in various formats has been one of the greatest features of Kronos. I love having the ability to take a candidate from the application stage to the hiring stage within the same process and have all hiring documents completed within the system. Lastly, having the time keeping system also be within the same software makes Kronos the best interactive software we have used to date!

The least favorable feature of Kronos has been not having the "back button" work at all times, regardless of where you are within the software. Too often, there is a need to restart a process.
Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020
Hirz Heishman

As a mid level manager I still have not used Kronos to its full capacity, in the future at my company I will be trained on how to use it further. From what I do use it for now it is a fairly easy program to use. I look forward to more training and using it for more.

Pulls up easily with internet access to punch in and out. As far as making time card corrections it is a fairly easy process once you have taken the training and have done a few corrections. Without taking the training or being trained by someone, I would not attempt to do any time corrections for employees

The way the hours are shown on the earnings time card are misleading at least for the company I work for, if you are one that likes to calculate what you would be making this may be difficult. Functions a bit slow, seems as if it is the actual program and not the internet speed.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020

It was a good option for us for a long time. It merged all our accounting data into our tax software without too much issue. We have now switched over to Kronos Workforce Dimensions.

I loved the way it was easy to track and project PTO. The time cards are easy to read and approve since they run top to bottom so you could see an entire 2 weeks on one page.

Pattern Templates are a pain in the rear. You have to dig through several menus and just "know" what option was going to move you to the next step. Some of these options, didn't seem like a logical progression.
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2020
Tamar Salera

Workforce Ready was supposed to be an upgrade from the previous Kronos platform. The feature set was less than what we had before. As much as this was hyped as an upgrade. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Cloud-based and zero on-premises footprint.

Some processes are convoluted. Not intuitive.
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2020

This software is very reliable and secure when it comes to the employee's information. Being able to log in and see what HR sees in their system made it easy to see what needed to be updated. Also, being able to request time off through the software eliminated the paper trail of trying to get it signed off.

Clocking in and clocking out of work was a breeze. Kronos allowed us to clock in/out via the computer or by swiping our IDs at the time clock.

There were a few times that the software didn't catch a time where I swiped in or out of work. Luckily, my manager is able to go into the Kronos software an immediately fix the time card
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020

The support overall is good but it takes too long to get to the people with knowledge. I wish the ticket process were streamlined to send the more technical and difficult tickets directly to the next level.

Flexibility in implementing modules. I like that it is not a buy one get all. You can use the feature as you want and turn on others later on as well as purchase other pieces as add ons.

The performance review module is week and not tied to goals. The compensation module is very disorganized and creates too many lines of data for each single transaction causing a lot of manual clean up on a regular basis. The applicant module is not flexible enough. by Elisa on 25/08/2017 Hi Elisa, Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on Workforce Ready. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the flexibility of the solution. I also appreciate your candid feedback on what you would like to see improved. I wanted to let you know that the ability is tie goals to the annual review will be available in our October release. I would also be happy to coordinate a call with our HR product management to chat further about your pain points with both recruitment and our Compensation module and discuss what we have on the horizon in terms of usability improvements for both features. Feel free to send me an email at [email protected] and I would be happy to coordinate a time for all of us to connect. All the best,
Comentário deixado em 03/24/2020

The clocks are resilient and easy to use, none of our employees have any complaints.

It is quick, accurate, and cloud based (so it is available everywhere). It combined our 4 locations, and digitized our PTO system while allow us to use the same access card for time keeping as we do for a door access system.

The biggest con for us is that it does not integrate with our payroll system (we use paychex flex). We are able to export hours from Kronos to Flex. Another con would be that the App feels a little out dated. by Jesse on 05/07/2018 Hi Steve,
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020
Garrik Abhisekh

We like the ability to easily see the entire team's time on a dashboard that can be customized to our individual preferences. The ability to approve time sheets for multiple employees easily and quickly is also a highlight of the product. The reporting function is easy to customize reports as needed and share them with others.

The only con that really has impacted us has been the inconsistent performance. It has been inconvenient because the system has been non-functional on the days we are trying to close out time tracking to process our payroll. This happened consistently for 4 payrolls over an 8 week period. While there were many people at Kronos working on the problem, it never seemed to have the root cause handled so it would not continue to occur.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

overall Kronos has been a mixed bag. there are features we greatly enjoy that allows for flexibility, modifications, and different ways of doing this. there are features that seem that should be in the system that are not causing us to add manual work to that was previously automated. the system looks very beautiful, but can require a lot of clicks to get to one spot. there is room for much growth to make it an amazing system

the system allows a bit more flexibility in terms of security for different types of users, alerts to employees.

it would be helpful if the system had shortcuts such as control S, O to open up things.
Comentário deixado em 03/22/2020

I love the customer support, they are very helpfully when I have questions. I like that the information is available at a few clicks

I have a few employees who have a hard time with the onboarding process, it is not user friendly
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020

Most of the reporting functions are great. The general look and feel of the website is great. Time clocks were easy to update when we got new badges and we never have issues with missed punches. The Manage Payroll function works well. It's easy to make changes to most features to get it working how we want it.

It's difficult to use with shift differential on time off requests. It requires multiple requests off from the employee just to get paid their shift diff correctly. The accruals function is terrible. It doesn't forecast into the future, which is a HUGE issue for employees & management. This doesn't let employees request for time off using future accrued time off. And, it doesn't give them any way to plan for future vacations. The fact that everything hinges on the anniversary date causes a lot of employee confusion. The Current Balance is supposed to account for Scheduled time off, but when the Scheduled time off is after the employee's anniversary date, it doesn't deduct from the Current Balance, so it causes a ton of confusion. Also, the Current Accrued column makes no sense to employees or even me, and I'm technically the 'Kronos expert' at my company. It would be great if you could get rid of Current Accrued & Taken columns since they cause more confusion and questions than anything else. When an employee using a Bulk Hours schedule requests time off in the current pay period, once the manager approves it, it populates their time card with the time off rows, but it doesn't delete the working hours, so suddenly they have 8 hours of work and 8 hours of vacation on the same day. While the support desk personnel are helpful, it can be very inconvenient to wait 1-3 days to get help with an issue or question. It's also hard to stop everything I'm doing when Kronos is ready to help me. I feel like my only choice is to drop everything I'm doing, because this is my chance, and I don't want to put it off another day. I feel like this puts all the convenience on Kronos support and none of the convenience on the customer. It would be nice to be able to talk to someone when I have the problem and I'm working on it. The Kronos update webinars to hear about new features & updates are painful to sit through. The presenter sounds like she's reading a prepared essay for a 7th grade class. I tried attending three webinars, and it was always the same. I feel like I learn nothing with this presentation style because I'm so distracted by the robotic presentation.
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020
Uke Morehouse

We have greatly improved our payroll time sheet accuracy. Workforce Ready is a proven, reliable solution that allows us to apply our specific payroll policies to the systematic platform--thus eliminating the risk of human calculation error. Our experience has been very positive.

The functionality to calculate break times, holiday pay, and unique company-specific pay-policies across our departments. The mobile clock in/out functionality on the app is also helpful for employees that work remotely. Easy to add new employees to the time clock or mobile access.

Sometimes difficult to add new managers. Manager visibility of mobile clocking in / out of employees (need alerts to the manager).
Comentário deixado em 03/19/2020

We use kronos at the hospital where I work. We use it to sign in and out. There is a different code for clocking in and clocking out for lunch. Sometimes I forget to clock in and out with kronos, so I just put my clock in and out time in the notebook at the charge desk and the person in charge of timekeeping manually enters my log in and out information. Everyone is aware of the earliest time that you can clock out without it showing that you clocked out early. For example, you can clock out at 4:58pm, and it still counts as clocking out at 5pm.

The phone that we use at my hospital however runs a little fast, so if my cellphone says 8am, the kronos phone already says 8:01, and clocking in late shows up and is frowned upon.
Comentário deixado em 03/19/2020

Overall the program is very good but there is still room for improvement

document storage, web based, customer support, custom forms, tracking and reports, timekeeping rules are flexible and easily set, announcement feature

checklists and workflows are too complicated, security settings for users require staff to have access to cellphone or email, no way for employees to sign incidents, mobile app needs improving for manager use by Amy on 25/08/2015 Hi Marie Thanks for the review! We’re happy to hear that you are overall happy with Workforce Ready and it is meeting many of your needs. It’s especially great to hear that you’ve had a good experience with our Customer Support team! Regarding workflows and mobile app, please reach out to me at [email protected] to see what we can do to help. Thanks
Comentário deixado em 03/19/2020
Welby Poliquin

Kronos is a great product, but it is a very complex system that requires experienced module leads for the build out and implementation of the product. We wasted four months with inexperienced module leads and had to start all over again from scratch. Once we had experienced module leads we made a lot of progress, but those leads still had very little time for us because they were assigned too many customers. We implemented HR, Timesheets and Payroll, which is a pretty complex implementation. If we had only implemented one of the modules, it would not have been as difficult.

Kronos has a number of features that work well for our business. We use a lot of work orders for our plant and we were able to import work orders each day and create a search for employees to find them in their timesheets. The integrated system works well once it is set up properly. We have eliminated a number of manual processes with this system. Reporting is very easy to use and our end users are very happy with their ability to create reports.

The biggest issue with Kronos is the virtual implementation and lack of time that the Kronos implementation team has for each customer. Kronos module leads have too many customers to support, so you only have a few hours of their time each week for the build out. If you have any complexity with your timesheets and payroll, you will need to have experienced module leads. Our implementation took twice as long as planned because we started with inexperienced leads. by Holly on 20/04/2017 Hello Paulette, Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with Workforce Ready. While we are always happy to hear what customers enjoy about the product, we are deeply invested in learning what we can improve. Your feedback on implementation is truly helpful and we are sorry that the process did not go as expected. I thought you would like to know that based on customer feedback we have recently restructured our onboarding process for new customers and have put a strong focus on improving internal training for the implementation team. All the best, Holly Bouffard
Comentário deixado em 03/18/2020

The software is very user-friendly both for admins and users. Reporting is a breeze and is one of my favorite features!

The con that I have experienced is not in the software itself but in the customer service. I would like a designated rep that knows my rules, my employees, etc. It's like starting from scratch every time I have an issue. When I used Empower, I had designated reps. I miss that feature the most.
Comentário deixado em 03/18/2020
Er Gramm

My experience with Kronos has been somewhat frustrating. While I like keeping track of time and attendance using software, I wish this one were more user friendly.

My company has used Kronos for a long time for keeping track of time and attendance. Having this digital system eliminates a lot of human errors in processing our hours worked and time off, and it generally makes the process of entering hours relatively smooth.

I've never found the software to be easy or intuitive to work with and often have to ask our HR department questions about how to use it properly. I've had issues keeping track of my time off and banked holidays, and figuring out my correct count has sometimes taken a lot of effort. by Kronos on 07/01/2020 Greetings Lara,Thanks so much for taking the time to review Workforce Ready. It's great to hear that the product eliminates a lot of human errors in processing your hours worked and time off, and how it generally makes the process of entering hours relatively smooth.When it comes to the software ease of use - please feel free to contact me at [email protected] to discuss your issues further. I can also help provide you with some resources that may help with some of your issues.Thank you again for your review.
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020

I love that every Human Resource function from interviewing to retirement can be done in one system. Every corporate document is within the system. The ease in which it allows us to perform Open Enrollment. The ACA reporting module is amazing. The best payroll system I have ever used. The implementation team does and excellent job training and setting up each module so that it functions exactly how you need it to.

I love how easy the payroll is processed. The ability to have all our time entries flow into payroll without issues is such a huge time saver. The continuous improvements and enhancements that Workforce Ready makes.

I least like the BSI module that is used for tax reporting. It is very difficult to use. It is a clunky system and does not make sense when trying maneuver through the software.
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020

I am a little frustrated with at times the communication flow. Frequent cancellations of meetings. Not always meeting deadlines on things. Sometimes not communicating proactively updates on where we are at with fixing certains issues. The latest hiccup occurred when the system went down and we reported this. Then we found out that we were supposed to sign up for the workforce community to get the updates when something goes wrong. This was either not communicated to us, or not quite communicated in a way that any of the implementation team understood. Not one of us either remembered or understood this. Separate from that I am very disappointed that important notifications are not automatic - instead we have to sign up for those notifications. My question is why? Shouldn't important notifications be standard? I have never had a product where we've had to sign up for those. You really need to reconsider that. There are other minor issues that make no logical sense to me as well. Like how to request PTO and not having the option to request a flat number of hours over several days. We are a healthcare operation with various schedules and requesting two weeks cause odd things to happen. Seems like this is something that should have been offered as an option long ago. Our first go-live date was December 23rd and now it is August 16th and we still have not gone live because there are still numerous issues to work through. That is frustrating for all the staff here.

I've used time and attendance systems before and generally like them.

We've have a tough time pulling the trigger to go live. I recognize that some of that is related to our unusual rules. However, I get a little disappointed about the lenghthy time and some of the hiccups seem to be for other reasons.
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020
Keefer Fossett

Not only is the payroll system a well oiled machine, the HR module turned out to be better than we could have hoped for or expect. So much of the manual tasks that either Payroll or HR would perform are now automated. Kronos has really been a blessing and the price for a product of this quality is incomparable to other products on the market (which were thoroughly researched before deciding on Kronos).

My duties have come down to literally pushing a few buttons to generate a bi-weekly payroll for 200 hospital workers. The reporting functions are endless, in addition to the already prepared reports within the system, it is extremely easy to build your own and have the exact information you want to see on a report. I am able to do the quarterly reports in about 10 minutes (including submission to the various entities). The customer support is phenomenal. If you've ever had tech support that the rep didn't really understand the problem or their job and tried to correct your system only to find it become even worse, you will really appreciate Kronos support. I have yet to be let down, they are very personable, intelligent and an expert in the field to which your question is based. I really can't say enough wonderful things about Kronos functionality and support. by Amy on 07/09/2017 Hi Teresa, We want to thank you for your thoughtful review highlighting the product and our Support team! It’s so great to hear that Workforce Ready has made your day-to-day duties much easier and less time and labor intensive. Thank you for being our customer,

Comentário deixado em 03/13/2020
Madancy Casler

The ability to pull reports and export data into a variety of software programs.

The customer service. When there is an issue, there is ZERO possibility to get immediate help. Even when items are payroll critical, I can wait 1-3 days for a response. When they support staff do respond, they will call on eastern time, so if you miss that call (at 4-7am pacific time), you have to call back and leave a message to have them return your call starting a vicious cycle. Rarely when I have an issue do I get support assigned that knows how to fix the problem. I have had to tell the support member how to do tasks within Kronos. Most of the time, I get placed on hold while the support staff assigned reaches out for additional help. Worst customer service with ANY computer software program I have ever encountered.
Comentário deixado em 03/13/2020

Overall we really like Kronos. There are just a couple things that would really help the SAS to be great - mainly making the user interface more intuitive and simplified.

Timekeeping works really well and does everything that we need for our business.

Workflows are difficult to build and the functionality can be limiting
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020

Kronos has been a God-send. What started out as a "HR" software that "HR was stuffing down our throats" has turned into a great tool used by the entire organization. Many team leaders are now taking time to look through Kronos to see what other processes they could put into Kronos so that we can go more paperless. We call it "electronifying" our processes.

I like how Kronos is continually investing in improvements and enhanced features. I love that clients get to vote on items in the Community and that we can see what's coming down the pike.

I'd like the job aids to be in an editable format so that I could add to them with more company specific information. Currently, the pdfs aren't editable so I use them as a guide to get me started on created my own. We'd really like a project management solution. We looked at the Scheduler module but it does not allow for the tracking of projects or scheduling of equipment, only employees.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020

We are using time-sheet entry notes for our users to document their activities with customers. These notes in turn make their way onto our billing statements to our customers . This saves countless hours of work for our billing department.

Workforce Ready is a very robust time and labor application that can integrate seamlessly with your payroll solution. The granular configuration options allow the administrator and/or implementation team to set up their timekeeping solution according to their individual needs. Moreover, by mixing and matching profiles within the different areas of configuration, one can fine tune options by departments or individual employees if necessary.

Perhaps it is unavoidable but with the extreme level of flexibility comes also an extensive admin interface that could take a good amount of time to fully grasp. An administrators with years of experience could easily expect to still be learning new and better ways to complete tasks.
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020

Overall, I like it. But we SERIOUSLY under-utilize this system and I'd like to remedy that.

For people that learn differently, this program is good, there are several ways to accomplish the same task.

For people who like black and white (like me), I just want the easiest and fastest way to complete a task. I don't like that there are different rules for different functions. I can do XYZ if I'm trying to report THIS, but I can't do XYZ if I'm trying to report THAT. I wish all rules applied to all functions. I also don't like that Kronos isn't smart enough to figure out detailed functions. For example, if I have someone on STD, I should be able to enter 8 hrs STD on their time sheet and Kronos should know to add 8 hrs STD to their paycheck, to their STD leave, and to FMLA. Why I have to entered Unpaid time off on the time sheet + 8 hrs STD + pay for STD + 8 hrs of FMLA is beyond me. Also, having to enter changes after a pay date is silly. Kronos should be able to figure out that if a change is made in the middle of the pay period, it doesn't take affect until after the pay date. This "rule" (or lack thereof) makes for some interesting calendar calculations.
Comentário deixado em 01/30/2020

I would say medium satisfied. Not overly impressed.

Easy to click on fields desired to report on

A participant's information does not show up all on one line. Making it difficult to use in Excel.
Comentário deixado em 01/21/2020
Heiner Wheaton

Overall I have had a great experience with Kronos. I love the learning feature. I have only had issues with the new interface.

I love the ease of clocking in and out. The phone app is great especially with being able to clock in or out even when you are off line. Love the tracking feature also for the phone app. I also like the reporting module. It is very versatile and I can make reports for individuals exact likes, wants and needs.

I do not like the new interface at all. It takes longer to get to everything. I feel like I have at least 2 to 3 more clicks of the mouse to get anywhere I need to go. Also the time card seems more messy and harder for the employees to read.
Comentário deixado em 01/16/2020

Since implementing and fully utilizing Kronos our staffing models have been better aligned with the business needs at each of our sites & held employees more accountable because this gives them a visual representation of punches that are "out of line" (tardy, unexcused absence, late out, etc). Kronos also tracks and reports this data based on trends/benchmarking that we established (Automatically sent to managers via e-mail report) - This has freed up our management team to focus on other duties.

Kronos has allowed our organization to house all aspects of employee time-keeping within one application. This has count down significantly on the reports collected because Kronos is tracking attendance, tardy, late out, OT, hours beyond FTE, etc. We have built our program to send notifications directly to management so that they can then handle "issues" as needed.

Implementation and planning efforts to build Kronos out to be as functional/efficient as it currently is took many months & IT work. Our organization did all of this internally, may be easier/quicker if utilizing Kronos for this.
Comentário deixado em 12/05/2019

Kronos has definitely been a learning curve from our older Kronos processor. It has been such a help to have the one-on-one help of the Kronos implementation team. We couldn't have done it without them. We are in the transition stage, which has also been very helpful. Overall, we are excited for the possibilities of what we can do with KWR, but still learning where things are, and the differences of how to complete tasks compared to our old processor.

I like the idea of customization of the different pages. I like the centralized information found on the employee information page.

I dislike that it doesn't have the same features across the whole software. Some reports can pull any columns into the report, and some reports don't have certain columns. It makes for a lot of jumping from report to report. It would be much easier and more convenient if you could generate the same columns into different reports. The other thing that we have disliked is the lack of customization on the dashboard.
Comentário deixado em 08/23/2019

I liked the support staff that helped me with issues that arose. In particularly, I want to say that they were great, even though, they could not always help me. They made an honest effort and tried to even make logical solutions to help remedy my issues. Rep was by far my favorite support persons. Please let them know that I appreciated their time and energies. They did a tremendous job helping me with the software and always followed up and followed through. I will miss our lengthy support sessions!

There was some level of customizing available.

It was not a software designed for an organization like mine, a park district. In our organization, most employees work in more than one role at all times. Kronos could only keep general record of one job with one pay rate to each employee (we did not have the Payroll portion of Kronos). Some notifications that we needed were not available. Creating forms from scratch was difficult. Webinars were very long (3 Hours). Kronos was not as customizable for us as we had hoped. many things that we wanted to do with the system were not possible. Applicants had a hard time applying through the software. I had constant issues with log-ins.
Comentário deixado em 08/23/2019

We initially bought all modules available and in the end we cancelled several. We retained HR, talent acquisition, time and payroll. We are not currently using talent acquisition or HR for onboarding as the initial workflows set up are not functioning properly and we've not been able to fix them.

The reporting functionality is super easy to use and very helpful. You can report on most anything in the system and since most everything can be exported to excel it's easy to slice and dice for whatever your purposes.

Payroll functionality and customer support. Time keeping works fine but once things are crossed over into payroll, things don't always translate as they are supposed to.
Comentário deixado em 08/16/2019
Wildon Fiser

Kronos did most of what we needed it to do. The biggest issue we had was the fact they over-promised the capabilities of what Kronos could do. After signing our contract and committing to the software, we found out it couldn't do the accounting we needed it to do, so we had to invest in a separate software to handle our accounting issues. Then we found out the onboarding didn't work the way we needed it to, so we had to invest in another software for it. Then it wouldn't communicate with our new accounting software, so we had to invest in yet another software. So all in all, the cost became to much.

I love how simple it is to export the data. I also love the many options of exports it's capable of doing.

The reporting systems are very complicated to work with. Most of the reports I had to create couldn't be done in Kronos. I had to export the data to excel and create the reports from excel.
Comentário deixado em 08/16/2019
Noman Wrenne

Very satisfied. We have 15 locations with about 120 people punching a time clock. It works well for our company

I appreciate the ease of use from an administrator standpoint. Reports are easy to design and build. Makes my day easy. The ability to pull up an employee and find everything in one spot is useful as well. The payroll process is simple to use.

Not so much the software but I currently do not have a direct line to my representative. I either make a call and leave a message or send an e-mail and wait for a response.
Comentário deixado em 08/14/2019
Valenka Mcguigan

We have been able to go completely paperless with our onboarding process. However, customer support and follow-up has not been a pleasant experience. After implementation and the transition to customer support, I feel we were thrown to the wolves. There is no follow-up available from the project manager who built our system to offer any assistance with updates that come about. Basically, what is built is built is how I feel. We are not in the software business, and I feel it is key to have that support to be able to provide tips and tricks based on updates and new features that come about.

Recruiting and Onboarding have made our hiring process much easier.

It is not user friendly from the employee side or the administrator side.
Comentário deixado em 08/09/2019

From an admin perspective, I love the reporting functionality, automated emails, and general navigation. This may change a bit with the new user interface, but overall it is intuitive and easy to use. Customization and capabilities are great.

The occasional bugs that happen with SAAS.
Comentário deixado em 08/09/2019

The main reason we went with Kronos was for the TLM. It has worked good and we are still playing with it to make it work its best.

I don't like that you have to click here and there just to get to where you want to be. Specially to print a document.
Comentário deixado em 08/09/2019
Ottinger Miyahara

Overall experience have been positive. The system has provided workforce analytics that gives deeper insights to the CEO about the org. The company did not have that ability prior to my tenure

Functionality Real-time

Some reporting features especially on performance mgt
Comentário deixado em 08/09/2019

Use product for a variety of solutions

Its functionality and ease of use is welcoming.

Length of time to customize the product for various needs
Comentário deixado em 08/09/2019

Time keeping has become more efficient. Payroll more accurate. Credential reports to health plans are much easier.

Kronos WFR is highly customizable to allow for easy reporting and data tracking.

Some of the back end set up is not self explanatory and often requires outreach to the Kronos Global Support team for guidance. However, KGS is always very helpful in finding solutions to any problems encountered.
Comentário deixado em 08/09/2019

As I am learning more about the product it is becoming easier to maneuver. I would have appreciated more time during set up before going live to understand the program better and correct some of the issues we continue to have today. I continue to learn more and correct these issues as we go but they have taken a lot of time and efforts to get them to work.

It is user friendly for the users. It is very customizable. Offers many functions and services in one system.

Sometimes it is too customizable, it would be nice to have an easier way to find columns to pull into a report that fit the needs of our organization.
Comentário deixado em 05/24/2019

The overall experience is positive. I have been using Kronos in the work environment for over 4 years and the software has drastically improved. I feel that additional tweaks on the desktop software could really make a difference in user experience and minor tweaks in the app would make it perfect. I think that the app is great for everyday smartphone users, but the desktop software could really be the most beneficial for management.

I love how easy it is to use Krono’s on a smart phone. The Kronos app on both android and iOS are extremely easy to navigate and are not drastically complicated to understand. If anything the app itself is very straightforward and also easy enough to give clear directions to another user. Overall, my favorite thing about this app is the ability to request time off. Putting in a request for time off is just a simple as selecting time off request, the days, and the amount of hours that you want to use. I think that it’s equally easy to punch in as well as punch out. The latest software updates to Kronos has also made the launching speed of the app much faster so it doesn’t take as long to login like it used to. Putting in the request for time off is just a simple as selecting time off request, the days, and the amount of hours that you want to use. I think that it’s equally easy to punch in as well as punch out. The latest software updates to Krono‘s has also made the launching speed of the app much faster so it doesn’t take as long to login like it used to

I feel that the software is generally straightforward and pretty easy to navigate, but there are just a few features that could use some tweaking or updates. for example when I log into Krono‘s on the mobile app and want to look at my weekly schedule it can be a little confusing since the week is shown in a vertical format rather than a horizontal week format. The reason that this becomes a little confusing is due to the amount of numbers that are showing on one screen in a Vertical list format. For example the schedule would show 9/1 and then underneath, the timeframe for work would show 9 AM to 1 PM. Although I am not dyslexic myself I feel that this could be a little bit more friendly to people who struggle with visual number reception. If it were to show a printable pdf option as well, that could be very beneficial for users who like a tangible schedule.
Comentário deixado em 05/21/2019

Overall I think I remain very neutral in it all. There are many aspects of Kronos I like, as it has reduced some of our inefficiency's, but at the same time it has added some new ones as well. We decided to do a slow transition, region by region, and it seems to be working well for us.

Coming from using Workday - we like Kronos for many of its simple access tasks. We like how easy it is to search/find an employee, we like how the system has allowed us to combine our HR system with out payroll system. We have grown to also like the applicant tracking side, it has been a nice transition from using ICIMS.

The transitioning from our old systems to Kronos has been a bit of a struggle. We had a very low grade implementation team at the start of go live for us and eventually we had the entire team re-spun with new people. It was difficult enough for us to be concerned with transitioning systems let alone our implementation team changing entirely. We were promised many efficiency's to eliminate old inefficiency's and very little of that has actually happened.
Comentário deixado em 05/07/2019

One of the things Kronos worked hard with us was to get our Weighted Average Overtime process set-up. We are semi-monthly payroll and this sometimes creates some issues. Kronos worked with us determined to find a way to make this work and they didn't stop until it was resolved.

We have been with Kronos family since around 2000. In 2015 we transition from Kronos Central to Kronos Workforce Ready. During the time with Workforce Ready, I enjoy how they are constantly changing and updating to stay up on current trends. The best part is that with all the changes, we are able to update and move to the new functions without any issues. If there is something we are not sure of, a request for support is available with a knowledgably support tech to help us get to the next level. Kronos Workforce Ready is able to keep us up to date with the latest technology trends and required reporting. Creating reports and pulling information has never been easier. Basically I have found that whatever I think of, Kronos can do it.

We were one of the first jumping on board with Kronos Workforce Ready in 2014 when things really started taking off for this program. So our implementation was a little stressful, but Kronos listen to us and has worked hard to resolve the early implementation issues. Support has improved and it is more than support when they are called they are full of suggestions to help improve processes that are used.
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2019
Markos Fedorko

Workforce Ready has helped to reduce the amount of paperwork produced and has provided efficient, streamlined services. The program is highly responsive, kept up to date, and we've had very little interruption due to loss of service/downtime. We've used this software for 4 years now and I think it is one of the best programs of it's type. Once the system is properly set up it is very reliable.

Kronos Workforce Ready is easy to learn and use. We love that the system is modern and constantly being improved upon. The additional tools that are added as tax and healthcare laws change have been invaluable.

Workforce Ready has been very valuable but adding accounting software to this product would complete it as a ERP system. We really love using this system, but because of our business needs we need a payroll and timekeeping system that is fully integrated with an accounting system. We are forced to transition to another ERP even though Workforce Ready is by far the better product.
Comentário deixado em 11/07/2018

We were tasked with the challenge of payroll management, accrual management just to name a few. These problems were all resolved by employing Kronos Workforce Ready as our central point of data storage and data management.

Kronos Workforce Ready is one of the best HCM software on the market in this category and does a pretty good job of managing data. It has a large set of very useful reports available to be exported in the most popular formats, has the option to customize reports to suite your needs and also you can schedule your reports to be sent or delivered to and email address at your convenience which really cuts out a lot of the manual labor. It has a well thought tru time-sheet feature and which allows easy management of all employees hours per day per week. The recruitment features are an excellent asset as it allows applicants to create a profile while applying in which makes hiring the applicant a breeze with the click a a button. Overall, the Payroll Management, Recruitment Management and Employee Management features are top notch just to name a few and I would recommend Kronos to any medium to large company.

The feature I like least about Kronos Workforce Ready is the manual accrual management feature available . You are tasked with real manual work whenever it comes to uploading hours for employees as there is currently no mass edit option available to apply hours across the board to all selected employees, instead you must load all selected employees into the bucket and scroll through them one by one and apply the credit and whatever other in formations are required to be filled in.
Comentário deixado em 09/20/2018
Villiers Tuell

Clocking in before and clocking out after your work hours is the main role of Kronos workforce. It is efficient and user friendly. But it's way more than a time stamp tracker. You can access your vacation credits, request for one, track it and link it to your schedule viewer. You can approve and review your time card, payroll cannot process your time card unless you approve it. It assures that discrepancies can be fixed before it moves forward. It has tons of features, i don't think i can cover everything in one go.

Some of my coworkers advised that they can access the clock-in capability of the program outside our closed network. I understand that it's web based but this might cause integrity issues. I'm not sure if that featured can be tailored to be locked out if your not logged in the company's network.
Comentário deixado em 09/14/2018
Meredithe Deberg

A more simple and general training or user guide would be better for first time user in understanding how to start using the system.

Usage are fairly easy to locate data and info. Reporting are one of the best feature in this system as it is very versatile and customizable in adding or deleting info to achieve desired result, exporting the report is quick and comes with many formats. Some of the built in lookup function comes in handy and saves time.

Some of the wordings in the system are not as direct and can be mistakenly understood (Such as the Accrual function), only when explained by customer service in the true meaning it can be used correctly. There are certain info that exist in the system but not able to be add to a customize report, which sometimes cause time consuming effort to combine multiple report or manually adjust after export. A few Government labor filing forms has incorrect info when auto filled. Need to adjust manually afterwards.
Comentário deixado em 09/04/2018

Kronos Workforce Ready has some features I really enjoy that I have not come across in other HRIS systems. Workforce Ready is easy to navigate. I enjoy the mass edit feature and the customization of the timesheets. The tables within the system are pretty easy to use and manage. Kronos Technical Support has always been very helpful.

Kronos Workforce Ready has a few areas where it can improve. One feature that I would love to see is a tool at the Company Administrator level that would allow a review to be moved to a another supervisor. Another item I would like to see improved upon is being able to bring all fields into all reports. There are some helpful reports that Kronos Workforce Ready allows you to run that are pre-made with some limits on customization. Being able to bring in a few key columns could be very helpful.
Comentário deixado em 02/19/2018

We are really pleased at this time!

It is helping us go paperless, look more professional, easy to find information, really helps me analyze employees pay, and all benefits in one system.

It would have been great if we could have imported more date and "rules" from WFC. There are a few items that can be improved on and our team has passed them along. by Jessica on 28/02/2018 Hello Tom,
Comentário deixado em 09/01/2017
Houston Morris

Overall great product. It is user friendly and they have a great support team. The only thing I wish they offered was additional onsite training past the initial setup.

If any issues arise, they have a wonderful Customer Service team to help. They are knowledgeable and are quick to respond.

After the initial setup and training, any additional training is offered only online. I took over the HR position about 6 months after implementation so I had to figure a lot on my own since the previous HR person was not available to train. by Amy on 07/09/2017 Hi Carla, Thank you for your review! We appreciate that you find the product easy to use and are very grateful for your kind words about our Support team. Regarding training, please reach out to me at [email protected] – we offer some one-on-one online training options that might be a good fit for your needs (on-site training is also available through our partners), and we can discuss what works best for you. Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 07/07/2017

This is a good program for our purposes, and it is used by accounting and HR. I can't comment for accounting, but HR is making good use of the program.

After training (and retraining,) I am able to maneuver through the program easily. It's good to be able to adjust the company settings so that some fields are auto filled, such as our benefits guidelines. Reports are easy to customize, although I need more practice because I only run them infrequently. It's good to be able to save reports for ease of running them the next time. Easy to download to excel for further customizing the reports. I have admin access, so I am able to get whatever information I need quickly, without being blocked. I am in the program many times throughout the day. It's easy to manage my own time and requests for time off as well, both for myself and on behalf of others (when they forget!) The benefits feature and ability to get copies of W-2's and other forms both for myself and employees is a good one. The amount of information on each employee is very thorough. There are times we have layoffs, and then recalls, so it is easy to REHIRE the employees, with their previous information already loaded.

I find it somewhat cumbersome when hiring a new employee, but again, the company settings make it easier. When running reports, I sometimes struggle with finding the right fields to add, especially when it has to do with the accounting features, but I have an excellent "go-to" person in accounting that assists! Again, that is usually due to the infrequency of running those types of reports. When rehiring employees, we found that some of the information was not prefilling, but with some adjustments in the company settings, (after trial by fire) it seems to be working correctly. by Holly on 08/09/2017 Hi Michele – I love to hear that your HR team is making great use of the product. It is fantastic that you have a go-to person in accounting for pulling reports when you need them, but I wanted to highlight some key resources we have available to help you further with your reporting needs. We have a reporting best practices webinar available to all our customers and we also offer instructor-led classes on reporting. If you are interested I would be happy to share further details and a link to the webinar with you. Please feel free to send me an email at [email protected] – I look forward to hearing from you!
Comentário deixado em 07/06/2017

This is the first cloud system we are using. After having Oracle E Business Suite for more than 10 years, I like the simplicity of Workforce Ready. We hope that the new upgrade coming in August will be a great improvement and reduce our Cons.

Easy to use. Easy to create reports. Works well in most areas. No need to have pre-printed checks.

Does not keep the history of changes. Does not have a TEST feature. No retro pay calculation. The change in pay rate in the middle of a pay period applies to the whole period, for exempt and non-exempt employees. Does not re-calculate regular rate of pay to add the additional overtime premium when nondiscretionary bonus is paid for current or past pay periods. by Holly on 08/09/2017 Hi Rodica – Thank you for your review, I am glad that you are enjoying the simplicity of the system. I wanted to let you know that retro-pay functionality was delivered this month. To learn more about the functionality you can access the release notes right from your Workforce Ready solution by navigating to Our Company > Service Provider Documents > Download Documents. If you have any further questions on this functionality, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected]
Comentário deixado em 04/16/2017

Overall, Kronos is a software that allows for many different functions. My organization generates almost all of our HR reports from the information contained within the software and we also use it for timekeeping and payroll.

From my perspective, the biggest con I have with Kronos is that the system is not very easy to navigate and it needs to be modernized to stay up with the times as far as providing a welcoming experience for users. by Holly on 20/04/2017 Hello Michael, Thank you for your feedback - we are always interested in hearing from our customers how we can improve our solutions. One of the biggest focus areas for Workforce Ready in 2017 is improving the user experience, so you should expect to see positive changes in the ease of use throughout the year and beyond. All the best, Holly Bouffard
Comentário deixado em 03/10/2017

As a new user of Kronos - I have been impressed with the value placed on customer service and community support. Workforce Ready is a newer platform and as with all changes, there are a few glitches; however, the tech support and responsiveness makes you feel as though the system issues are minor and worth it. Every single time we call for assistance, the experience is helpful rather than stressful. Product wise - I love the cloud technology and the community features. One of my favorite features is the export option. When first using the product I kept looking for where to "Run Reports" for basic info - when I realized I could manipulate the columns and then just export the data I was looking at I was thrilled. It isn't complicated, doesn't require that I run a bunch of numbers - I just pick what I want to know at that moment & export the file. Then I can easily sort/filter the excel data as needed. I also appreciate the ability to search by multiple details - other platforms require the last name only, but WFR let's me search by multiple features - including the exact name or "starts with". I still have a lot to learn about the system and am anxious for the upgrades and suggestions to be implemented (like the ability to click back/forth between pages as you move through a file without having to go back to the home page); however, I'm pleased with the product and love the relationship - so as long as the focus stays on technological advances, combined with stellar customer service - Kronos will get my vote at the executive table.

PEOPLE! Software is available and mostly similar - we have a lot of choices in HRIS/Payroll systems, so how you treat your customers is the most important factor in being better. Kronos has this in spades!!

Benefit plan set up isn't ideal - I need to be able to put in an effective date AND an enrollment date, as they are not the same thing. If my employees don't elect their benefits before the "waiting period" the "New Enrollment" radio button disappears. An employee's waiting period and eligibility dates do not match their election period. I'd like the opportunity to select the different options.
Comentário deixado em 03/10/2017

Kronos Workforce Ready has lead us in the direction we have been wanting to go with reducing the amount of paper we process in HR and Payroll daily and allowed us to have more efficient, instant communication with our employees. We are utilizing the Onboarding process. We allow employees to make demographic changes and view their payroll data, such as pay statements, as a self-service option. We are beginning the benefits enrollment which will automatically add the payroll deductions to payroll. Our payroll processing has been reduced from 3 days to 1 day. Chasing down lost paperwork that was sent through the mail is no longer an issue. We have recently completed the integration with Workforce Central's Timekeeper.

Kronos has taken us to the next level in service that we were looking for. It is very easy to use for creating your own reports and importing data. We couldn't be more pleased with how they helped us work through our custom profit sharing allocation.

There are often updates that we are waiting for to continue what we would like to accomplish with the Kronos software. Although it automates several of our paper process and gave us efficiencies, there are now processes that we need to track manually and audit by hand. The third party tax software is more time-consuming than before. We were breaking ground with integrating the Workforce Central Timekeeper with Workforce Ready. We chose Workforce Central over Workforce Ready Time Labor Management due to the complexity of our work force. If you can use one system, I would recommend Workforce Ready.
Comentário deixado em 03/01/2017

Kronos is committed to improving WFR and we already see the improvements made since we went live. There were some bumps at the beginning, but Kronos is a company that listens to their clients and helps in anyway they can. Although, the system is still a work in progress, we are in a much better place then we were before Kronos and are happy to have the system in place.

1. All in one product that including ATS, HR, payroll, benefits, ACA and reporting.

1. The system is very particular in the way you set up. Ensure you have a good application consultant that understands what your company needs and how they will set this up in your environment. Also, if you chose to bring WFC into the mix, you are dealing with two systems and not one and there is a whole other level of set up you need to consider.
Comentário deixado em 02/28/2017
Welcome Casperson

Kronos is a tool that our Company is learning as we go, and it is much more we have to learn. But the over all learning process is great ! Once you get it, there is more that will tie into the one thing that you learned about that day. You have to explore and get into the process and you will see that Kronos has a lot to offer. When our company first signed on with kronos we were just using the timekeeping module and later we signed on to use the payroll module, and Wow that opened up a lot of what Kronos can accomplish, We are a company with a lot of different issues that a normal company would not have. But Kronos was able to accommodate us with our needs. They have a great support team (The Application Consultant) (Technical Support team).

I like the way this product ties in and gives you what you need. You can create any kind of report.

I am a little disappointed in the timely status of customer service getting back to you when you call or put a ticket in through the kronos community. Sometimes you need to know something at a moments notice and we don't have the option to get that answer right away. I think there should be different levels of customer service techs.
Comentário deixado em 02/15/2017

My organization started with WFR's HR and TML. Employees, managers and administrators were impressed with the ease of use, the robust amount of information at their finger tips and the reporting capabilities. After a year and a half of using HR and TML, my organization decided to transfer our payroll to WFR as well. Having HR, Time and Labor and Payroll integrated with each other has allowed my HR team to evolve from and administrative department to a strategic business partner.

I love that employees and managers have virtual personnel files at their fingertips. Through Employee Self Service, employees can access and change their address, beneficiaries, payroll information, enroll online for benefits, request time off and maintain their schedules. Managers can access employment history, process compensation changes, approve timesheets and upload and review current and previous performance reviews. Instead of tracking down information, entering payroll changes and being the timesheet monitor, my team and I can use our knowledge and skills to make our employees and organization better.

The reporting functions in WFR are robust but each organization has specific reports required by leadership. Enhancing the reporting function for easier report customization would be my only critique.
Comentário deixado em 02/14/2017
Shields Saffo

Kronos Workforce Ready is an excellent product for us and a definite upgrade over the Workforce Central version we were on. Every software has its shortcomings, but they have been few and far between with WFR. The last KronosWorks conference had plenty of WFR ready classes and a considerable number of users to interact with.

Customer service has been a strong suit for Kronos regardless of which product you are on. Reporting functionality in WFR is by far the best change from WFC, but also better than any other software we use throughout our company. Since WFR is on the cloud, the continual upgrades are done for us, saving us time and money.

Implementation left a lot to be desired.
Comentário deixado em 02/14/2017
Benedick Bracamonte

We implemented KRONOS Workforce Ready in 2015. We have purchased the Payroll, HR, Time and Labor, and ACA package. Our employees are now able to see their vacation and personal time in one place without having to contact HR or Payroll. The system allows transparency for the employees and the managers. They can view their pay statements, their time off, and their benefits all in one place. The mobile application for KRONOS Workforce Ready is very user friendly. Employees can see their pay statements when they are home and they can request off right from their mobile phone. The ease of use is wonderful. Our employees feel more engaged due to the software and so do our managers.

The mobile application is very user friendly.

The product is more difficult to use when it comes to transfers of employees between EIN's. There is more manual work involved than we would like for this process.

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