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Manage all of your major social media accounts and improve your social media efficiency on one platform with automated post scheduling and many other unique features.
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My business manages several different companies social media accounts. We simply post from Twitter, Facebook and G+ using SocialPilot! It's soooo simple. We also use it to schedule posts at different times which is one of my favorite features. Overall, our experience has been solid. Due to cost, we left socialpilot several months ago... But quickly realized it was a necessary business tool for us so we re-subscribed. Now we are likely lifetime customers. Thanks socialpilot and keep up the great work.

It's very easy to use. Creating and scheduling social media posts across a large number of networks is simple and to the point. Very intuitive to teach my team to use it as well.

The cost is a bit high but all in all -- well worth it for what it delivers. But like anything, cost is always under consideration when using tools.
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2020

SocialPilot has made my life easier and made my business work seamlessly. Thanks SocialPilot!

It is affordable!!

I really am pretty happy with it, but here are the things I would change if I could (in order of importance):
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Olsen Kozloski

So happy we stumbled on to Social Pilot. This service provides tremendous value and ease of use. Support is great. It's a big time saver when it comes to posting to social media. Highly recommend.

Ease of use. Great value. Time saver.

Inability to maintain LinkedIn connection. Occasional errors in posting. by SocialPilot on 24/03/2017 Hi Jane,Thanks much for such a wonderful review.Glad to know you love SocialPilot this much and how it's easing out on your social media needs.Can you please send us your email id you are using with SocialPilot? We'll check why LinkedIn is not working in your account.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 04/08/2020
Hecker Gery

We love SocialPilot! It has helped us keep our social media efforts consistent and effective.

Simple easy to use interface. Scheduling functions are perfect! We have it up and running literally in minutes. It makes it so easy to have complete control over your social media marketing efforts.

The pricing levels could have more options. by SocialPilot on 17/10/2018 Hi Ed,Thanks for your wonderful review. Pleasing to know you find SocialPilot to be a perfect 10 on 10. Its awesome to have such users like you.Best,
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Jairia Seedborg

Very positive - would be nice to be able to tag brands on Facebook, I hope they introduce this soon. Any issues are dealt with so quickly by their CS team

I love that you can plan Instagram posts in advance - such a time saver. The reports are very good too, with enough detail for a basic report for clients

sometimes it can be a bit glitchy - for example something won't post for some reason and you won't be notified until the next day, by which point the post has been missed
Comentário deixado em 04/08/2020
Sophy Pottkotter

I hated Hootsuite. Like, could not wrap my brain around their workflow. (And I am a smart Techie person)

The CALENDAR feature. So needed and no one else is really doing it.

I wish I could edit replicated posts once they have been scheduled. (This way i dont have to remove them all and redo the replicated post to fix a typo) by SocialPilot on 29/03/2017 Hi Elizabeth,Delighted to have such users at SocialPilot. Glad to know you love SocialPilot and its helping you to reach your social media goals.We do have the option to edit a post which you have already delivered and want to reshare it with your audience.
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My overall experience with SocialPilot is very good.

SocialPilot's ability to bulk schedule content is a giant time-saver. When you have the ability to write everything out on a spreadsheet and then upload into the platform with the click of a button, having all of your content in the right place, on the right date and the right time, that, my friend, is magic! -it's peace-of-mind. Having that feature plus an intuitive dashboard that was friendly to the new and intermediate user is a recipe for success. Lastly, SP is on the forefront of advancements and new technology. This is evident by the partnership thye have with TikTok that allows SP to schedule TT videos.

I don't see very many cons. I used SocialPilot during the trial phase and seemed to like everything I saw.
Comentário deixado em 04/07/2020

I've been using SocialPilot with my team as we've tested some other services that will help us schedule and review the publications we make on social media. After testing more than 7 different services, we will stay in SocialPilot (and that's why I'm doing this review).

The easy of use and the ability to have team members handle different social accounts and one team manager that can approve the posts.

I really would like to have more statistics in the software. by SocialPilot on 29/03/2017 Hi Gustavo,Woww!! That's a pretty much detailed appreciation! This delights and encourages us more to work hard and make it a better tool for you each day.Glad to know Team & Collaborations feature is such of a use to you and is helping you ease out on your social media needs and increasing efficiency.We will pass on your suggestion where you need more statistics!
Comentário deixado em 04/06/2020
Roddy Frumkin

Decent! I wish it could auto-post to IG, bur otherwise it does exactly what I needed it to do.

The ability to queue up posts to multiple social network sites, and the ability to re-share previously made posts is really nice.

I would like a way to easily organize previously made posts, so that I can easily find older posts for re-sharing purposes, without having to spend a lot of time searching. I would especially like it if switching the posting option to "share now" didn't share it immediately, but rather that I would have to click it again, just so I can review my post once more before sending. by SocialPilot on 22/10/2018 Hi Simon,Thanks for your SocialPilot review. Glad to know you like the functionalities of SocialPilot.You can use the calendar to find posts already delivered for that month and for previous months, use the delivered section. We definitely will take your suggestion to consideration and add it to our list. Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 04/05/2020
Gladis Westervelt

It saves me time when it comes to scheduling my social media.

It's easy to set a schedule so that I don't have to 'schedule' every post. It just goes right into the next slot saving me time. This ability also lets me set different schedules for different days and different accounts with ease. This is by far my favorite feature.

Either I can't or haven't figured out how to tag people through this program. It can be frustrating when it comes to cross-promotion with other authors. by SocialPilot on 23/01/2018 Hi Amy,Thanks for such a wonderful review. Glad to know you love SocialPilot and it helps in saving your time.Yes, we currently are not offering the feature where you can tag people on Facebook, but that's surely on our roadmap and you'll get to know about it soon ;)Regards,
Comentário deixado em 04/03/2020
Waugh Ballreich

SocialPilot has been a powerful tool to manage and grow my social media channels, as well as an avenue for me to continuously promote my content on social.

There are many things I like about SocialPilot. If I were to narrow it down to 3, I'd mention the ability to connect and manage multiple social media platforms, the "post recycling" option to repost something several times on a later day and the browser extension.

The "post recycling" feature is a valuable asset for all those creating evergreen content for the fact that it lets you promote a piece of content on social media today, as well as on several future dates (something that's missing from the likes of Buffer and Hootsuite).
Comentário deixado em 04/02/2020

It's a great alternative if you have lots of social media channels to post to.

This software is really inexpensive​ - especially compared to Hootsuite!

You can't auto-post to Instagram - so I have to use Later as well. by SocialPilot on 30/04/2019 Hi there,Thanks for taking out the time and writing us a review. Glad to know you find SocialPilot inexpensive compared to Hootsuite. We completely understand the need of having direct Instagram publishing and we are on it. We are just waiting for a response from Facebook and as soon as they'll give us access we'll have it on board.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 04/02/2020

This is the best and easiest tool for social media scheduling out there. UI is clear and easy to use from the very start. I like the customization of a post per social network . Experimenting with diferent headlines all the time.

Nothing to complain about. It does what it says and is the cheapest solution. by SocialPilot on 30/04/2019 Hi Viktorija,You are awesome ;)Thanks for your kind words Viktorija. Excited to have a wonderful review from amazing users like you associated with SocialPilot from a long time. We are always on the run to make SocialPilot a better tool each day and comments like these give us a boost.Cheers,
Comentário deixado em 04/01/2020

Of course it is a great tool to plan and pre-schedule posts. this helps a lot to reduce time. Calendar view of planned posts is great, I would like to have an easy overview per account as well.

- Xing (German network) is included, this is a big plus. - Adding customer accounts and manage them in groups is great.

not so easy to handle. some words are not well translated. shows character limits for Twitter, but not for the other networks. by SocialPilot on 22/10/2018 Hi Maren,Thanks for your wonderful feedback. Glad to know you like SocialPilot. We are still beta testing the language translations and we can definitely take your suggestions. It can also be great if you could help us out with words that are not well translated. We show character limit for Twitter as only this platform has very less limit. Other platforms allow long form posts.We have a very convincing Affiliate program which lets you earn 30% recurring commission. Check our Affiliate website-,
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Thordia Shampa

It has several small features that will make your life easier. For example, if you want to post on Twitter about an interesting blog post, simply copy the URL in the are for the message and SocialPilot will automatically retrieve any photo or diagram used in the blog post for you to include in your tweet. How cool is that?

If you use social networks a lot, you probably noticed that some socials use many hashtags (e.g. Instagram) and some do not (e.g. Facebook). Unfortunately, if you use SocialPilot to schedule your post, there is no way to tell the system, please remove the hashtags before you post on a social network that does not use hashtags (e.g. Facebook). by SocialPilot on 16/10/2018 Hi there,Thanks for your wonderful review. Glad to know it makes your life easier. We definitely understand the need of having this and that is the reason we are working on the Advance post feature, where you can create different posts for different social networks at the same time. We'll keep you posted with the updates.Best,
Comentário deixado em 03/31/2020

It is very easy to use and combines all your social media accounts. I used it to manage posting on my facebook page. This is the cheapest and most functional software that makes managing your accounts easier.

There aren't many cons that I observed during the use. This software constantly gets new updates and is easy to work with. by SocialPilot on 29/04/2019 Hi Weronika,Thanks for your amazing review and glad to know you like SocialPilot.I see that there's still one star less for the customer support you have received. How can we work it together to raise our customer support bar? We always look forward to hearing to our users and solve their issues timely.Let me know and we can get it done.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020

I mainly use it to save time publishing on multiple platforms. It's great and easy overall. I wish you could have a higher post limit though and I wish Instagram was supported more directly.

The browser extension for Chrome is a joy to use and it's a huge time saver for publishing to multiple platforms. The plan is affordable and reasonable limits. The link shortener and automatic image finding is great too. The platform posting is flawless, never had issues.

They aren't an Instagram partner so you have to post to Instagram manually which is saddening. I wish that was more clear when signing up. For image heavy posts the extension can be slow.
Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020
Iny Blish

I tried a bunch of social marketing solutions while searching for one that fit me and my companies. In searching, I found SocialPilot. I love the simple, clean navigation. It's reminiscent of the old Facebook, so it's incredibly easy to learn to navigate, to add feeds/social pages, and to check out the graphs and analytics. Compared to their competitors, the pricing is at a great level for small to midsize businesses. The repeat posting tool is awesome for book releases and sales where we're posting the same thing for days in a row on different pages to drum up reader interest.

They are still working on becoming a Facebook partner to allow direct posting to Instagram. Where most of their competitors have already either done this or worked out alternative ways of posting to Instagram, SP lags behind. As a company, we've noticed IG is becoming really popular for branding and marketing, so this is an imperative feature that needs to be sorted ASAP. Occasionally bulk scheduling fails, and there isn't a notification or queue alert to let you know something failed. A better way to quickly see where you need to do a repost to get it to go through would be a great option to add. by SocialPilot on 30/04/2019 Hi there,Thanks for the wonderful SocialPilot review. Excited to know you found SocialPilot and just loved the simple and clean navigation. We always focus on how we can make it a better tool each day for users like to you to love it :)We definitely understand the need of having direct Instagram publishing and are aware of the fact that it is a much needed platform. We ourselves are pushing on that fact with Facebook to give us access.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 03/29/2020
Borgeson Obermier

Great price for an all encompassing platform.

It encompasses so many features that I want in a social media platform. The blind client registration is my favorite feature, among others, to keep their login credentials private. My other favorite feature is the curated content. This saves me a lot of money.

The user interface can be difficult to navigate. I wish I could move the scheduled post into whatever order I would like rather than sending it to the top or resetting the schedule for that post. by SocialPilot on 29/01/2018 Hi Samantha,Thanks so much for your wonderful review on SocialPilot. Pleased to know you love SocialPilot and it proves out to be an excellent platform for your social media needs. Glad to know the features available on your dashboard eases out your social media marketing.We definitely have the re-ordering the posts in the queue on our suggestions list. You can re-order or reschedule your posts using our Calendar feature as well by drag and drop of posts available.Regards,
Comentário deixado em 03/29/2020

significantly cheaper than some competitors

Can not automate Instagram scheduling which means we have to use an alternative tool for that by SocialPilot on 22/10/2018 Hi Daniel,Thanks for your SocialPilot review. Glad to know you are happy using SocialPilot.We definitely understand the need of Instagram direct posting and we are working on it. There's a whole process to be followed in becoming Facebook partners to have this feature and we are on it.
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2020

Excellent : I tried a few other such tools (buffer, socialchamp) and SocialPilot is the best in terms of how easy it is to schedule posts for 1 or 2 months in advance. I could feel that a lot of thinking was put in making very repetitive tasks easy to perform, wich is the most important for such tools.

It is an excellent piece of software for automatizing the publications on social networks (instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin, google Plus, tumblr, Xing).

Some freezes of the Android app on my Galaxy S7 in the last few weeks (it opens and stay stuck on "please wait").
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2020

I discovered Social Pilot after reaching my frustration threshold with several other social media scheduling platforms. Several were difficult to navigate; some where not responsive; the most recent software, prior to SP, could never get a grasp on their Instagram push notifications.

Social Pilot is easy to navigate. I especially like the "calendar" option, where you can view a full month's worth of post, even segmenting by social media platform. This comes in handy, especially with Pinterest. The analytics tab is easy to read and allows me to see which days and times my followers are most engaged, without having to visit that particular social media platform.

I do not mind the daily usage limitations (within my price range) however, I wish I was able to add all my Pinterest boards to my profile, although I know I cannot post to each board daily. I just would like the accessibility. by SocialPilot on 22/10/2018 Hi Joann,Thanks much for this wonderful review. Delighted to know you find SocialPilot easy and love the features finally you found a tool that fulfills your social media requirements. Best,
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020

Excellent! We manage the social media accounts for several of our clients and utilize Social Pilot for creating several of the posts and scheduling them all. Additionally, we use the Social Pilot Chrome extension on a daily basis to share interesting content we encounter. We consider Social Pilot as one of our most useful and valued tools.

All of the features we desire at a price point that is below other software in the market.

We find nothing "con" to say about Social Pilot. We use it everyday on behalf of our clients, have done so for several months and we have not yet encountered a glitch. by SocialPilot on 24/10/2018 Hi Jim,Delighted to know you like SocialPilot and it fulfills your daily social media requirements. Thanks for your wonderful review and adding value to it.Best,
Comentário deixado em 03/24/2020

While I like the being able to schedule all of my posts in advance, I LOVE the Visual Composer! I am great with words, but not always with visuals. The Visual Composer allows me to add images to my posts without worrying about spending money on stock images or worrying about copyright infringement.

Having just started my business, I don't have a lot of money to spend on fancy social media schedulers. Social Pilot has been great for my purpose and my wallet.

I don't like that I have to do different steps for Instagram. I don't know if it is because of Instagram or if it is because of this software. by SocialPilot on 28/02/2018 Hi Sarah,Wow, thanks for such an amazing review on SocialPilot. You are awesome! Excited to know SocialPilot proves out to be a great tool to fulfil your purposes and how much the Visual Composer helps you out! Thanks!About Instagram, it has a restricted API, so it doesn't allow any third party tool like SocialPilot to post directly to it. So Instagram scheduling works a bit different at SocialPilot.Kind Regards,
Comentário deixado em 03/24/2020

I'm a solopreneur who uses social media very aggressively to get the word out. After too many frustrations with a big name product, I signed up for SocialPilot. Works like a charm AND does things that others want to charge more more or are not equiped to handle as easily as SocialPilot does. Set it up and start adding content and voila . . . delivered.

Lots of features. Works well. Support responds to messages oretty quickly.

I wish phone support was available AND I understand why it isn't by SocialPilot on 29/03/2017 Hi Jeff,That's so wonderful! Glad to know you love SocialPilot so much and its working the best to fulfil your social media needs. Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

Being a digital marketer, its my routine and work responsibility that I need to look after my social channels right? I always prefer Social pilot as it has been a boon for me since past 1 year. I schedule my post by writing captions, they automatically shorten the URL and fetches the image from the URL.

Social Pilot is tool which let you schedule and post into all social channels at the same time. My company is used to take a plan which allows us to connect all the social channels for my project including facebook, twitter, G+, linkedin, Pinterest. So I schedule my posts and the most favourable, they will ask to post as a link or image as it fetches the images from the link in caption.

sometimes, we need to reconnect social media profile after some period of time as it disconnects automatically.
Comentário deixado em 03/22/2020
Chastain Whitset

I had been using another company to facilitate all of my social media posts, however, the number of accounts I needed took me out of the search for the free products and jumped up pretty quickly to some prohibitive pricing. SocialPilot fit a perfect price point and got me connected to all of my social media accounts very quickly. I can make my posts and schedule them as I like. Thank you!

In our company, between the 2 storefronts we utilize about 10 different social media accounts. I desperately needed something that would allow me to post to all of these at the same time as well as manage the future posts. I can easily create my social media posts or share other things I find via the tool bar plugin. Recently they added in the connection to my Canva account making it even easier for me to share things. It was also very convenient to search for curated content. Well done SocialPilot.

The interface is probably my least liked feature of the software. Sometimes I feel it takes too many clicks to get where I want to go. Maybe the UI is not as intuitive as I want it to be with where I think buttons should be. That being said, I do appreciate what they have available for me.
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020

This is an excellent solution for people who have multiple clients to manage. You can request access to your client's accounts, invite them to review posts and work on their own accounts, group their accounts into groups, set automated posting schedules, import feeds, etc.

This software is week on the integration side. Integration into Feedly without the use of a 3rd party tool is a major drawback. They should reach out to other platforms that agencies use to build a relationship. by SocialPilot on 10/01/2018 Hi Marshall,Thanks for your amazing review. We are glad to know you find SocialPilot as one of the best platforms.We'll surely look into integrating with more third party tools. Thanks for your suggestion.Regards,
Comentário deixado em 03/21/2020

In case they manage to solve some minor frustrations including the fact that sat various periods scheduled posts are hold then it could be one of the best solutions and most cost effective out there.

The software is pretty easy and straightforward to use and allows to schedule content from various internet portals as an auto feed.

There are minor bugs on the calendar area where you need to frequently refresh the web page to view the correct times. The biggest issues is the support that is slow to respond and the fact that at certain periods the engine seems stacked (lot's of posts are on a "hold" and fired all together) by SocialPilot on 24/10/2018 Hi Alexanfros,Thanks for your wonderful SocialPilot review. Glad to know you find SocialPilot to be easy and quite poweerful. We'll definitely pass this bug on to our developers to have a look at why this is happening in your account. Can you please send in your SocialPilot login id at [email protected] Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 03/20/2020
Ignace Birak

Simplified my social media posts. Now I can get on with other stuff.

I love the fact that I can organise all my social media in a few clicks and that it can all be done in one place. The fact that I can set it up to most ll of it for the next week, or month is even better.

There could be more on the analytical side but this is not a big issue as what they do have it good. by SocialPilot on 11/01/2018 Hi Chris,Wow, that's a great review! Pleased to know SocialPilot made it really easy for you to manage your social media. We are always on the run to make SocialPilot a better tool for you to use each day. Thanks for your valuable review.Regards,
Comentário deixado em 03/19/2020

We use SocialPilot to manage our social media accounts.

SocialPilot is perhaps the simplest social media managment platform I've used in a long time. It feels plain, but that's a good thing. There's no fancy UI to distract from the (at times) stressful task of scheduling social media posts. And you can post accross different social accounts with a single click from the same dashboard. It's really nice.

Sometimes SocialPilot's simplicity becomes a barrier to productivity. For example, it's easy to tag others on Twitter, but that doesn't work on Facebook. You have to manually update tags on your social page after they've posted. It can be a huge timesink if you are managing multiple accounts. However, if you're handling more traditional social media accounts, then the performance gains of SocialPilot's simplicity are definitely worth it. by SocialPilot on 29/04/2019 Hi Ben,Thanks for your wonderful review on SocialPilot. Glad to know you like SocialPilot's simplicity. We thrive to make it simple and easy to use.About tagging on Facebook - We do have it now in SocialPilot. You can very easily mention the pages/people you want to on your Facebook post when scheduling them from SocialPilot. Let us know if you need any help in guiding you how you can do this. Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 03/18/2020
Hannus Trulock

Socialpilot allows me to post all relevant company updates and marketing content to a large number of Social Network. It comes with a large number of connectors and even supports networks like LinkedIn. That is the reason why we bought the tool.

The software could be more intuitive. However, everything works the way it should. Pricing could be more competitive. by SocialPilot on 19/11/2018 Hi Daniel,Thanks for a wonderful SocialPilot review. Cheering to know you find SocialPilot to be a great marketing tool. We are always on the run to make SocialPilot a better place each day and keeping getting updates so that users like you get the full benefit of what you are paying.Best,
Comentário deixado em 03/18/2020
Hyland Badia

I started with this company when they were brand new and waited through some of the growing pains for new features to come. This is a great option if looking for a less expensive option than some of its competitors.

This being a somewhat newer company to the game, some of there features feel like they are lacking or aren't a well polished as some of its competitors like Hootsuite. It is a little clumsy to try and post something other than text, pictures, or video. And even posting those feels a little clumsy. by SocialPilot on 16/10/2018 Hi Josh,Thanks for your review and glad to know you are using SocialPilot since our early days. We are always on the run to make SocialPilot a better tool. We'll definitely take in your suggestions and try to make advancements and not make it look clumsy.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 03/17/2020
Jonah Flever

It's great to be able to schedule bulk posts and repeat posts. I do feel that Social Pilot is being a little scant with it's features on the individual plan. To make someone who is paying you monthly feel like they are locked out of so many features is not great. I've looked and continue to look for other services that offer repeat posting, basic analytics, Twitter follower management (see who has recently unfollowed, search for followers who may be interested in your field of business etc.)

I like the ability to schedule repeat social posts. The posting of text and media to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook works really well.

The interface needs work. Some simple things like allowing click through on the sub menu items such as 'Manage Posts' (not just the text) and not picking up the profile pictures for the accounts make the interface feel as if it isn't being assessed for improvement that often.
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020

Overall very good, especially for the price.

This is a very affordable software that let's you post to a lot of different accounts. Our company manages a lot of social media accounts for our clients and this was way cheaper than other options with all the features.

Bugs. Things happening for no reason and when we call customer service they seem to have no clue how to help or fix anything.
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020

As the Executive Director of a digital marketing agency ( in Melbourne, Australia, I spent a considerable amount of time evaluating social media management tools.

Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020
Rothwell Pineros

Paz de espírito

I enter my post and i don't have to think about them anymore for a while, That way i can focus on more work and without having to think about social media.

Customer support isn't that great, it also took me a while to discover that when i choose "share as media" for a link the post only shows a picture, instead of redirecting to the link by SocialPilot on 13/02/2018 Hi Els,Thanks for your wonderful review on SocialPilot. Glad to know you like SocialPilot and scheduling gives you free time to focus on other stuff.Please let us know how we can be of help to you, if you would like to walk through SocialPilot you can book a demo contacting [email protected] She'll be helping you out setting up your account and further assistance.Regards,
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020

Value for the money. Other schedulers with similar features are out of my budget. Now that I'm scheduling posts on a regular basis, I'm seeing starting to see more blog hits for social media. Without Social Pilot I wouldn't be able to do it.

There's a learning curve, but once mastered the software is very easy to use. It is so convenient to be able to write a blog post AND schedule all the social media promos at one time. The calendar feature helps me visualize my post schedule and the drag and drop feature makes rescheduling extremely easy. I prefer to schedule rather than put posts into a queue but the times I've used the repeat post feature (publish X times in Y days) it has been easy to set up.

I gave up on trying to post to Google Plus (not a real hardship, but other bloggers may want this functionality). It would be nice to be able to bulk edit posts that were scheduled at the same time, but I've learned to be double check and edit BEFORE hitting publish. by SocialPilot on 25/01/2018 Hi Lydia,Wow, that's an awesome review! Thanks for such an amazing review on SocialPilot. Really pleased to know SocialPilot is your go-to tool for fulfilling your social media needs and you are getting results too. We'll surely add your suggestion to bulk edit posts that are scheduled for the same time.Regards,
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020
Westland Lemarie

Useful for a contract worker or agency needing to schedule posts on many accounts.

-Large capacity for accounts

-No Instagram reporting metrics
Comentário deixado em 03/11/2020

Overall I really like it for posting and finding content to share. I really wish that I could post videos and I also wish that I could see my posts and responses to my posts in a social feed that allows me to respond.

It is the best posting platform I have used. The price for the amount of social profiles is unbeatable. I really like being able to search for content by topic and easily throw into my queue. Canva integration is awesome too.

No video posting.
Comentário deixado em 11/08/2019
Skyler Tsiatsos

Overall, SocialPilot did what it promised by allowing you to schedule and send out posts without stressing. As the sole creator of social media posts for the non-profit, and needed to post almost daily, SocialPilot made this possible. This is a well-needed program for us!

The integration of multiple popular social media sites was the best thing about SocialPilot. I was able to schedule Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ at the same time. Editing posts before they schedule was also a breeze.

For the free version, you can only add three social media accounts. For a growing company, this became an issue after the initial setup. The new algorithms were not kind to automation applications like SocialPilot and hindered visitors from seeing the posts at times.
Comentário deixado em 10/30/2019

SocialPilot is amazing! What is really brilliant about this software is that it can generate fresh content for me to post to my social media pages, as if I was the one that came up with it! The curated content that SocialPilot software provides even includes blogs, which are already written up by various different authors on the subject of my choosing, so I can use those blogs as a form of advertising for my business products and services. I usually line up and schedule my content to my social feeds for when I know that I will either be stuck in a meeting or for the hours in which I know I will be asleep. So the fact that SocialPilot makes postings for me on my behalf even when I am too busy to do so, counts very much in their favor! I love how SocialPilot does most of the work for me!

What I like most about SocialPilot software is that it saves me time! I have connected my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media accounts to SocialPilot and I manage my accounts directly from the dashboard! This software is smart and easy to use. It is designed in such a fantastic way that anybody can learn to use it. It is so easy to schedule posts to my various social media platforms ahead of time I just love the efficiency of SocialPilot!

What I like least about SocialPilot software is that it does have such an immense amount of control and visibility into my social media accounts. This software frees up my time immensely, even providing me with analytics for each one of my social media accounts which is great. I can even add a team member who can create content for me to my accounts which I don't really like. I simply don't trust anyone else enough to let them do postings to my social media accounts and make it seem like I was the one that posted it. I do need to approve all those posts first which does eliminate the worry to some degree, but I dread the day that a disgruntled employee or an ex could still slip through the cracks and post to my social pages. Nevertheless, I love it and I highly recommend SocialPilot!
Comentário deixado em 09/09/2019
Herriott Remian

I run many social accounts, set up of these accounts are so easy. I use this on a daily basis and can keep track of all my scheduled posts.

Nothing I don't dislike , they are upgrading the software all the time.
Comentário deixado em 09/07/2019

My overall experience with SocialPilot has been wonderful. It has made making posts on my social media accounts easier for me.

I like how I can add all of my social media accounts into this. I like how I can post all of my updates without worrying about running out of limits. I also really like how easy it is to use.

There is nothing at all that I dislike about SocialPilot. I like everything that it has to offer. Everyone needs to give this a try.
Comentário deixado em 08/15/2019
Michael Rickford

I like that I can schedule a post that I find from Facebook to a later date. I also like that it does not cost anything to look at analytics for your posts.

There is a lot of different social media management software available but this one seems to work best for my company. It is fairly easy to use and they don't nickle and dime you to death. So I would say no real cons.
Comentário deixado em 04/23/2019

Anyone who works in digital marketing, looking for a reliable tool, is what I have received since I implemented SocialPilot as the main tool for the content management of the accounts for which I work. I have managed to cover many more accounts only with SocialPilot, similar tools offer similar services for very high costs, but do not offer more than five accounts to manage, which I have left in the past since using SocialPilot, is truly amazing. Apart from all that, they also offer you a complete section of analytics, which allows you to show the orderly evolution of your work.

Carrying the social networks of several companies at the same time, without the perfect tool, is a task that can end in a complete disaster. That is why, after using SocialPilot, I can say with confidence that it is the best option for small entrepreneurs and for consolidated work teams that seek to offer a better service. I like that they offer options that perfectly fit the possibilities of people and companies. Another element that I liked a lot, is that I can obtain the statistics of each of the accounts, which helps me to project the needs that each client may have, as well as rectify my strategies so that marketing is successful. I have received good comments from my clients because the publications are in the correct times and days, all that is thanks to SocialPilot.

Throughout my experience, my comments remain positive about the benefits and scope of the platform, they constantly include improvements and are very up to date with the recommendations of the users, I have not found any negative aspects to consider. by SocialPilot on 29/04/2019 Hi Luis Ignacio,Very much excited to know about your love towards SocialPilot. It's amazing to have such users like you. Thanks for your kind words. We always are on the run to make the tool a better place for your social marketing activities and glad to know we are able to do it :)Best,
Comentário deixado em 02/24/2019
Jilli Lamonte

It made easier to manage all the social platform.

It is cheaper than other social media management software.

If queue were fail there is no automatical alert available. by SocialPilot on 30/04/2019 Hi Zeeshan,Thanks for your SocialPilot review. Glad to know you find SocialPilot to be a cheaper option than available options in the market. We do have a notification alert bar where if any posts go into the error or the unscheduled tab you get a notification. Can you please reach out to [email protected] if you are facing any issues? They'll look into your account asap :)Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 02/13/2019
Jerry Klatt

Simple to set up and post when multiple accounts and formats are needed.

Easy to setup and start posting. Pricing is fair for a quality product.

Some accounts seem to disconnect frequently. by SocialPilot on 30/04/2019 Hi Markus,Thanks for a wonderful SocialPilot review. Glad to know you find SocialPilot easy and simple. About disconnecting accounts - Please reach out to [email protected] and they'll help you with a solution. Best,
Comentário deixado em 12/08/2018
Liddie Marsch

Again for the value, one of the best options for small agencies.

The frequent discount rates given through out the year for the annual rate make this one of the best values for an agency. I love the sheer numbers and the app for sharing Instagram in particular.

The calendar is generally ok but does not lend itself to multiple accounts and easily pull and drop of posts.
Comentário deixado em 10/31/2018
Gaiser Cardarelli

Although nothing is perfect in this life, it needs a few functions to be perfect. as a hashtag search engine, upload several images in bulk and that you could create several different publications among other things that would come to you very well.

It is very easy to use and intuitive. It has many functions that I can not find in other publishers, such as: it allows you to publish the same message for several days. allows you to search for content to cure, allows you to schedule publications of other feeds, allows you to make publications with links directly from the images, among many other great functions.

It is very easy to use and intuitive. It has many functions that I can not find in other publishers, such as: it allows you to publish the same message for several days. allows you to search for content to cure, allows you to schedule publications of other feeds, allows you to make publications with links directly from the images, among many other great functions. by SocialPilot on 16/11/2018 Hi Harry,Thanks for such a wonderful SocialPilot review. It's cheering to know SocialPilot has made your social media marketing much easier and you find SocialPilot to be intuitive. We definitely agree nothing's perfect and that is the reason we are always on the run to make SocialPilot a better tool each day.Best Regards,
Comentário deixado em 10/23/2018
Silvan Snuffer

I love being able to schedule posts in advance. I take a block of time and come up with content rather than doing it on the fly with less focus. I'm able to use it across multiple platforms for multiple clients without logging out. There are a few UX/UI things I wish were different, but overall I'm really happy with the functionality of the app and use it frequently.

It's really convenient that I can have multiple accounts hooked up. I use social media for multiple clients and personal projects, so it's very convenient to do it all from one spot. I also really like the calendar feature; it makes it really clear to be able to visualize it that way.

Finding posts that have just gone out or are scheduled is a little unintuitive. I know it's in there, but sometimes I can only find it on the calendar app. I think making a new post and viewing pending or recently posted posts are the most common uses and should be easiest to find without searching. **Also, the Instagram feature is fine in theory (to have a notification pop up at the scheduled time with the post content, then to manually paste it into the post), but if I accidentally dismiss the pop up notification, I can't find the post anywhere. I understand if Instagram doesn't allow automated posting like FB does, but it's frustrating that I can't find an easy way to post on Facebook if I miss the notification on my lock screen.
Comentário deixado em 10/19/2018

At first it was easy to use now it requires extra steps - really not worth it

It is fairly easy to schedule posts to facebook

Social pilot no longer works with your personal facebook page. It is cumbersome to work with Instagram. by SocialPilot on 23/10/2018 Hi Victor,Distressed to know you don't find SocialPilot worthy enough. How can I make your experience better? About Facebook profiles, Facebook itself has stopped providing the API to connect personal profiles. We can't help it. Instagram direct posting, we are working on and will be available soon which will make it easier for you. Let's hop into a call and we'll guide you through SocialPilot. I am sure it's just a few steps and you'll find it easy to use. Let me know the best time to talk.Best,
Comentário deixado em 10/13/2018

Social Pilot have been a god send to my business. They are constantly adding new features and run regular online events offering insight, training and best practice. The guys can not do enough to help you.

Social Pilot is one of only a handful of similar products that offers integration to tumblr as a standard which was vital in my choice. The subscription price points are excellent value for money and allow for growth as and when needed.

Bulk upload of postings is not as a easy as one would like. There are two options: 1. Uploading without specifying a posting date and time where by the system will send you’re posting in the order of the upload file using a configurable schedule which you define or 2. Uploading specifying the date and time for the post to be sent. The later I have yet get working.
Comentário deixado em 10/12/2018

This software is great for my boutique agency. We manage social media for our clients through the desktop and mobile app with ease. I like that it has similar functionality to buffer but is more affordable for a small agency like mine. The content discovery tool also helps us post great stuff regularly!

When I chose Social Pilot, I was concerned that it didn’t have direct publishing to Instagram. I shared that with the sales person following up on the trial and he mentioned they were hoping to have it by August, 2018. Here we are, middle of October, 2018, with no direct-to-Instagram publishing. I’m sticking with it for now because I otherwise love the platform, but I can’t function for long without that capability. by SocialPilot on 22/10/2018 Hi Laurel,Thanks for your wonderful review. Pleased to know you like SocialPilot and is a great software for managing your boutique agency. We totally get it of how important is Instagram direct posting and we definitely are working on it. There's a whole process to follow to become Facebook partners in order to have this feature and we are on it. We apologize in the delay, but we ourselves are waiting for answers from Facebook. Hope to see you stick around, we surely will have this feature on board.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 10/12/2018

I love how I can automate the posts at one time and just relax.

I like the ease of use and the platforms supported by SocialPilot. I would definitely recommend it.

The list of platforms needs to be extended. by SocialPilot on 17/10/2018 Hi Francis,Thanks for you being awesome :)Glad to know you find SocialPilot easy. I'll surely mark your suggestion down to extend, I would like to know any suggestions if you have.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 10/12/2018
Daniella Vose

This product is exactly what I was looking for. I just wanted a simple application to add all my business clients social media accounts to in order to plan, schedule and analyze posts.

Simplicity, affordability and support! Product is very user friendly and easy to learn.

Really do not have anything negative to say! by SocialPilot on 17/10/2018 Hi Kimberly,That's an awesome review. Thanks much for being an amazing SocialPilot user and it is the product you have been waiting for. It's so cheery to hear this. Best,
Comentário deixado em 10/12/2018

love the tool.. easier to use than most of the tools out there, also very good pricing when comparing to other.. This tool is the bread on my table and i feed my family with it

Easy to use... just take me a few min to configure an entire day of post.. i can't do without this tool

I wish there were formatting options for social network normally don't support them by SocialPilot on 17/10/2018 Hi Chrystian,That's an awesome review. Filled my heart to know SocialPilot stands with this much importance in your life. We really hope you keep growing and increasing your social efficiency. We'll always make sure to improve and update each day that users like you can get the most of us.Thanks once again. You are awesome!
Comentário deixado em 09/01/2018
Lalo Cogley

The platform works very well and it's definitely tailored for all team sizes. The data featured in the app is extremely useful and easy to follow and comprehend. Social pilot is an essential tool for managing the reach of your company and how well you are connecting with your target audience. From here you can work to improve where needed. It's very easy to digest.

Although they offer different plans, the pricing can be a bit challenging to put up with for smaller teams. Also the apps can be a bit slow and the user interface could use some improvement, as it's not as intuitive as it should be. by SocialPilot on 17/10/2018 Hi Diego,Thanks for your review. Glad to know you like SocicalPilot and count it as an essential tool. We throw up discounts very frequently understanding the need of small businesses, so that they get the most of SocialPilot and comparatively we are cheaper than most of the tools out there. We are working on updating our app to avoid any glitches faced and constantly on the run to make SocialPilot a better and intuitive tool each day.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 08/22/2018

I can manage the social media accounts of 25 real estate agents, and with bulk scheduling, get months of posts lined up in a day. Great value, and they offer an intro training session for free, which was mostly helpful.

The groups feature is huge, allowing me to post to a specific group of 20 or so accounts, but leaving a different set of 10 accounts off the post. The bulk upload works. They could make a sample template that is a bit more explanatory. The pricing, should it remain unchanged, rocks. I don't understand the greed at a few of their competitors. Pretty good analytics too.

Instagram HAS opened their API to 3rd party companies such as for automated scheduling and POSTING of Instagram posts. It is unfortunate that SP has not gotten this functionality yet. Perhaps my biggest gripe, is a missing feature: I should be able to post an article to 10 different accounts on the spot, using SHARE NOW, and have those posts get sent 2-3 minutes apart to avoid FB bots seeing a bulk posting occurring. One of their competitors offers this feature, so it can be done. They don't see the need for it at SP. This forces me to move posts around on the calendar, and with 30 accounts on a calendar that you can't zoom in on, it is a headache! I'd also like to see video posting enabled as a bulk post feature... by SocialPilot on 17/10/2018 Hi Chris,Really glad to know you almost are getting everything right, using SocialPilot. We understand the need of Instagram Direct Publishing since their API is out now, but to have that feature you need to be partners with Facebook and there's a whole procedure to follow being Facebook Partners. We are on it working on the process and will soon have this feature.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 04/27/2018
Senskell Bodamer

Excellent inexpensive social media tool.

- You can connect a lot of profiles from different social media accounts.

- no instagram posting
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2018
Koa Kretsinger

Detailed analytics that are insightful and easy to understand. So that's my favorite feature by far!

I've been using Social Pilot for a few weeks now (after using Hootsuite for years), and I gotta say that I'm impressed! What I like most are their ANALYTICS - by far. They save me a lot of time, they're detailed, and the reports are easy for me and my clients to read and understand. Their browser extension tool is also helpful too!

My least favorite thing about Social Pilot is that you're not able to tag businesses/handles when scheduling posts. So I don't schedule posts through them very often. However.... when I contacted their support team, I was notified that they're working on this and plan to have that changed soon! So when that happens, you'll be good to go. by SocialPilot on 01/05/2018 Hi Kristyn,Thanks for an amazing review on SocialPilot. Really glad to know you find SocialPilot a great tool to use. We are always on the run to make SocialPilot a better tool to use each day, and comments like these gives us a boost to get better each day.About tagging people on Facebook, Kristyn this feature will now not be available on any third party tool, as Facebook has made certain changes in their API policy recently and we unfortunately had to stop working on this feature as we didn't have access anymore. But we are soon going to release some features which will interest you.Best Regards,
Comentário deixado em 03/07/2018

SocialPilot saves time and resources by allowing bulk uploading and scheduling of posts. Clients feel involved and given a sense of ownership (for those who want this level of participation), by seeing how their information is being managed.

Easy to use, no unnecessary learning curve for managers, team members, and customers due to the design of the user interface. Set up and scheduling can take place immediately, once an account has been created. Less bulky as some of its competitors.

Perhaps there are too many benefits in the sense that clients could possibly learn how to perform social media marketing software and decide they could do their own work without the need for a freelancer. Otherwise, this software functions as described. by SocialPilot on 01/05/2018 Hi Suzanne,Wow, thanks for being such a wonderful SocialPilot user and for your awesome review. Excited to know SocialPilot proves out to be a great tool for you and helps you manage your social media marketing very easily. We are always on the run to make SocialPilot a better tool to use each day and having users like you is a boost to our hard work and dedication to become the most efficient tool out there.Thanks once again!
Comentário deixado em 01/16/2018
Horn Adickes

I'm able to really improve our social media presence and reach.

Scheduling is easy. I like how facebook and twitter posts are published by the program automatically. I also like the idea of having curated content available...however i think that it is stupid that I cannot use the search bar. I also like how I can use it from my phone which is very easy

i find it extremely inconvenient that instagram posts are not published automatically and that I need to do it from the app.
Comentário deixado em 01/16/2018
Patton Bustamante

Being able to manage multiple social media profiles with ease. Bring able to have staff accounts and invite clients to link their own social media profiles.

The software is great to use, main features we like are: the ease of navigation, analytics feature, the ease of managing multiple profiles and integrating them to the system, ability to invite clients to link their own accounts and recently the export of analytics in PDF format.

The system in general is great, however, there are a few features that could be added, which are: being able to add multiple photos on Facebook, the ability to have 100% white label for agencies and having a client area so they can login and see their analytics at anytime. by SocialPilot on 13/02/2018 Hi Amit,Thanks for your amazing review on SocialPilot. Excited to know you like SocialPilot so much and the ease of functionality drives your social media needs efficiently. We have recently released multiple image postings right from the SocialPilot dashboard. Please have a look. You can do that now.
Comentário deixado em 01/15/2018

Social Pilot is very easy to use and provides a structured workflow of social media content. It allows for scheduling multiple posts at once on many different types of social media accounts, in particular, the availability of Google + and LinkedIn is useful.

Social Pilot does lacks some features like content discovery, social media streams, and tracking hashtags that are provided by Hootsuite. Otherwise, it is great for scheduling and posting content to many different social media channels. by SocialPilot on 27/02/2018 Hi there,Thanks for such a wonderful review on SocialPilot. Glad to know you like SocialPilot and it fulfils your needs to schedule posts for multiple platforms.We do provide content discovery- Advance Curated Content feature where you can just type in your searchable keyword, domain name, hashtags and more and you'll see a list of content related to that search. You can have a look at this link for more information:, other features you mentioned are definitely there on our suggestions list and we'll keep you posted if there are any updates on the same.Regards,
Comentário deixado em 01/13/2018
Oca Douty

It makes it easy for one person to manage all social media but also it makes it easy to break it up into different sections

Its very easy to use, and its great to teach people with. The colour coding system is great- we changed for each business

With Instagram you need to log into Instagram and manually post it. Once I changed the colours it was very easy to use. Thank you by SocialPilot on 26/02/2018 Hi Sami,Thanks for an amazing review on SocialPilot. Glad to know you find SocialPilot an easy to use tool which helps you manage your social media efficiently.Thanks & Regards,
Comentário deixado em 01/12/2018

Affordable, easy to give clients access to their accounts and to give team members access to specific groups.

The "Group" function is great. You're able to assign social media accounts to their own group, so having a broad overview of what you're posting for each company on different platforms is only one click. I also enjoy the "Curated Content" which makes it easy to find relevant articles and links to share with your audience.

There's still some bugs that could be ironed out and some suggestions to take into consideration.
Comentário deixado em 01/10/2018
Giacinta Mutolo

Ability to work with multiple clients via a single dashboard. Clients can easily see their social post calendar or come on as a team member and make their own contributions. Social pilot also provides great reports so I can spend my time working on what's important.

A few benefits are missing from the Team dashboard like the ability to copy posts. This is available in the admin dashboard but it would be nice for the individual to have this option. by SocialPilot on 25/01/2018 Hi Rebecca,Thanks for your amazing review on SocialPilot.
Comentário deixado em 01/09/2018

Ease of use. I stepped right into it and found it to be user friendly. There was very little learning curve with this Software as a Service. The website layout made my user experience relatively stress-free, which is saying a lot for me. I look for excellence and value in my online products and SocialPilot does not disappoint me.

I can't use special characters. The app is slow moving on my devices. I usually use SocialPilot on my laptop but for Instagram I have to push the posts on my devices and the SocialPilot app is slower than other apps I used on the same devices. One device has less memory, one has a lot of memory, but it's the same on both - slow moving. I hope this helps. by SocialPilot on 25/01/2018 Hi Susan,Thanks for such an amazing review on SocialPilot. Amazed to know you found SocialPilot the best tool you have used in the span of last 10 years, like wow! Great to hear that SocialPilot helped in increasing your website traffic. About our mobile app, can you please update it to our latest version? We have improved it in our latest update. You can reach out to our support team if you are facing any issues further.Regards,
Comentário deixado em 01/09/2018

As a soloprenuer, I love that it's affordable, custom branding, content curation feature, and the customer service has been very responsive and helpful. The analytics is a great and important feature and I love that I can access/connect to client accounts without the need for their passwords.

Not able to add multiple images, especially for Instagram. Would be nice to have a place to store frequently used hashtags for Instagram. Although, I love the URL shortner, it's a pain when I'm trying to include a custom URL and it keeps automatically changing to a short URL. Would like to provide deeper analytics and brief explanations of what each section means. by SocialPilot on 25/01/2018 Hi Gia,Wow, thanks for your wonderful review on SocialPilot. Pleased to know you love SocialPilot and is a one-stop shop for your social media needs. We have just released multiple image postings to your multiple social media accounts. Please have a look, you'll love this! Also currently we don't have features where you can save hashtags or even posts for later. But that's definitely on our suggestions list and you'll have updates as there is any news about it.Happy SocialPiloting!
Comentário deixado em 10/14/2017
Gombach Grriffin

The benefits are on going, the best part was the ease of onboarding team members and the high level of support we continue to receive from SocialPilot's team. Significant increase across the board in social engagement, increase in followers and conversion from social to our primary destinations.

Their bulk scheduling features are outstanding. Huge time saver over the competition. They also have a really nice "reporting" system which alerts you if there is a problem with a post or a network error on one of the social sites. It's incredibly easy to add users and their accounts without having to request their credentials, simply send them an email and it's click bam boom we're in business. They have a new video feature which is convenient and also have added a content curation feature which seems to be getting more intuitive every day, also nice. Their support is spot on and always available and they are willing to do hands on training for staff members as they come on board. Really impressive.

If they had a bit more of a "listening" or "engagement" feature set this would be probably the only tool you would ever need for social. If the video portion wasn't limited to just uploading and could capture the video and post from a link that would save some time, but I'm sure they are working on it as we speak! by SocialPilot on 10/01/2018 Hi Christopher,Wow! You are awesome!! Such an amazing review from our user is more than valuable to us. You have appreciated SocialPilot in such a wonderful way. Thanks so much. Glad to know SocialPilot proves to be the one platform you would love to use for your social media marketing. We know listening and monitoring are quite needful. We'll surely have a word with the developers about this.Regards,
Comentário deixado em 05/18/2017
Vasyuta Ackles

This product works best for those that need a tool to monitor multiple social networks. It may not be all that useful for those who don't have more than one network. Utilize the scheduling and monitoring tools. Both are great functions of this tool.

There are size limitations to the image size you can post. As I shoot much of my work on a high-quality camera resulting in large size photos, it would be great to not have to edit them down before posting. (Note: This may be a limitation in the networks themselves, but I don't believe so.) by SocialPilot on 02/06/2017 Hi Deepesh,Wow, that's a great review. Thanks so much for this appreciation.Glad to know we have users like you who love SocialPilot.We do allow high quality images here from SocialPilot Deepesh, it's that Twitter doesn't allow image size more than 3MB and Facebook also compresses the image size if they are like really high resolution.Do let me know if you need anything further or you can just shoot up with your query at [email protected]Thanks for staying with SocialPilot. Jimit
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2017
Jodee Kenson

We used SocialPilot on a trial basis and found that, while the software would be okay for some smaller companies, it is not a good fit for us. We do a lot of tagging on Facebook and LinkedIn and this product doesn't allow you to do that. Would also be a bit easier to use if there were multiple status update boxes on one page instead of posting to twitter and then starting again for Facebook and then again for LinkedIn/Google+.

Self explanatory; Can use multiple Twitter handles and Google+ profiles

Time consuming to update each social site's statuses one at a time. Would be better if they were all on page instead of having to start over for each site. by SocialPilot on 10/04/2017 Hi Tara,Thanks for your review!We have definitely added the multiple create post box suggestion in our development queue. Also tagging your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts from the SocialPilot dashboard. We look into every suggestion given from our users and work on getting it for our users.We get lot many updates at SocialPilot and thrive to make it a better tool to use each day for our users.Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2017

I've used Social Pilot for over a year. It's an affordable solution with responsive customer service to back it up. The reason this isn't a 5-star rating is the bulk upload feature. If you enter commas into your tweets they get truncated. Makes sense, since you use a CSV file. :) The challenge for me is that I tweet so many quotes that the process takes forever. If there was any way to modify that or flag the commas in an editable format before upload, that would be awesome. Also, any Pinterest posts that I schedule prior to a post going live don't show the picture. I schedule them for after the post publication, but it still doesn't seem to pull in.

Interface. Easy of use. Affordability. It's a wonderful product.

Bulk uploads can be a pain. by SocialPilot on 24/03/2017 Hi Stephanie,Thanks for your lovely review! This encourages us to work more and make it a better tool for you each day.We have the feature where you can very easily edit your posts after you add a bulk schedule!Watch our tutorial on bulk scheduling: Please get back to us if you need anything else. We want to make sure you are being taken care of!Thanks,
Comentário deixado em 12/09/2016

Social Pilot is a simple social media management tool, I decided to sign up for the free plan to get a feel of the software, in comparison to other SM Management tool.

Social Pilot cheaper than most SM Management software in the market, and can be a cheaper alternative to Buffer and HootSuite.

I really dislike the fact that my "country" supports the free plan and paying for upgrades but doesn't support the free trial. by SocialPilot on 09/12/2016 Hi AbigailThanks for sharing your review. The reason for not having a trial in few countries is that, we have some past spamming history from such specific country users. A genuine user's like you, send us a support request for trial activation and we normally activate that. Feel free to email us if you want to access the trial.We have added many unique features like social media calendar, bulk scheduling, custom FB branding and we are still making our tool more usable. Once again, thanks for our review. Keep sharing your feedback to our support email address and we are more than happy to answer you.

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