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Ning for Businesses

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NING is a platform allowing you to build an online presence from the ground up. We've helped thousands of users across the globe to create their own social networks and stay connected with the world. And you don't need any technical or design skills to build your social website.
Comentário deixado em 04/01/2020
Ingham Bisard

Charged me without authorization, refused to refund for the remaining 30 days of the subscription... Never again.

Simple, easy to use, good for beginners

Money-hungry organization, poor customer service, impossible to customize
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

I needed close community for my customers where they can share their idea and discuss relevant topics

I`m pleasantly surprised with new updates. As I know, a new version will provide an opportunity to add and listen to music. I don`t know for sure, but looking forward to.

When I just launched my network, I needed some educational videos to explain how everything works. But haven't found any materials. And their dashboard could be better
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020
Mandeville Kraskouskas

The ability to create a basic community quickly is nice - but that's about it.

We did a short trial with Ning, and quickly found the platform lacked a quality UI, was slow to operate, and challenging to customize. Integrations with other systems were essentially a non-starter. The fancy marketing, aggressive sales, and given 14-day trial makes you think you can make progress in a short amount of time, but the indeed the work needed was substantial. When we forgot to cancel in time, even though we never utilized the platform or touched it after our 14 days, they still charged us for a full year of service and refused to provide a fair reimbursement for a product we never used.
Comentário deixado em 03/15/2020
Ashling Boeding

I like that Ning made a built in paid membership feature. Many many others will only allow a 3rd party software or “patch” to make this work.

Boxy look and feel. They never allowed for an integrated storefront. I had to do a third party software to sell products.
Comentário deixado em 03/12/2020
Gervais Stansifer

I suggested Ning software for building alumni community of my college.

I saw their new design - it`s cool. It`s a good sign that the company is moving ahead. And I wouldn`t risk to change a tested since 2013 Ning to a new product. Especially now, when Ning adds new features.

It has been quiet for a long long time. Previous management didn't put any efforts to contact with creators. Let's see what will happen after their big changes. by Ning on 05/09/2017 Elena, thank you! We are aspiring for more and making big changes within to make your user experience better. You are welcomed to share your thoughts with our customer support.Always yours, Ning :)
Comentário deixado em 12/04/2019
Knutson Horita

We selected Ning as the platform on which to create what is essentially our company intranet for our franchisees. This has proven to be a cost-effective solution in the early stages of developing our intranet and determining our needs.

Ability to modify/customize the site's appearance and some layout/features within a selection of pre-designed options.

It can be somewhat cumbersome for the administrator designing or redesigning the site, depending on the site's purpose and intended use within the member network (as in our case). Also it would be nice to have additional customization options for the site's layout and functionality that a layman site administrator can easily manage.
Comentário deixado em 04/25/2019
Tem Shimala

Wonderful way to connect company-wide with the message boards and chat functionality.

It would be nice if the maximum file size limit was increased, as we often have to store files on a separate server and link to them on Ning.
Comentário deixado em 05/11/2018
Tillie Rohowetz

I got my feet wet with online marketing with Ning as my first and still most loved content management system. I learned a great deal.

I used Ning for three different attempts at building a social network that was self-sustaining over a period of several years. What attracted me to it was of course, having my own niche social network where like-minded individuals can come to support each other in their online or offline pursuits.

In the beginning of my Ning journey which was approximately nine years ago, I noticed that there was a great deal of concern by Ning users about some of the developer features and the lack of a member payment feature. For instance, the Facebook sign in feature didn't work right for years. That was a development issue.
Comentário deixado em 05/07/2018
Debbi Mally

Great platform for very small staffed community sites!

We build a Ning site for our Non-Profit community. it grew to 3000 members within 2 year! Since I was the only webmaster, I needed a platform that saves me all the technical work and let me just administrate it, and Ning was the choice!

Customer support was not as fast, but they did respond by next day. The rss feed modules would not update at times and I had to empty the cache for the site a few time. But no big deal.
Comentário deixado em 08/31/2017
Mercy Swansen

Very easy to use, great support working 24/7

Design studio, extensive guides and support, forum feature. There are the top. Also I loved that in the future I can create events and send email broadcasts.

Trial period is only 2 weeks - which is quite short for me, as I needed time to attract members and see how to communicate with them by Ning on 01/09/2017 Thank you for being sincere! We do care and read your reviews, it's our motivation to become better and give more. You know that we are open for discussion, so you can write to our Customer Support as well. Will be excited to chat with you:)

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