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In today's modern workforces, employees now represent only 58% of workforce spend, with the other 42% going to these external resources. This is the reality of the modern workforce.
Comentário deixado em 04/09/2020
Vharat Gabler

I liked when I was done with this software and didn't need to use it anymore, i.e. after payroll was done adn I didn't need to enter any hours.

A company I was contracting with used this software. I hope to never use Fieldglass again. When I had an issue, and needed to extend a project timeline, it was not as simple as the admin updating a timeline. I had to then enter into my timesheet and my engineer's timesheet "0" for each day we didn't work. That was such a pain. The layout is confusing and not user frieldly. We had a project push out over 2 months and I sat with my engineer and we entered 0's for almost 20 mins filling out this system. it was very very cluncky and not easy to use.
Comentário deixado em 04/06/2020

The ability to easily manage contract workers is a huge benefit that Fieldglass provides. If you can get past the slowness at times, you will not find another platform that offers the same level of functionality.

It is incredibly easy to manage external or contract workers with this. You can set up rules/customization to suit your business needs. You can easily disable workers when needed by updating the end date. You also have the ability to use timesheets within FieldGlass.

The biggest thing I dislike about FieldGlass is it can be very slow with large organizations when updating worker details. It can sometimes take 30-60 seconds to pull up a record when you need to update the end date of a worker.
Comentário deixado em 04/05/2020
Aliber Jungels

Fieldglass is a decent applicant tracking tool- it's very customizable and you can schedule a lot through there.

Sometimes it feels a little overengineered- sometimes you have to go through too many steps to enter information.
Comentário deixado em 04/01/2020
Cindi Rivara

How can a software in the 21st century offer customer support with a 7/10 day response time? It would be quicker to send a letter in the post.

None at all. It really is an infuriating POS.

A 20th century piece of software in the 21st century.
Comentário deixado em 04/01/2020

Very intuitive and easy to use as a contractor to log hours and overtime, report absences etc. Easy to navigate and manage contractors as a Fieldglass administrator.

Would be improved if better integration to host company's HR (e.g. HR chat, etc) were included.
Comentário deixado em 03/30/2020
Gilud Carfrey

All in all, a super solution that is exciting for medium-sized to very large companies.

Super software for the management of external employees. The software covers the entire process, from skill requirements to candidate management and tenders. SAP Fieldglass in combination with SuccessFactors can map the entire total workforce management.

Unfortunately for smaller companies and not so well suited. This software is worthwhile only if a high volume of external employees per year is to be mapped.
Comentário deixado em 03/28/2020
Barna Redbird

I've great to see where candidates are in the process, especially when working for a big organisation, it's much trickier to chase feedback.

No con's that i can think of, only that the email notifications are a little difficult to read.
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2020

The tax problems mentioned above were a concern for some time, but as a basic user reporting my hours my experience has been positive.

As a vendor reporting my hours, its fairly easy and basic to use. Depending on the level of customization the company requires, it can get quite complex.

Validating taxes from the front-end and back-end was challenging. The tax wizard function is not very reliable with Canadian taxes.
Comentário deixado em 03/22/2020
Glanti Stinner

As a user, it is very to use and approve time. It was also compatible with most browsers and devices.

We have contractors and temps working with us. We do not create profiles for them in our systems. The agency uses fieldglass and it is easy to use and enter the time there for them to be paid.

The staff needs to enter the time daily. It would have been nice if there would be a way to create a schedule.
Comentário deixado em 03/22/2020

The software works great for all purposes we've used it for.

So easy to use, prompts for the information you must fill out on the vendor side ensure you don't mess anything up

Comentário deixado em 03/17/2020
Schiff Lupardus

How hard can it be to design timesheet software? You enter your hours, it adds them up, sends them to be approved (or not) and all is well. Yet SAP Fieldglass makes a pig's ear of it. Why do you have to go through a list of 1000+ items to find yours? Why can you not search yours? Why do you have to type in "Default" into one of the fields to make it work? Why do you have to enter 7,50 instead of 7.5? Why will it not let you type in your hours unless you go into it a dozen times?

Nothing - it should be replaced with an Excel Spreadsheet

Complicated, counter intuitive, bad design, no thought for the user, totally waste of time
Comentário deixado em 03/16/2020
Floris Kingery

Clunky for recording hours the way it is set up for us.

web based tool. useful for a large diverse workforce

not integrated to costing or charging in other SAP modules - maybe our configuration?
Comentário deixado em 03/14/2020
Gilburt Schwendeman

Good tool!

It's a great way to keep your time updated and in order. It's very friendly, simple and easy to use!

The data entry every day or biweekly. It should have something that can help you fill out the week or month if you don't have an irregular schedule.
Comentário deixado em 08/17/2019

Easy to keep track of applicants and payroll

Nothing its easy to use! Its easy to keep track of everything.
Comentário deixado em 06/06/2019
Yvor Zelasco

Very easy to use. When I got locked out of the system, customer service quickly resolved the issue.

I use it as a VMS for me to submit candidates for our customer. It is very easy to submit a candidate and upload their resume. A lot of VMS's ask a lot of unnecessary questions just to submit a candidate.

I'm not sure if the customer has control over this, but all the job descriptions say the same thing regardless of the position.
Comentário deixado em 05/27/2019
Vlad Mcnish

Trying to enter a timesheet shouldn't need to be always updated every weekend for the entire weekend.

Nothing. Literally nothing. This is just a timesheet software that is probably managed by guys who are too eager to be making changes.

It's always down. I've created websites that were secure, and have had to run updates on secure servers. How is it that they are always down on the weekend, and not just down for a few hours, but down for the entire day sometimes.
Comentário deixado em 04/18/2019

SAP Fieldglass, as a user, is 100% fine. It does the job, it does it well, and it never breaks down. It's extremely simple to use. It may not have the most updated feel, but it's reliable and that's what counts.

It is simple to use, and never breaks on me. SAP Fieldglass may not have the sexiest or most updated interface, but it's extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. I didn't have to use the accompanying instructions my company sent me to figure things out -- this is software that simply is what it is.

This is silly, but it looks like it was created in the 90's. There's nothing "pretty" or modern about it, but that's not really an issue considering that it works like a charm.
Comentário deixado em 09/28/2018

There are NO benefits to using this program, unless you view frustration as a benefit

Absolutely nothing! This software is cumbersome, counter-intuitive and quite frankly worthless

Everything. I have fought this piece of crap every week trying to enter my hours. I hope that the company I'm working junks this POS! by SAP on 03/10/2018 Thank you for sharing your feedback and we are very sorry to hear of any issues you may be experiencing. We appreciate hearing from our customers and want all users to be satisfied with SAP Fieldglass¿ capabilities. Our team strives to continuously improve our products and services, with regular user-centric feature updates to the platform and an experienced support team for around the clock assistance. Please let us know if we can connect with you directly to address your concerns and provide assistance.
Comentário deixado em 08/17/2018
Brock Kutil

It is easy to search for positions and filter once you know the Buyer.

The software offers too much information in the single search. When looking for a job, all the the billing information comes up on the same page and it makes it difficult to pitch the job, too much information on the front page.
Comentário deixado em 12/13/2017
Kovacev Salverson

It was very quick and easy to submit my times I worked through Fieldglass. What I enjoyed is that they did not ask you to submit a time for every clock in. You were to list as the end of each work day what you worked and save your progress through the week.

If you forget to log, you don't get paid. I understand the responsibility being on each employee, BUT a little reminder when it's due would be nice.
Comentário deixado em 10/31/2017

An organization such as ours requires support and commitment to operate and SAP Fieldglass doesn't disappoint.

Ease of use and analytics that aid in our data review and decision making abilities on how to better run our program. We receive great customer support and feedback reports to better run the Contingent Workforce Program. SAP Fieldglass continues to seek our feedback on the use of the tool which enables a constructive dialogue and constant desire to keep the software ahead of its competitors.

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