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Glint is the people success platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve results. Leading brands like United, Intuit, and Sky leverage Glints unique combination of intuitive design, sophisticated analytics, and actionable intelligence to help employees be happier and more successful at work.
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2020
Okechuku Arbuckle

Glint's interface is simple and easy to use, yet extraordinarily helpful in gathering employee feedback in a way that allows you to make better decisions for managing your team (and on a larger scale, allows more informed decisions to be made for the entire company). Responses are anonymous for the most part, and employees generally feel comfortable speaking their minds in the survey, whether or not they're comfortable doing the same face-to-face with their managers.

I'm not sure whether there's a setting for this at a higher level, but the "anonymous responses" can be sent to managers after only 8 responses. For smaller teams, with at least 8 people, it can be easy to pick out whose survey is whose if you're familiar with their voice/writing style, or if you know their particular complaints about certain subjects. Not particularly horrible in and of itself, but it means some employees will still hold back in their responses, not wanting to cause a problem for anyone knowing it came from them.
Comentário deixado em 03/23/2020

From first engagement to the ongoing assistance and support, it has been excellent

The depth of features is truly astonishing and that coupled with excellent service, support and ongoing consultation is better than anything we could have hoped for

It is definitely more costly than other providers but once you understand the depth of its capabilities it represents amazing value
Comentário deixado em 02/15/2020

Overall, our company of 13,000 has been satisfied with the use of Glint to support our enterprise engagement surveys, and have helped from a consulting perspective to move us towards additional "pulse" survey opportunities. While there does seem to be a little bit of higher turnover on the customer success leads we engage with, all of these leads do bring a strong set of experience and customer mindset to their work (so higher turnover hasn't been an issue).

The Glint tool allows my team to manage an enterprise engagement survey for an over 13,000 associate company. The administrative control we have over what managers can see, and what the software can automatically protect from a confidentiality standpoint, is really amazing and allows my small team to not be a bottleneck in getting impactful results directly to managers.

The tool is on the more expensive end of comparable survey tools and products on the market. However, their customer service and UX of the tool design pushed us over the edge to decide to go with Glint.
Comentário deixado em 12/11/2019
Sharlene Safi

I like the way that it is designed overall. Visually, it's easy to follow and clean. And the UX is very friendly for anyone who may be new to the software as well. When using it for the first time earlier this year, I had no questions or confusion on how to use it. I love that it automatically moves you through the experience as well. It requires very little work for the user.

There isn't anything that I don't like. I think it is very well-designed and useful. It was clearly, thoughtfully developed.
Comentário deixado em 11/23/2019

great, employee engagment and emporement is the way forwards

We use glint internally for a number of different survey functions and it is super easy to use and generates great response and feedback

It doesn't have a ton of robust fucntionality when it comes to additonal use cases that we have been able to explore to date
Comentário deixado em 11/22/2019

It is super easy to use, colorful in design which makes it an approachable and trustworthy platform. I enjoy how intuitive it is to the user and how engaged glint is with it's own customer base, providing a lot of resources about performance management so we can make sure as employers that we are getting the most out of our employment.

What I like the most about Glint software is how protected my information is as a user between employer and employee. I like having the ability to give solid feedback in an arena where my identity can remain anonymous. This is a crucial aspect in being able to give constructive feedback in my work environment. The way that Glint software is set up and presented to me as an employer gives me the confidence to speak my honest truth knowing that the information I provide is confidential.

There really are no negatives about this software, I have never run into any complications with accessing or as I engage in pulses. I would say that the platform is straightforward and easy to follow which does not allow much room for misinterpretation or error.
Comentário deixado em 11/21/2019

Glint has been easy to use

I like how easy it is to use. I can write my answers in the questions clearly and I never get confused on what question I am on

Nothing really, I like using this software
Comentário deixado em 11/19/2019

It's been a good run so far it's easy to see that Glint is in the process of progressing with this app so I know within the near future there will be more added to make this better

I like the debit card feature to be able to use any gold that I have bought as money and I can withdraw from an ATM or any other function of a debit card

There's no real instructions or FAQ options. It's great that customer service is always a live person but they have set business hours from when they are available and it would be nice to be able to not have to call every time I have a question
Comentário deixado em 10/29/2019

It has a lot of promise and I'm really happy and impressed so far with everything

I like that it's pretty simple and basic not too many things can go wrong with the program because the options are few but all necessities are there

The funding option is not a simple linking account but they are going to be making it possible to find directly from a card so that's exciting
Comentário deixado em 07/24/2019

We create and take quarterly employee surveys to gauge employee satisfaction, the results are distributed to managers based on how many direct reports they have

The surveys are easy to make and easy to take, the format looks similar to a survey monkey survey and allows users to remain anonymous, the report analytics are easy to understand as well, you can split the results by department and team

Can’t this of anything we don’t like about the software
Comentário deixado em 03/27/2019
Zephan Zwick

My company used to use an in house survey tool to get company wide feedback. This product makes it so much easier to voice my opinion about where our company is headed and how it's doing. Plus it's integrated in our single sign on service.

It's simple and easy to use, there's very little to complain about with this product.
Comentário deixado em 02/08/2019
Aramenta Fraklin

Glint really helped our company to have a consistent feedback loop. Our HR team was reviewing results and feedback on a regular basis, so each team would know how they were benchmarking.

I loved having a consistent feedback loop into the exec team. Our company ran Glint surveys once a quarter, and collected information on all sorts of topics, including Satisfaction, areas for growth, etc. Our managers would highlight topline results in company meetings, and some managers would deep dive down to team level stats.

Não tenho queixas sobre este software.
Comentário deixado em 12/10/2018

Glint is a 3rd party survey program that we use to rate our company to keep our adminstrator hands out of knowing who said what. Glint is so easy to use and quite simple. It's features are functionable and has easy to use formatting. It's as simple as providing a rating and adding a comment is there is a comment box.

It does provide feedback to whoever is collecting the surveys as to what time surveys were sent in, so be careful not to ID yourself. Other than that, it is quite simple to use!
Comentário deixado em 04/06/2018

feedback dos funcionários

It looks good and we are able to get feedback from employees and get a good sense of our company's health and culture

I feel like I could use google forms for free and maybe get the same results and information. I guess the price.

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