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Fast becoming the world's most innovative talent attraction, team culture building, video screening, and recruitment marketplace application - Hiya's mission is to humanise recruitment around the world, creating a completely positive hiring experience for both employer and candidate. We believe every job seeker deserves a chance to put themselves forward and go after the career they deserve, and every employer should have the opportunity to meet every passionate individual.
Comentário deixado em 04/10/2020

As a recruiter responsible for handling a high volume of applications on behalf of my clients, I needed to improve efficiency in my recruitment process. It was also important for my candidates to have a pleasant and positive experience. By integrating Hiya into my recruitment process as a screening tool as well as a sourcing tool, I've been able to reduce the time to hire by half. As a screening tool, Hiya identifies those who are motivated, determined, eager to work and passionate about the position they are putting themselves forward. Ensuring a strong cultural fit is imperative for me, meaning I recruit for attitude and attributes first. I use Hiya as our first interview getting to know a more about the candidate than I would by reading their resume or written application. By watching responses from candidates, I can focus on their communication skills and style, attitude and professional presentation. I get to learn about their motivations, values and goals essentially as part of the application stage, before shortlisting. Using Hiya makes the whole process more streamlined and delivers effective results. My candidates have told me that they have really enjoyed the process as it gave them an opportunity to showcase themselves and show me and their potential employer why they would be best suited for the role. I would suggest that any employer who is focused on finding the 'right fit' should use Hiya in their recruitment process. by Hiya on 12/12/2016 Thanks Kahlia!

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In our industry, the competition for graduates looking for work is extremely high. Without any extensive experience, hiring is 100% ambition and attitude focused, which can burn a lot of time when finding the right person. Hiya allowed the most motivated graduates to present themselves through to us, we got to review them, shortlist the best and invite them in for a face-to-face interview.

Comentário deixado em 12/21/2019

Hiya is one of those products that is not an overload on your phone's operating system, neatly highlights the spam calls and avoids you the irritation of robocalls/spam calls/ad calls. I have been using this for the past 4-5 months as part of an enterprise license and appears to be of complete value. P.S: I would earlier end up either missing a client call thinking its spam or picking up really irritating spam calls which were sometimes in languages other than english

Simple and effective in terms of use. You just download and give access to the incoming calls. It does not take access to your contacts.

The only thing is it highlights suspected scam but a further categorization like ads/ scam etc. might be further useful.
Comentário deixado em 10/28/2019
Effy Sipes

Overall, I like Hiya. It get's the job done, but I do wish it had more integration. I fail to use it as much as I should because it requires opening a separate app.

I like how Hiya has a lot of these spam numbers already stored so I can tell the call is bogus early. I also like how easy it is to report a caller as a spammer.

I wish that Hiya would integrate deeper/better with the iphone native phone app. I dislike having to open Hiya to put info into it and tend to forget to do it.
Comentário deixado em 05/01/2019
Heilman Kreis

I am happy with this product. I currently use it and so does my wife. I suggest you use it too to help stop the phone scammers.

I've been using this app for over a year. I recommend it to everyone I know, and random people I meet. I suggest using it. I love knowing that I help people stop phone scammers all the time, and other people that use this product will too. Just report the scammers, and bam, that phone number is done for! I love this app. Also there is a free option!

Of course there is a con, the phone number has to be reported as a scammer first. I still like using it though.
Comentário deixado em 12/07/2017
Jeritah Goodner

I came close to having to change my new cell phone number because of the amount of spam calls that I was receiving and Hiya has protected me.

The easy of blocking not only spam callers but spam texts. And if a number comes up that they believe is a spammer you get a notification sayings something like spam caller.

There is nothing that I don't like except it was a little hard in the beginning to figure out how to use the block text feature
Comentário deixado em 06/14/2017

When I was first told about HiYa I could see the potential the app had, but I honestly didn't think it would benefit me as an employer. That was until I actually used it.

Comentário deixado em 06/14/2017
Shugart Zadina

Saved me hours

I love the freedom that Hiya gives me. I find that people will apply for each and every job even if they aren't really interested or motivated to get the job. The process of using hiya means that only people who are motivated, willing to give something their best shot and are able to follow instruction will make it through to the next round. Once these people submit their Resucard, I can see and hear these motivated people, allowing me virtually interview multiple candidates within a matter of minutes instead of hours.

There isn't a web version.
Comentário deixado em 06/14/2017

Finding potential jobs that suit me and uploading videos is so easy to do. The video feature makes it feel like potential employees get to see the whole picture of who I am and why they should hire me.

That it is only accessible via an app. I think it would be great if there were a companion website to access via desktop as well.
Comentário deixado em 06/14/2017

We receive a lot of applicants for every job we post. Hiya gave us the opportunity to invite all the record a video interview. From there we selected the best and invited them to a face to face interview

Economiza tempo e dinheiro

A web version would be perfect Linking to LinkedIn would add another dimension

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