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Passport Photo Maker

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Professional software for preparing and printing ID photos. Passport Photo Maker provides efficient solutions for a wide range of users who need to create ID photos, from home users to large companies and professional photo studios around the world.
Comentário deixado em 04/06/2020
Carlina Busler

Software is a basic application of editing tools and getting your pic in correct size. It cannot do miracles but worth for the saving.

When it comes to apply for a passport, a passport size picture is essential. It is time consuming and I was bored to go to a shop to take a picture. Then I heard that there is this great app, that can make any of your photos into passport size photos. So I just downloaded the app, took a pic from my own phone and using the app, I converted it into the correct size recommended for an application of Passport. Tada Next day I submitted my full application.

Well it's not free. If you own a shop then paying and getting the advance features are worthy. Trial is just enough to carryout basic editing.
Comentário deixado em 04/06/2020

False sales & advertising. If it was sold as a subscription service originally I understand but to force it when you purchased and invested time in learning it is terrible. Horrible customer service that refuses to respond other than asking you to spend more money.

There is no pro when you purchase a functioning software and are forced to purchase a new license every year.

The support team is completely unresponsive other than telling you to spend $50 to buy a new license for the full version by AMS Software on 28/02/2020 Hi Darren,
Comentário deixado em 04/06/2020

We used this product for all of our clients and it was really useful. It offers a great range of ID - VISA - PASSPORT cropping templates and layouts, so you can select really fast and adjust the one that is right for each client. The main benefit was time saving, and its fast, professional design.

This is the ultimate Passport Photo editor, as it offers a great range of available layouts and crops, according to the United States, UK and International guidelines and requirements. I really like the way that I can choose the size and select very fast the right cropping for a visa, ID and passport. The user can create and print within seconds the right type of document and photo for his client. We used this software at the photography store, and I can say it was a great experience!

The only thing that could be improved is the color style and overall design of the windows / backgrounds. Apart from this one, the platform is running fast and its a totally professional and useful tool for every photographer and studio. by AMS Software on 20/03/2018 Thank you so much, your feedback is precious! You mention some improvements to the interface style - perhaps you could drop a note to our support team with more details on what exactly could be improved? Thank you!
Comentário deixado em 04/05/2020

This software is great! It saves a trip to going to get a passport photo taken. I'd rather use this software instead of going to another location.

Nothing! very easy to use. no complaints.
Comentário deixado em 04/02/2020
Rhianon Dishong

When it works, it works. It does what we need it to do. But then, it no longer stays activated.

The software will not stay activated after a year. This is the second time that the program says that my trial is over. I did not pay $40 for a trial. I do not wish to update the software. However, every year to 18 months, the software crashes and says my trial is over. No. I will not recommend this software to anybody else. by AMS Software on 03/03/2020 Hello Mr VanHouten, thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear that you had difficulties with our software. The problem you describe is a known issue in some of our older versions, and tech support are instructed to help clients who encounter this bug asap. If you contacted our support team with this issue and didn't get adequate help, do let us know so we can investigate this case.
Comentário deixado em 03/13/2020
Tay Denfip

Working for a big company as an HR manager, I need making ID cards for new employees on a daily basis. After trying several options we've chosen Passport Photo Maker software as it has everything we need. Formerly I had to make multi-layered presets in Photoshop, but now I can pick suitable ID templates from the app collection. I no longer need to crop or retouch photos in other apps, and that saves me a lot of time!

- up-to-date ID base

- no Bluetooth or Wifi import
Comentário deixado em 12/03/2019
Hijoung Chamnanphony

It was fun and efficient to get all my photo documentation done

It makes cropping and sizing a photo easy to meet any photo document requirement. There's also basic editing features which is a great for a quick touch up

It's not free unfortunately so you don't get the more in depth features if needed. However the trial for the basic passport photo function it is totally enough
Comentário deixado em 11/09/2019

How convenient it is. Its so convenient being able to take the best passport photo i can without having to go anywhere

Took some trial and error but that is to be expected i dont consider that something i "least liked"
Comentário deixado em 10/11/2019
Sergu Weyant

It is easy to use and have editing features, i don’t have to worry about ugly id pictures anymore

Y have no complaints, i use it and my friends too for theirs id pictures
Comentário deixado em 08/31/2019

It helps me to create the pictures without any hassle or to open heavy photoshop for such a small task.

It makes life easier. Especially when you want passport size photograph and you have none. It makes your casual picture into a passport size photograph with easy to use editing features.

The interface could be more user-friendly, however, it works just fine as it is doing the work as it says. by AMS Software on 03/09/2019 Thank your for your feedback! Btw we're working on improving the software interface right now. Stay tuned for our updates!
Comentário deixado em 08/27/2019

I do passport and visa photos

Easy to use. Has some professional qualities like background color adjustment. Preset for different photo requirements.

The software works only for 1 (one) year. The top right corner it will show you what is the time left for free update and as soon as this time for free update ends so is the software. I have complained several times and the support people always denied this accusation claiming that there is something conflicting on my computer. I have purchased another full version of the software and installed on a different computer and after 12 months it happened again. So running a business and rely on this software will cause a lot of problems at the time because you will not receive support as claimed on the website it may take day or more to reply and when representative finely reply it will be with a questions that will post-pound the reactivation of the software for another day. This software is set to work only 12 months even though it is not a subscription. by AMS Software on 28/08/2019 Hello Mr Marciszewski,
Comentário deixado em 08/15/2019

Software is very helpful in making passport photo without wasting much time. Very effective.

Can make little bit changes in color related options
Comentário deixado em 05/10/2019
Coral Depuydt

From last few months i am using this software hassle free as i need to fil the forms online for the new joinees. This software helps me alot in making the photos in proper size as required. Easy to use.

Sometimes the software get hanged up while editing the photo and crashes also. This is the only issue i faced.
Comentário deixado em 03/29/2019

It was very easy to get a passport picture with this app

Would have been nice if it offered the profile outline to size and arrange photo to print the proper 2" x 2" photo needed for an American passport.
Comentário deixado em 03/26/2019

have used multiple times and used their paid service too. the quality they provide is awesome. they have correct info about most of the countries passport pic dimensions.

sometime they take time to deliver the pictures and at times they made the picture background too dark or bright.
Comentário deixado em 11/13/2018

It took me no time at all to figure out how to use this software, very user friendly.

Não tenho queixas sobre este software.
Comentário deixado em 02/08/2017

I used it for myself and my family one as a DIY project instead of letting others screw up everything. I was pretty impressed actually with it. I would recommend it to you to at least give it a shot if this is the type of thing you are into

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