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One-stop solution for work with all files types, supporting most types of file conversions.
Comentário deixado em 12/29/2019
Vincenty Staines

Great overall experience. I have been using Convertio mostly for converting PNG files to SVG. It's fast and frictionless and the converted results are highly satisfying.

Extremely easy to convert, just by drag & dropping, no sign-in required. Up to 10 free conversions per day, which is more than enough for normal usages. The converted files remain cached and can be retrieved later on the same day.

PNGs with transparent backgrounds do not work properly. They require adding a white background before. Also, the rounded corners of the objects sometimes are not always smooth.
Comentário deixado em 11/21/2018

I love it is very easy to use you can work on several formats, it fulfills its purpose very well and its operation is simple. the most versatile of its kind

It worked exactly as I needed, without errors until the hour
Comentário deixado em 04/05/2018
Mathre Cather

This may be a better solution than other file converters that you have to pay big bucks for. I like the fact that this is very easy to use and that users can take this software from first use and almost be an expert on it.

Its free. Whats not to like about free. This is a great software and I cant think of anything negative to say about it as it works great and Im very happy

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